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Buy Instagram Likes & Market Like a Pro
Published on October 21, 2016


Buy Instagram Likes & Market Like a Pro

There are many things you can do to market yourself or your business on Instagram, some aimed at leveraging your real followers and some strategies designed around purchasing Instagram followers, which will also require that you buy Instagram likes to make it believable.

While we are the leader in providing Instagram followers and likes, we also want to help you successful build up your accounts, and we always suggest our customers combine the followers and likes they buy from us with marketing strategies that are designed to attract real followers. After all, it’s the real followers that are going to interact with the content that is posted. The purchased followers make the profile look good, but they don’t do anything to help the actual engagement.

Here are five ways that you can market your Instagram account, which will help you to build up a larger following, full of active and real followers.

1. Use Automation Software to Like, Follow & Comment

There are many pieces of software that you can use to automate your Instagram marketing efforts. You can use specific hashtags, terms and accounts to target and automatically follow accounts in an attempt to get the user to follow you back (and then unfollow them if they don’t follow you in a specified period of time), automatically like posts that have certain hashtags, and comment on posts that met your specific criteria.

The key to using software to your advantage is to not appear as if you are using software. If you are active on Instagram, you have probably come into contact with accounts that are auto-liking and auto-commenting your posts. They will typically comment with emojis or post something random that doesn’t really align with the content they are commenting on.

It’s better to only use this on a very targeted audience. It’s more effective if you are only commenting and linking 500 posts a day with a 10% follow ratio than engaging with 1,000 accounts that aren’t as targeted and only experiencing a 1% follow ratio. Don’t use software to spam; use it to help automate a very targeted campaign.


2. Respond to All Comments

You can buy Instagram likes and make your posts appear more popular, which will then encourage your real followers to comment more. When you see someone leave a comment, take a minute to reply to them. This simple engagement will help turn them into loyal followers that will then start to like almost all of your posts. The more followers you can convert into loyal followers, the more engagement each post will always receive. Doing this over time will ensure that your engagement rate is always on the up side and constantly improving.

If you use the automation tools as suggested above, you will see an increase in comments, so be prepared to respond to them and create the loyal followers that will provide you with long-term engagement.

3. Find Exchange Groups Within Your Niche

There are a lot of Instagram exchange groups that you can find on marketing forums that will exchange shout outs with you as long as your follower count is similar to theirs and your niches are compatible. Buy Instagram followers if you need to increase your appearance in order to work some swaps out. It’s a great way to attract new followers that will then begin to engage with your content regularly.

You don’t want to do it too often, because it can turn off your following if they thing you are just promoting other accounts. This is why some celebrities limit their sponsored posts. They don’t want their followers to think they are only using them to market ads to. Mix one or two shout out exchanges in per week so it’s not too annoying. The last thing you want to do is push away the real followers that you worked so hard to attract.

4. Ask Your Followers to Tag Friends in Your Posts

When your posts have a large number of likes, people will be more likely to comment if you ask them to. You can buy Instagram likes to help build that confidence in your account’s content. If you look at some of the top account, such as travel accounts that post pictures of exotic locations, you will see them write captions that end with something along the lines of, “Tag 3 friends that you would take here.”

A simple request like that will receive hundreds of tags, and a large percentage of those that are tagged will see that their friend tagged them and if the post is interesting them will follow the account. It’s a very simple strategy to gain real followers that are also active and will provide you with engagement moving forward.

5. Buy Instagram Likes

You can never have too many likes on your posts, so it’s always a good idea to buy Instagram likes when you feel like your page needs a little kick start. The higher your likes to follow ratio, the more popular your account will look. You don’t want to go overboard, but spreading out some Instagram likes purchased from Buzzoid across your most recent posts will help to attract real followers and over time that will convert into real engagement.


So, while you can buy Instagram likes, and it’s an effective way to increase your accounts popularity appearance, you should also try to mix in some of the marketing strategies discussed above to really experience some solid account growth.

We are here for all of your needs, from buying Instagram followers, to buying Instagram likes and views. Our expert team of account creators ensures that each account that follows and engages with your content looks 100% real to the naked eye. This allows you to mix our service in with your real account growth to really get your real follower count snowballing. With over one million successful orders delivered, there is no doubt that you have found the number one provider of Instagram followers and likes.