Jessica is a writer who specializes in social media, marketing, and digital strategy. She is a graduate of Antioch College and earned her MBA at Boston College’s Carroll Graduate School of Management, specializing in STEM Management. Her work has been published in numerous academic journals and mainstream publications. She lives in New England with her husband, two children, and three dogs.
Screenshots on Instagram Stories: What You Need to Know in 2023
With 1.28 billion active users per month, Instagram is among the top 5 most popular social media platforms. Therefore, if you want to gain more followers, you should understand how the platform works and how its users engage with the content. One question that often comes up is whether or not Instagram notifies users when […]
How to Update Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide
To have the best possible experience while using your favorite apps, updating them regularly is essential. You’ll have access to all new features by downloading the latest version, and the app will always run smoothly.  Instagram is no different, so it’s important to keep track of new updates and download them on time. If you […]
What to Do If Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked
Whether you have many followers or not, your Instagram account can, at some point, become a target of hackers. In fact, hacking is so common that most social media users have experienced it at least once to some degree. And while some hackers are relatively harmless, others can take over your account, hold it for […]
How to Add Music to Your Instagram Posts in 2023
With over 95 million posts published daily on Instagram, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. You want to upload something attention-grabbing that will impress both your followers and new audiences. And luckily, Instagram offers a variety of features to help you make the perfect post. One such feature is adding music […]
How To Get Verified On Instagram: Step-By-Step Guide (2023)
What are the keys to getting verified on Instagram? If you have been seeing little blue checks popping up next to some of your favourite Instagrammers’ names on the picture-sharing social giant, you may be wondering what they are. The answer is rather simple: These are accounts that have gone through Instagram’s new Verified Badges […]
Tips on Picking the Best Beach Captions for Instagram
Yes, we all know that it’s only January. Therefore, it will take at least five or so months until the weather clears and gets hot enough to hit the waves. Well, unless you decide to travel to a tropical country in the 2023 winter season. But though summer may be far away, it’s never too […]
How to Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide
Are you looking for a neat way to clean up your Instagram timeline without unfollowing someone and causing unnecessary drama? If so, this post is for you.  Whether you want to avoid seeing your ex’s every move or your relatives’ stories give you a headache, here is a guide that can help you mute them […]
How to Clear Instagram Cache (2022)
Like most other apps, Instagram temporarily stores data in the cache on your device to speed up its loading time and reduce data consumption. This feature is quite useful, but your phone will likely begin to lag as the cache grows bigger over time. When that starts happening, it’s time to make room in your […]
How to Change the Background Color on Your Instagram Story
Are you ready to take your Instagram story game to the next level? Read on to find out how to change the background color.
One-Word Instagram Captions You Should Try in 2023
A one-word Instagram caption can add a lot to a post. Naturally, you’ll have to pick the right one, and we just happen to have a list for your 2023 posts to peruse
How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram
Instagram users all over the world are embracing the trend of hiding likes on their pages and posts. Some do it because their followers are mostly teens or young people. Others decide they want to assess more significant indicators to determine whether people are responding to their posts, such as shares and comments. Some might […]

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