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5 Ways to Increase Instagram Likes
Published on October 17, 2016


5 Ways to Increase Instagram Likes

When you increase Instagram likes, it creates the image of a highly engaged account. From the outside looking in, one would assume that the followers really enjoy the content that’s being posted, hence the large number of likes each post attracts. While this is true, there is a way to “fake” this in an effort to make your Instagram profile appear to be more popular than it really is.

Why would you want to increase your Instagram likes by purchasing them?

Well, if your goal is to build up your following you need to be an account that people want to follow. Appearing to be popular is a great way to get people to at least take a minute to look at your profile. The rest is up to your content, so it’s important that you post content that will be well received by your target audience. Every account is targeting different people. Some are lifestyle and travel accounts and some are based around an individual or specific niche.

Here are five ways that you can increase Instagram likes, so diversify your strategies and try to work them all into your marketing effort. If you do, you will greatly increase Instagram likes and help grow your account naturally.

1. Post Content on a Consistent Basis

As you continue to attract real follower, they will start to see your content show up in their feeds. If you want to start attracting real engagement, more specifically increase Instagram likes, then you have to post on a consistent basis to make sure your real followers come in contact with what you are posting.

It’s a good idea to post three times a day when you are starting out. You don’t want to flood your followers’ feeds, but you want to make sure they see what you have to offer. Start with three times a day and experiment with different times to see what ones attract the most likes. As your following increases you can post more. Some of the largest accounts on Instagram are posting multiple times per hour because their following is so large.

2. Build a Laser Focused Instagram Account

The most successful Instagram accounts are very focused on a single topic or theme. They aren’t just posting random pictures. A luxury car account, for example, is only posting pictures of high end supercars. They aren’t mixing in funny memes or motivational quotes. On the other hand, the comedy accounts aren’t posting pictures of expensive cars.

Know your audience and be very specific. Your followers will unfollow you if they see your content is all over the place and isn’t consistent to what your account theme is. If you want to target multiple audiences you are better off creating multiple Instagram accounts and targeting each market separately

3. Engage with Your Followers as Often as Possible

If you really want to build a loyal Instagram following that will engage more with your content, simply show them some love. When someone likes your content, follow them. If someone leaves a comment, reply to them and thank them. These little things will put you high on their list and the next time they see content from you in their feed you can be sure that they’re going to like it.

It really doesn’t take much effort to engage with your top followers, and it helps to strengthen your relationship with them. The little things like this add up, so when you start asking your followers to tag friends in your posts, etc. they are going to be more likely to cooperate since they feel like you have gone above and beyond to engage with them.

4. Buy Sponsored Posts from Niche Related Accounts

If you want to instantly increase Instagram likes, get some accounts in your niche to shout out your account. If they have a large following it will result in a lot of people visiting your profile, following you, and liking a lot of your content, provided it’s interesting and related to the account that you received the shout out from.


5. Buy Instagram Likes

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Buying Instagram likes is a great way to make it appear that the Instagram followers you purchase look real, since anyone looking at your profile will assume they are the ones liking your posts.


By increasing Instagram likes, it makes your content look popular, which then causes people to want to follow you. They do this because they want to also experience your content, so make sure you are posting images and videos that your audience is going to be interested in. You see, when you follow these steps, you start to attract real Instagram users and all the hard work will be a giant waste if you aren’t posting content that they will be genuinely interested in.

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