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5 Tips For More Likes
Published on December 3, 2018

Here is a short, Insta post which you can use as a reminder of the things you need to practice or try out in order to make your Insta platform one to be proud of and one that becomes a fairground attraction in the social media circles in which you hope to mingle. Here are just six tips to help you towards your first Instagram like, the first of many, many more to come.

Be consistent with your editing work. Practice utilizing Instagram’s layout and angling tools. Always direct attention towards the links and landing pages of your primary (business) website. Never be afraid to share your work and be consistent with your tagging work. Always request responses and feedback to your work. And depending on your product and/or service, generally speaking, focusing on a local market makes good business sense.

Equate your editing work to professional quality assurance work. Do not be too self-critical but do edit your photographic and written work with the sharpest eye and mind, as sharp as the deadliest machete out there. Be sure to check that your design formats are simplified and remain compatible for attractive viewing on a mobile device.

Famously, Instagram likes keeping things as simple as possible for its active subscribers. Being able to utilize layout and angling Instagram tools to help you create attractive and striking and effective montages that can attract the notice of Instagram visitors and perhaps be rewarded with a few more followers and likes per post published is not necessarily a cinch but with practice it is as easy as learning you’re A, B and Cs.

Whatever prompts you are enticing your platform visitors and followers towards, particularly the purchase option, it is helpful to give them quick access to links and landing pages that direct them to your business website whereby they can complete all prompts given to them, bearing in mind that the brevity of the Instagram posting from may have limitations in this objective. At appropriate but not random times, it is also a good idea to direct viewers to your bio page. Do make sure to revise this page from time to time as your business evolves.

Apart from directing potential clients to your main website, it is also a good and sensible thing to tag in relevant and related third parties to your embedded post. Apart from giving your visitors useful and additional information, the sharing and tagging also exposes your platform to further observation by those third parties’ own visitors. Requesting responses and feedback from the loyal followers listed on your profile allows them to actively participate on your platform as opposed to becoming dormant.

The active participation, to and fro, can stimulate interest from other areas in which case algorithms may have alerted internet or platform users elsewhere to the increase activity and interest in a given subject.

In closing and to reiterate, this short post has reminded you to edit your work, make good use of your platform’s tools, be consistent in linking and tagging to main websites and relevant third parties, as well as requesting feedback from followers.

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