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Buy Instagram Likes & Market Like a Pro
Published on October 21, 2016


Buy Instagram Likes & Market Like a Pro

There are many things you can do to market yourself or your business on Instagram, some aimed at leveraging your real followers and some strategies designed around purchasing Instagram followers, which will also require that you buy Instagram likes to make it believable.

While we are the leader in providing Instagram followers and likes, we also want to help you successful build up your accounts, and we always suggest our customers combine the followers and likes they buy from us with marketing strategies that are designed to attract real followers. After all, it’s the real followers that are going to interact with the content that is posted. The purchased followers make the profile look good, but they don’t do anything to help the actual engagement.

Here are five ways that you can market your Instagram account, which will help you to build up a larger following, full of active and real followers.

1. Use Automation Software to Like, Follow & Comment

There are many pieces of software that you can use to automate your Instagram marketing efforts. You can use specific hashtags, terms and accounts to target and automatically follow accounts in an attempt to get the user to follow you back (and then unfollow them if they don’t follow you in a specified period of time), automatically like posts that have certain hashtags, and comment on posts that met your specific criteria.

The key to using software to your advantage is to not appear as if you are using software. If you are active on Instagram, you have probably come into contact with accounts that are auto-liking and auto-commenting your posts. They will typically comment with emojis or post something random that doesn’t really align with the content they are commenting on.

It’s better to only use this on a very targeted audience. It’s more effective if you are only commenting and linking 500 posts a day with a 10% follow ratio than engaging with 1,000 accounts that aren’t as targeted and only experiencing a 1% follow ratio. Don’t use software to spam; use it to help automate a very targeted campaign.


2. Respond to All Comments

You can buy Instagram likes and make your posts appear more popular, which will then encourage your real followers to comment more. When you see someone leave a comment, take a minute to reply to them. This simple engagement will help turn them into loyal followers that will then start to like almost all of your posts. The more followers you can convert into loyal followers, the more engagement each post will always receive. Doing this over time will ensure that your engagement rate is always on the up side and constantly improving.

If you use the automation tools as suggested above, you will see an increase in comments, so be prepared to respond to them and create the loyal followers that will provide you with long-term engagement.

3. Find Exchange Groups Within Your Niche

There are a lot of Instagram exchange groups that you can find on marketing forums that will exchange shout outs with you as long as your follower count is similar to theirs and your niches are compatible. Buy Instagram followers if you need to increase your appearance in order to work some swaps out. It’s a great way to attract new followers that will then begin to engage with your content regularly.

You don’t want to do it too often, because it can turn off your following if they thing you are just promoting other accounts. This is why some celebrities limit their sponsored posts. They don’t want their followers to think they are only using them to market ads to. Mix one or two shout out exchanges in per week so it’s not too annoying. The last thing you want to do is push away the real followers that you worked so hard to attract.

4. Ask Your Followers to Tag Friends in Your Posts

When your posts have a large number of likes, people will be more likely to comment if you ask them to. You can buy Instagram likes to help build that confidence in your account’s content. If you look at some of the top account, such as travel accounts that post pictures of exotic locations, you will see them write captions that end with something along the lines of, “Tag 3 friends that you would take here.”

A simple request like that will receive hundreds of tags, and a large percentage of those that are tagged will see that their friend tagged them and if the post is interesting them will follow the account. It’s a very simple strategy to gain real followers that are also active and will provide you with engagement moving forward.

5. Buy Instagram Likes

You can never have too many likes on your posts, so it’s always a good idea to buy Instagram likes when you feel like your page needs a little kick start. The higher your likes to follow ratio, the more popular your account will look. You don’t want to go overboard, but spreading out some Instagram likes purchased from Buzzoid across your most recent posts will help to attract real followers and over time that will convert into real engagement.


So, while you can buy Instagram likes, and it’s an effective way to increase your accounts popularity appearance, you should also try to mix in some of the marketing strategies discussed above to really experience some solid account growth.

We are here for all of your needs, from buying Instagram followers, to buying Instagram likes and views. Our expert team of account creators ensures that each account that follows and engages with your content looks 100% real to the naked eye. This allows you to mix our service in with your real account growth to really get your real follower count snowballing. With over one million successful orders delivered, there is no doubt that you have found the number one provider of Instagram followers and likes.

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5 Ways to Increase Instagram Likes
Published on October 17, 2016


5 Ways to Increase Instagram Likes

When you increase Instagram likes, it creates the image of a highly engaged account. From the outside looking in, one would assume that the followers really enjoy the content that’s being posted, hence the large number of likes each post attracts. While this is true, there is a way to “fake” this in an effort to make your Instagram profile appear to be more popular than it really is.

Why would you want to increase your Instagram likes by purchasing them?

Well, if your goal is to build up your following you need to be an account that people want to follow. Appearing to be popular is a great way to get people to at least take a minute to look at your profile. The rest is up to your content, so it’s important that you post content that will be well received by your target audience. Every account is targeting different people. Some are lifestyle and travel accounts and some are based around an individual or specific niche.

Here are five ways that you can increase Instagram likes, so diversify your strategies and try to work them all into your marketing effort. If you do, you will greatly increase Instagram likes and help grow your account naturally.

1. Post Content on a Consistent Basis

As you continue to attract real follower, they will start to see your content show up in their feeds. If you want to start attracting real engagement, more specifically increase Instagram likes, then you have to post on a consistent basis to make sure your real followers come in contact with what you are posting.

It’s a good idea to post three times a day when you are starting out. You don’t want to flood your followers’ feeds, but you want to make sure they see what you have to offer. Start with three times a day and experiment with different times to see what ones attract the most likes. As your following increases you can post more. Some of the largest accounts on Instagram are posting multiple times per hour because their following is so large.

2. Build a Laser Focused Instagram Account

The most successful Instagram accounts are very focused on a single topic or theme. They aren’t just posting random pictures. A luxury car account, for example, is only posting pictures of high end supercars. They aren’t mixing in funny memes or motivational quotes. On the other hand, the comedy accounts aren’t posting pictures of expensive cars.

Know your audience and be very specific. Your followers will unfollow you if they see your content is all over the place and isn’t consistent to what your account theme is. If you want to target multiple audiences you are better off creating multiple Instagram accounts and targeting each market separately

3. Engage with Your Followers as Often as Possible

If you really want to build a loyal Instagram following that will engage more with your content, simply show them some love. When someone likes your content, follow them. If someone leaves a comment, reply to them and thank them. These little things will put you high on their list and the next time they see content from you in their feed you can be sure that they’re going to like it.

It really doesn’t take much effort to engage with your top followers, and it helps to strengthen your relationship with them. The little things like this add up, so when you start asking your followers to tag friends in your posts, etc. they are going to be more likely to cooperate since they feel like you have gone above and beyond to engage with them.

4. Buy Sponsored Posts from Niche Related Accounts

If you want to instantly increase Instagram likes, get some accounts in your niche to shout out your account. If they have a large following it will result in a lot of people visiting your profile, following you, and liking a lot of your content, provided it’s interesting and related to the account that you received the shout out from.


5. Buy Instagram Likes

This is where we come in. We are able to increase Instagram likes for you almost instantly. We have packages of all sizes ready to deliver, and all of our likes come from accounts that look 100% genuine and active. Once you place your order we start the delivery process, and your entire order of Instagram likes will be completed within an hour, often times much sooner. We don’t require your account password, either. You simply tell us which posts you want the likes sent to and we handle everything.

Buying Instagram likes is a great way to make it appear that the Instagram followers you purchase look real, since anyone looking at your profile will assume they are the ones liking your posts.


By increasing Instagram likes, it makes your content look popular, which then causes people to want to follow you. They do this because they want to also experience your content, so make sure you are posting images and videos that your audience is going to be interested in. You see, when you follow these steps, you start to attract real Instagram users and all the hard work will be a giant waste if you aren’t posting content that they will be genuinely interested in.

Use the steps above and click here to increase Instagram likes by ordering one of our available Instagram likes packages. We have packages of all sizes, so we have you covered whether you need just a few likes per post or thousands of likes per post. Compliment your followers and make your entire profile look real on Instagram, from the people that follow you, to the people that engage with your posts.

All of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, so trust Buzzoid with your Instagram followers and likes, just like more than one million orders already have. We have been the leading provider of Instagram marketing services since 2011.

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How to Increase Instagram Likes
Published on October 13, 2016


How to Increase Instagram Likes

There are three engagement metrics that indicate whether or not an Instagram profile is popular. They are the number of followers an account has, the number of likes each post receives (or the number of views if it’s a video) and the number of comments each post attracts.

While the number of followers is the number one trust signal of a popular account, you need to increase your Instagram likes to compliment your followers. Instagram has become such a popular platform for marketing and its user base is growing at a very fast pace. People know if they see an account with a huge following but little to no post engagement there is a very good chance the page is built on fake followers and it automatically loses all credibility.

There is nothing wrong with buying Instagram followers, but you need to make sure you have a well thought out strategy and you use it as a tool; almost like a foundation, to attract real users that will like and comment your content.

Why You Need to Focus on Likes as Much as Followers

If you ignore your likes, just as many inexperienced Instagram users do, it will make your efforts much less effective. You see, when you buy Instagram followers it will make your popularity look great from the outside, but once someone starts to explore your content it will become very obvious that the following isn’t real, unless there is engagement on your posts.

If someone sees your account with 150K followers and then sees your posts get only a handful of likes each, they won’t want to follow you because it’s assumed you bought all of your followers and the popularity is fake. Now, if someone visits the same account with 150K followers and quickly glances at all of the posts and sees that there is anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 likes per post they aren’t going to second guess anything. They confirm that it’s a popular account and are likely to follow. You can quickly attract real followers and build up a loyal following simply by being smart about buying Instagram followers and likes.


Make your Account Famous by Increasing Instagram Likes!

Best Strategy for Increasing Your Instagram Likes

If your account is brand new, then it’s a good idea to increase your Instagram likes as you go, adding them to each post as it goes live. This gives off the impression that your followers are instantly connecting with your content and liking it. When someone views your page and sees that posts you just did are receiving high engagement it makes you look very popular.

If you have an older account and you are now trying to grow it, you will want to make sure you do a couple of things:

  1. Make sure you don’t just increase your Instagram likes on your most recent posts. If someone looks at your page and sees that posts from a week ago have 10 likes per, and that your last few posts have 10,000 likes that will set off a red flag. You have to give off the illusion that your account has been popular for a long period of time. People won’t scroll back too far, but you want to make sure that a good portion of your content has the same range of likes.
  1. Naturally the number of likes that each post receives will increase as your followers increase, so start from the beginning and start to sprinkle likes, increasing the number as you move towards your more recent posts. Then as you post new content make sure that you increase your Instagram likes right away. You don’t want to have all kinds of posts with a lot of likes and then a new post sitting there with nothing. Make sure your likes hit as soon as your new posts are live. We deliver Instagram likes within minutes of ordering so this won’t be an issue if you are buying Instagram likes from Buzzoid.

Ideal Follower to Like Ratio on Instagram

It’s always a good idea to have a minimum ratio of 10:1, so if you have 10,000 followers you should aim for around 1,000 likes per post. You don’t want to send an exact number to each post because that wouldn’t look natural. For example, if you posted three new images you might want the likes to read something like 893, 1,174, and 972. Those are believable numbers for 10,000 followers and it looks completely natural.

If you were to send exactly 1,000 likes to each post that would look fake and it would have a negative impact on your account growth. The key to successful Instagram marketing with purchased followers and likes is to always look real and natural. The minute you look fake it will cause problems.

Your Instagram Likes Must Be High Quality

There are many websites that offer to increase your Instagram likes, but they are not all created equally. The quality of your likes will either help your growth or ruin your profile entirely. It’s very easy to see who likes your posts, and if someone decides to explore your page and they see a bunch of accounts with odd names and no profile pictures you will lose a potential new follower and they might even flag your account for spam.


Now that you understand the importance of “likes” you should start to balance out your account and make your content appear to be just as popular as your following portrays. You can increase your Instagram likes easily by selecting one of our packages and letting us know what posts you would like the engagement distributed across.

Our process is streamlined to deliver your Instagram likes almost instantly, and never taking longer than an hour. We also never ask for sensitive information like your account password. All we will need is the URL’s of the posts you would like us to add high quality likes to. If you have any questions, please contact our support department. We have agents available 24/7 to field and answer your questions.

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Where to Buy Instant Instagram Likes
Published on October 9, 2016


Where to Buy Instant Instagram Likes

As more people are getting better at marketing on Instagram, they are learning how important it is to buy instant Instagram likes to make their content appear to be popular in relation to their following. You see, if an account boasts a large following but its posts don’t have a believable number of likes it will let everyone know that the following has been purchased and wasn’t built organically.

There is nothing wrong with buying Instagram followers and likes, but you need to do so with a smart strategy if you want to remain under the radar and attract real followers, which is the entire purpose behind buying Instagram likes and followers.

An individual will buy instant Instagram likes to make their posts more appealing, while a business is purchasing likes to make their products (or whatever they are selling) appear to be in demand. Popularity attracts attention, and that’s the sole reason for buying automated Instagram marketing services.

Why You Need to Buy Instant Instagram Likes

It isn’t a matter of whether or not you should buy instant Instagram likes, because it’s a must if you plan on attracting real followers and growing an account that will actually benefit your needs. Anyone can buy Instagram likes, but they just sit there dormant and don’t engage with your content. They exist only to give off the appearance of having a popular Instagram account in an effort to attract real users.

Followers without likes just makes your page look fake, which won’t attract and real users. This is the equivalent of speaking to an empty room. Nobody really hears your message, no matter how great it might be. Every single dollar your spend buying Instagram followers and likes is an investment in your marketing and promotion to achieve one goal: attract real users that will then provide real engagement. You might want to just build up your personal account for nothing more than to meet new people or you might have a business focused account that you want to use to drive awareness to your company.


Post Engagement is Just as Important as Follower Count

If you are working with a limited marketing budget remember this: buying instant Instagram likes is just as equally important as buying Instagram followers. You need to find a balance, which will make your account look natural. When you just start out, you are most likely buying Instagram followers, and while the ones Buzzoid provides look 100% real, they aren’t going to like your posts, so you will need to make sure you purchase Instagram likes in order to make everything look believable.

Don’t always assume that a profile with a huge following will attract more eyes than one with a much smaller following. Here is an example to think about: what do you think can be leveraged better to attract real active followers to your account:

  • An account with 100,000 followers but very little engagement. A quick glance shows that each post receives between 10 and 20 likes.
  • An account with 10,000 followers, but each post is receiving between 700 and 1,000 likes.

The second option is going to make your account look much more authentic and believable, and you can use that to attract more real users. A smaller following with a comparable ratio of likes will do a much better job of attracting real users. So, don’t always assume more is better.

How Many Instagram Likes You Should Be Buying

A 10% ratio is always a good starting point, for two reasons. First, it’s very believable and second, it won’t cost you a fortune to replicate this ratio if you purchase a believable amount of Instagram followers. If you aren’t a celebrity is having 500,000 followers on Instagram believable? Not at all, so aim for a much more realistic number. In the example above, a 10,000 follower account with likes that “make sense” will do more to help build your account than an unrealistic number.

Best Place to Buy Instant Instagram Likes

We might be a little bias because this is our blog after all, but there is a reason we have delivered more than one million orders since 2011. We understand the importance of quality accounts and we know that our customers want their followers and engagement delivered instantly.

If you buy instant Instagram likes and followers from the wrong company you could end up ruining your account, so trust the experts, and order your Instagram marketing services from Buzzoid. Try a small order and be prepared to be blown away by the delivery speed and quality of the accounts.


You have to buy instant Instagram likes if you are planning on maintaining an authentic looking profile when using services to inflate your popularity in an effort to attract real users at a much faster rate. Many people will buy Instagram followers and wonder why they haven’t attracted a larger number of real users, and it’s often because they failed to also buy instant Instagram likes. A large following with no engagement will act as repellant, pushing away potential real followers rather than attracting them.

If you are ready to balance your Instagram profile, you can buy instant Instagram likes here and let us know what posts you would like them distributed on. We always suggest that you spread them out evenly in order to create a consistent pattern. If you take a look at the posts on some of the most popular Instagram accounts, you will see that their engagement rate is very consistent over time. This is the number one sign that an account has an authentic following.

When you buy instant Instagram likes from Buzzoid you can be certain that you will receive your entire order within 60 minutes every time, and the likes will be of the highest quality available. Join over one million satisfied orders and get started today. We look forward to helping you build up your Instagram presence for your personal and professional needs.

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Buy Cheap Instagram Likes to Compliment Your Followers
Published on October 5, 2016


Buy Cheap Instagram Likes to Compliment Your Followers

Are you working hard to promote your Instagram account but aren’t growing it with real followers at a rate you are happy with? 100% organic growth can take time, as you need to build your account up enough that you start to get noticed, and from there it can start to snowball and grow at a much faster rate.

This requires not only buying Instagram followers, but you also need to buy cheap Instagram likes to create the illusion of a complete active profile. It would look strange if you visited Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account with millions of followers and her posts just have a few likes on each, right? Well, many people focus only on their followers and completely ignore the post engagement.

Buying Instagram followers isn’t a big secret. Many people do it and there is a never ending supply of companies offering the service, even though most offer low quality service. Since it’s public knowledge, many people are on the lookout for accounts that have fake followers. It’s important that you do everything you can to make your account look natural if you decide to inflate your following with followers you buy.

Add Followers Then Buy Cheap Instagram Likes

When you buy Instagram followers, make sure you also add some Instagram likes to the shopping cart as well. When you do it at the same time, you can be sure that your follower count will also be closely related to the engagement rate on your most recent posts.

If you add 10,000 new followers to your account that means that all of your posts from that time on should be receiving around 1,000 extra likes from the new followers. Spending a few extra dollars to add Instagram likes to your posts will help you keep a real-looking page, even though you are buying Instagram followers and likes.

If you have been neglecting your page’s engagement, consider buying some cheap Instagram likes to make your posts look better to the naked eye in the event someone decides to look at your content in more detail. You want everyone to take a quick glance and assume your followers are real since your post engagement number look believable.


Why Cheap Instagram Likes Need to Be a Part of Your Strategy

When you are spending the time and money on Instagram followers, you need to make sure they are put to good use and your lack of post engagement doesn’t automatically kill their legitimacy. As long as you stay consistent and buy cheap Instagram likes every time you add followers, you will always appear to be 100% authentic.

A little slip or lag in time between posting and receiving likes can make your account look suspect. When you order Instagram likes and followers together from Buzzoid you know they will both be delivered in their entirety within minutes of ordering. This ensures that your account integrity is never compromised.

The 3 Important Instagram Engagement Metrics You Must Know

There are three metrics that are indicators of whether or not an Instagram account is popular:

Followers: This is the one that most people focus on. Naturally, and account that is very popular is going to have a large following. As the following grows, the people liking and commenting will start to tag friends if they feel the content posted is funny or provides value. When these people are tagged, a large percentage will also follow, because they want to be part of something popular and since their friend is already following the account they automatically trust it.

You want to buy a realistic number of followers. While a well known celebrity can buy 100,000 followers at a time and people won’t think twice about it, if the average person did that most would assume that they were buying Instagram followers. For the average person, even just 10,000 followers is a HUGE number. Be realistic and don’t draw extra unwanted attention to your profile because you add an unrealistic amount of followers.

Likes: This is the easiest way to tell if an Instagram account has real followers, because if it does, then the likes to follower ration should be at least 1:10. For every 10 followers, you should be able to get a single like on a post. Instagram’s feed makes it so simple to quickly scroll down and “like” posts with a quick double tap. So many users scroll down and double tap everything. If the following is real, expect a 10% like response, at the very least.

Comments: Because “liking” posts is so easy with a double tap, many people don’t comment. If you decide to comment you have to stop scrolling and type a message. Liking allows you to still show your appreciation without having to spend time typing. Comment rations are very low, unless a celebrity is posting something that starts to trend.


If you buy cheap Instagram likes to compliment your promotional strategy it will help you maintain a popular image on Instagram, which will then position your account in a positive light, attracting attention and new followers that want to be part of something they perceive as popular. Buying Instagram followers and likes is a tool, almost like a magnet, that can attract what you are really after, and that’s real followers and real social media engagement on Instagram.

Some of the biggest celebrity accounts on Instagram have purchased Instagram followers as well as Instagram likes to make their accounts look even more popular than they already were. It’s a strategy that was used back in 2011 when Instagram first launched and it’s still used today by new celebrities and some of the originals as well. If you are ready to see how buying cheap Instagram likes can help spark natural account growth for you, click here to view our Instagram likes packages and select the one that best fits your needs.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our support department, which is available 24/7 for your convenience.

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Buy Quality Instagram Likes Online
Published on October 1, 2016


Buy Quality Instagram Likes Online

It’s important that you buy quality Instagram likes if you want your potential audience to believe that all of your followers are real. You see, if an Instagram profile has a large number of followers, that should always translate into a “like” ratio of 10% on the low end to 35% on the higher end. If someone takes the time to follow a profile it means they are interested in the pictures and videos that account is posting.

What happens when an Instagram page has a huge following but lacks any engagement? People automatically assume the page is full of fake followers, and rightfully so. Buying Instagram followers is an investment in your personal profile or your business account, so it’s important you protect that investment and make your followers appear to be real. Adding likes to your content gives the illusion that your following is legitimate and they are interested in what you are posting, which attracted all of the likes.

If you search online, you will find many sellers that will offer to provide you with Instagram likes, but you need to be sure you only work with experienced providers to protect the integrity of your profile. Sending low quality likes at your content can completely ruin your profile appearance and act as repellant, pushing away any real followers and engagement.

Buying Instagram followers and likes is a great strategy, but you must know how to execute it properly and you must have a reputable provider to supply you with the services. Luckily for you, Buzzoid has been around since 2011, and leads the industry with more than one million satisfied orders delivered.

Where to Buy Quality Instagram Likes

We are extremely proud of the Instagram services we provide, which we started offering back in 2011, when Instagram became a popular social network. We have been in the business from the very start, and along the way we have perfected the services to be the highest quality available, with the fastest delivery times.

Feel free to look at other options available, but naturally we are going to recommend our own services. We are confident that you won’t find a higher quality service and the experience that our customers have come to expect from Buzzoid. 1 MILLION happy orders and five years in the business speaks volumes about the type of Instagram followers, views, and likes you will receive.

Take a minute to view our Instagram likes packages and let us know if you have any questions. Our support team is available to help you answer questions around the clock, 24/7.


What to Look for When Buying Quality Instagram Likes

When you buy quality Instagram likes, you need to make sure that they look real to the naked eye. That means, if someone starts to dig around your profile and starts to investigate into who is liking your pictures, you want them to assume that it’s real followers. If they look and see a bunch of profiles with strange names and no profile picture, they are going to assume that you purchased the likes and that your followers are fake as well.

The Instagram profiles that “like” your posts when you buy quality Instagram likes from us all have names that are real, believable profile images and profiles that look active at first glance. There is nothing that raises a red flag, unlike most providers of Instagram followers and likes. We take the time to make sure all of the accounts we use to deliver services look real, which is why so many celebrities, companies, and regular individuals have trusted us with more than one million orders since we started.

Again, if you are concerned about quality, order a test run of Instagram likes to see for yourself. We are confident that they will pass your test with flying colors.

Why Celebrities Buy Quality Instagram Likes

Several famous celebrities buy quality Instagram likes to increase their per-post engagement. Why? Well, it helps to encourage their real followers to like their posts as well, which naturally increases the overall engagement. When they are selling paid posts, the amount the charge is dictated by their follower count and engagement rate. So, by them using Instagram likes they buy, it helps to increase the number of real likes they receive. In the end, they are able to command more money for sponsored posts because their popularity is higher.

Big companies with millions of followers also buy quality Instagram likes to increase their engagement. While they aren’t doing it for the same reasons celebrities are, they want to make their brand appear more popular, so more likes on their posts give off that appearance.

Since average people crave the attention celebrities receive, it causes them to buy quality Instagram likes as well, in an effort to make themselves look popular. Whatever your reasoning is, Buzzoid can deliver the highest quality Instagram likes available.


After reading this blog post it should be clear that you need to buy quality Instagram likes if you want to be successful at Instagram promotion and marketing. Many people make a living on Instagram, via sponsored posts and influencer marketing.

While it might appear that they have a huge loyal following and super high engagement, many of the started by buying quality Instagram likes and followers, and many still do, in order to keep their growth curve constantly rising. Artificial growth will always help encourage real growth, so it’s a working strategy used by some of the most successful people on Instagram.

Click here to buy quality Instagram likes and watch your post’s popularity skyrocket almost instantly. All likes will be delivered within an hour of completing your order. All you have to provide us is the URL’s for the posts that you would like your likes distributed across. You can point them all at one particular post if you want to really make it stand out, or spread them across multiple posts to increase the overall engagement of your Instagram profile.

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Buy Quality Instagram Followers Online
Published on September 27, 2016


Buy Quality Instagram Followers Online

You want to buy quality Instagram followers, right? Nobody wants to fill his or her profile with followers that scream, “We are fake!” The purpose it to look authentic and popular, not scammy and spammy, which will happen if you buy low quality followers.

Not only is it a very bad look, but manually cleaning up low quality followers is a major inconvenience. It is a very tedious process and if you discover you have 10,000 worthless followers, it will take so long to clean it up that you would be better off just starting a brand new Instagram profile.

You have to make sure the Instagram followers you buy are of the highest quality. The only way you are going to look popular is with a following that doesn’t give off any signs of being purchased and fake. Some things to consider when setting out to buy quality Instagram followers:

  • Profile Image: If an account is real, it’s going to have a profile image. Too many low quality providers will use random images that are scraped from the internet, and most don’t even represent a person. This is if they even add a profile image. Some will add followers to your account without a profile image, making it look completely fake. Now, add thousands of these and your profile loses all credibility. Every Instagram follower you receive from Buzzoid will feature a realistic looking image.
  • Profile Bio: A bio makes the profile look even more realistic. Sure, there are some users that will not write a bio, but they are very few and far between. In an effort to make your entire following appear to be genuine, we make sure to include a bio on each follower.
  • Followers: When you buy quality Instagram followers, you expect the accounts to all have followers, as well. If an account is following thousands of profiles but doesn’t have any followers of its own it makes it look extremely fake. It’s important to have a very realistic ratio of followers and following, to make it look as natural as possible.
  • Following: As mentioned above, we keep the following to follower ratio realistic. We don’t follow 500,000 people with an account and only have 100 accounts follow back. That would look ridiculous. We take great pride in making sure all of the Instagram followers you buy look like the real deal and don’t set off any alarms.
  • Posted Content: Now, would someone follow thousands of people and not post any content of their own? Well, there are plenty of accounts out there like this, used by providers that don’t take quality serious. It’s important that the Instagram followers you buy have posts of their own. This extra step is done to make all of the followers appear to be as realistic as possible. These little steps are what separates us from the competition, and why more than a million orders have trusted us with their Instagram marketing needs.
  • Profile Name: If you really do some digging, you will see plenty of fake Instagram followers that have ridiculous profile names. They are made using spinning software and random words. If you look at some profiles, you can spot fake followers just by the names alone. When you buy quality Instagram followers from Buzzoid, you will receive followers that have normal looking names, which will prevent anyone from suspecting you bought Instagram followers.


Be Smart About Buying Quality Instagram Followers!

Where to Buy Quality Instagram Followers

Here! We are the number one source for the highest quality Instagram followers, and our more than one million satisfied customers is further proof that we deliver exactly as advertised. You can order with confidence knowing that our followers look 100% real and we deliver your entire order quickly: in under one hour!

There are many options when it comes time to buy quality Instagram followers, but there is only one company you should trust: Buzzoid. We have been around since the beginning, and our quality and customer service is unmatched. Those who demand nothing short of the best turn to us when they want to boost their profile with followers, likes, and views.

When to Buy Quality Instagram Followers

Starting a New Business: If you are starting a new business, or even just starting an Instagram account for your existing business, you want to get as much attention as quickly as possible. When you buy quality Instagram followers, you start out looking popular from the beginning. This helps your business attract real followers right away, since they get the impression your business is already popular. They aren’t scared away by an empty profile. It’s important that you post a lot of images to match the number of followers you buy. If you have 10,000 followers and only three posts it will look strange. Have a lot of content ready to post right away.

Opened a New Personal Profile: Face it; being popular is important. If you are using Instagram for your personal use, buy some Instagram followers to make yourself look more popular. Your friends will take notice and then be sure to follow as well. It’s a great strategy to use to launch your own profile on Instagram.

Expanding Your Professional Connections: Personal Instagram profiles aren’t just for kids. Many adults are using Instagram as a way to network and connect with other professionals. It’s even being used as a lead generation tool by many. You will attract more real connections and possible leads if you appear to have a large following.

Kick Starting Account Growth: If you have been growing your Instagram profile organically over time and sick of the lackluster results, buy quality Instagram followers and kick start the growth. We have a lot of customers that will buy followers every quarter to keep their account growth on a steady climb.

If you are ready to buy quality Instagram followers, then click here to view our packages and place your order. All orders are delivered in full within 60 minutes, and our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about buying Instagram followers, likes, or views.

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Buy Real Instagram Followers to Grow Your Profile
Published on September 23, 2016


Buy Real Instagram Followers to Grow Your Profile

A lot of people search out sources that they can buy real Instagram followers from, and there are plenty of companies that offer to deliver what they ask for. The problem is that delivering “real” Instagram followers is nearly impossible. Here at Buzzoid, we are extremely transparent, and truthful when it comes to describing our services.

It’s possible to attract real Instagram followers, but that isn’t easy to accomplish in the large quantities that people desire. If you are a major celebrity, like Kim Kardashian, then the followers are going to come pouring in. But, for regular people and businesses, it can be a slow process, especially when just starting out. That’s where our Instagram followers come into play, helping average people appear to be as popular as their favorite celebrities.

Why do People Buy Real Instagram Followers?

The main reason why people look for ways they can buy real Instagram followers is to appear to be more popular than they really are. This applies to both individuals that are trying to impress their friends, and businesses that want potential customers to be drawn to them. Think of how many people want to buy something or be friends with someone just because they are popular? Nobody wants to be left out, so if someone comes across your business page and they see 100,000 people are following it, they immediately think that they should as well; after all, they don’t want to miss out on anything popular!

The same applies to personal accounts, and that is why in addition to buying Instagram followers, people want to buy likes and views to make their content appear popular. If someone sees that one of your posts has thousands of likes, they are more likely to follow you, because they don’t want to be left out.

This is why purchased followers and engagement can be such a great tool to use to attract real followers and engagement. Use use the “purchased” popularity to attract real users, which then comment and like your content. You can then take it a step further and once you have a decent sized following, ask your followers to tag friends in the comments. This introduces your page and content to real users that will then follow and engage.


Remember: Purchased Instagram Followers Aren’t Real

When you set out to buy real Instagram followers, you will quickly learn that the followers that you buy aren’t actually real users that are active, although at first glance they will appear to look real. It’s impossible to force real users to like your content and follow your profile, but we can use high quality accounts that we maintain and own, to help you build up your Instagram presence.

Any providers that tell you they deliver actual users is lying, and only out to get your money. We are completely honest to all of our customers, which is a reason we have serviced more than one million orders. We deliver the most real-appearing followers, likes, and views available. You can’t order Instagram followers and expect them to start to comment and like your posts. Use services like the ones we provide as a foundation to build your account from. When you understand what you are buying and how to use them to your advantage, you can build a highly engaged authentic following.

Buy Real Instagram Followers to Appear Popular

Buying Instagram followers that look real is crucial if you want to come across as popular, rather than spammy. There are some services that deliver followers that don’t have bio’s or even a profile picture. If someone takes two seconds to look at your followers, they will see all of these empty profiles with names that appear to be computer generated. It’s very easy to spot Instagram accounts that have used low quality followers to build their account.

You are taking a big risk when you buy Instagram followers from a company that is relatively unknown, as thousands of empty profile followers is not only a bad look, but can take a long time and a lot of manual work to clean up.

Mix Real Instagram Followers into Your Account Growth Strategy

When you buy Instagram followers from us, we suggest that you also use strategies to attract real users, such as posting frequently, up to three times per day to start, and using popular hashtags to attract views, and ultimately followers. Any service that you purchase from Buzzoid, whether it’s high quality Instagram followers, likes, or views, should be used as building blocks to continue to attract real followers and engagement.

There is nothing wrong with this strategy, as many of the top Instagram accounts, including those of popular celebrities, use our services to continue to build their profiles. Why? Because it works well, and allows page to grow large, yet still attract the kind of real followers that will give the profile the engagement it needs to appear to be 100% real. Don’t worry, when you order from Buzzoid it will be our little secret!

While no service provider can deliver real Instagram followers that are going to constantly like your images and comment on them, it’s important to understand the benefits of buying Instagram followers and how they can be leveraged to spark authentic growth. The quality of followers that you buy is very important, which is why you should trust Buzzoid for your needs.

Every single follower and engagement that we send to you appears to be real. All profiles are complete and if one of your followers or a potential follower looks at your profile they will assume it’s all real. There are some companies that deliver accounts that look fake, which can potentially paint a bad picture of yourself of your company. Take a look at all of our Instagram services, and order with confidence, knowing you will receive the highest quality followers and the fastest delivery time. If you have any questions, please contact us, as we offer 24/7 support.

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Buy Instagram Likes to Increase Engagement
Published on September 19, 2016


Buy Instagram Likes to Increase Engagement

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, and it’s growing at a rapid rate. More individuals are signing up and sharing pictures, as well as companies, who are using the platform to showcase the products and services they offer. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for personal reasons or to help promote your business or personal brand, you need to be popular if you expect to attract a large loyal following.

Instagram has two ways to engage with content posted on it’s platform: you can “like” pictures or you can comment on them. Most users prefer Instagram to other social networks because of its simplicity. You can scroll down your feed and double tap the pictures you “like” quickly. So, this has lead to the “like” becoming the most sought after engagement on Instagram. If you visit a profile and the user has hundreds of thousands of followers but not many likes on each picture what do you naturally assume? You think the bought Instagram followers and their engagement reflects that.

So, if you are buying Instagram followers, you need to compliment that and buy Instagram likes, which will balance out your profile, making it look natural. When you buy Instagram likes you are able to spread them out across multiple posts, making your page appear to be highly engaged and popular.

Industry-Shaking Method of Buying Likes and Followers

Best Strategy to Use When Buying Instagram Likes

If you have a large following and you don’t have a believable ratio of likes on each picture, buy Instagram likes to make your profile engagement look real. Then, moving forward make sure to buy Instagram likes every time you buy Instagram followers, as this will help keep your profile looking real, which will help you attract real followers and engagement.

Every time you post, ask your followers to tag friends, as this will help get your exposure in front of larger Instagram audiences and secure real followers, likes, and comments. Instagram marketing needs to be well thought out, just like any other online marketing campaign. If you take the time to do it right you will experience excellent results.

It will only help your overall profile growth if you buy Instagram likes and spread them out over your most recent posts. We have many customers that purchase weekly from us and use the likes on their most recent pictures, helping them look very popular. This way, when a real person is thinking about following them they will see a high engagement rate and they are likely to follow.

What to Look for When You Buy Instagram Likes

When you set out to buy Instagram likes it’s important that you don’t use the services of a low quality click farm, as the profiles “liking” your posts will look fake. They will have auto generated names, no profile images and no posts. If anyone looked to see who was liking your pictures they would instantly know you paid for your likes.

When you buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid, you can be certain, without a doubt, that you will be receiving the highest quality profiles liking your posts every time. Upon first glance, they will look like real users, so your real followers will never know you are using the services of a third party provider to increase your Instagram engagement.

We offer several quantities of Instagram likes, allowing you to test our service before committing to a large number. We are confident that once you see how real our Instagram likes look you will be back for more!

instagram to buy

What Likes to Follower Ratio Should You Use?

You should try to keep your likes to follower ratio around 10 to 20 percent. So, if you have 10,000 followers, each post should have around 100 to 200 likes for it to look natural. If you have 100,000 followers, each post should see at least 1,000 to 2,000 likes. If you take a look at some of the more famous profiles you will see millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of likes.

It’s common sense, really. The more followers you have, the more likes you should receive. People follow you for a reason: they are interested in whatever you are posting. So, in order to look real, you need to buy Instagram likes to compliment the followers you have.

As your Instagram profile grows, you will need to buy a larger amount to likes to compliment the growth. Once you have more than 100,000 followers, the ratio needs to be closer to 25 percent to remain looking real. Our ordering process is so simple, making it easy for you to add likes literally within minutes.


Most people only focus on the number of followers they have, but doing so can leave your Instagram profile looking suspicious. If an account has 100,000 followers, each post should attract thousands of natural likes, right? Well, if the posts on a large account don’t have engagement it’s a sign that the followers are fake and purchased. If you are buying Instagram followers, you must also buy Instagram likes to really make your profile look authentic and real.

When you combine Instagram followers and likes it really makes your page look popular, and this will attract real followers that will then like and comment on your posts. Buying followers and likes gives you the foundation needed to build a very large organic following. It’s a marketing strategy that’s used by popular national brands and mega celebrities.

If you are ready to buy Instagram likes, click here to view the different packages available. We will never ask you for your password and we will deliver the likes within an hour of ordering. All you need to provide is the URL to the posts you would like the likes to appear on. Our quality is the highest available, so nobody will know you purchased the Instagram likes; it will be our little secret. Give us a try now, and within an hour your order will be completely fulfilled.

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Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes Online
Published on September 15, 2016


Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes Online

You could have a million followers on Instagram, but if your posts aren’t receiving a realistic ratio of likes to followers, you risk looking like a spammer and people will call you out on buying Instagram followers. To avoid that, buy real looking Instagram likes to compliment your followers.

So many people focus only on the number of followers they have, but completely ignore the actual engagement of their posts. Take a minute to look at some of the celebrities you follow on Instagram. Compare the number of followers they have to the number of likes their posts receive. It would look strange if they had millions of followers but no likes, right? In order to keep your account looking real, you

In this blog post we are going to educate you on what a realistic follower to like ratio is, and why you need to make sure that you only buy Instagram likes that appear to be 100% real. It’s important you understand how to use followers and likes to your advantage, just like so many celebrities and famous companies have done in the past and continue to do so today.

Learn How To Maintain Perfect Ratios When Buying Likes!

What is a Realistic Follower to Like Ratio?

There is a sliding scale, and you will want to mix it up, avoiding sending the same number of likes to each post. Some accounts will have exactly 1,000 likes per post and that looks so fake. You need to keep the numbers random per post, but stay in the range of 10% to 40% likes engagement.

So, if you are building up a new account and buy 50,000 Instagram followers you should aim for having at least 5,000 likes per post, with some as high as 10,000 to 15,000. That would make the engagement realistic, helping you to portray the image of having a very popular Instagram profile.

Also, don’t ignore your past posts. It’s always a good idea to add some likes to older posts as your following increases. When someone new follows an account it’s typical that they look at old posts and if something catches their eye they will give it a like. They aren’t paying attention to publishing date, so this strategy will help your page look completely natural and organic.

Why You Should Only Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes

Simply ordering Instagram likes from any provider you come across online isn’t the smartest move. A lot of people that come into contact with your profile will look at your pictures and click through to see who liked them. It has a lot to do with curiosity.

  • Who follows them?
  • Who likes this?

So, when that does happen, you want to be sure that they won’t question whether or not your likes are real or fake. Low quality ones are easy to spot, while the highest quality Instagram likes, such as the ones we provide, will look totally real. Nobody will ever question them or wonder if you are buying real looking Instagram likes. Looking popular is one thing, but doing so while looking 100% real is something entirely different. Only trust your Instagram account integrity with professionals.

Buy Real Looking Instagram Likes to Attract More Followers

The whole point of buying Instagram followers and likes it to make your profile appear to be popular and something that one would want to follow. Nobody buys likes and followers without the same end goal: to attract more real followers and likes. Buying them is a tool to attract real ones. While no provider can deliver real active followers, we do provide the realest looking. They won’t engage with your posts, but they won’t make anyone suspicious of your account, either.

It’s very important that you buy real looking Instagram likes as well as followers, to keep up the illusion of having a popular Instagram account. Maintaining a believable like to follower ratio, like mentioned above, will help you fly under the radar while you attract real followers and engagement. You can buy real looking Instagram likes from Buzzoid with complete confidence, knowing that under no circumstance will anyone ever think, even for a second, that you are inflating your likes by purchasing them.


How to Use Real Looking Instagram Likes to Gain Real Followers

We see a lot of people order Instagram followers and no likes, and while a large following will help you generate some interest, intelligent users are going to look at your content before deciding whether or not they are going to follow you. If they see you have a large following but no likes, they will associate your account with a fake one. Every time you place an order for Instagram followers, add in some likes and spread them across your posts.

This helps your content look popular, and doesn’t spike the numbers to an unbelievable number instantly. Adding likes on a steady, but consistent basis, will help you maintain a believable follower to like ratio. It takes a combination of the two working together to give you a truly believable presence. And, if you are posting videos you will want to purchase Instagram views to make them appear to be real as well.


Now that you know how many likes you should be receiving per post, according to a realistic ratio, you can buy real looking Instagram likes here. We suggest a minimum ratio of 10%, but if your budget allows for it, 40% will really make your content stand out and it will spark a much faster organic growth for your Instagram profile.

The key is to be consistent and spread the likes out across all of your posts. If a few have thousands of likes and some have none it will look unnatural and actually hurt your account’s growth. Make sure you buy real looking Instagram likes whenever you buy Instagram followers to ensure that your content engagement is always on par with your number of followers. It’s a strategy that has worked for countless celebrities and public figures, and we are certain it will benefit your Instagram profile as well.

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