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Being an Instagram Influencer: My Experiences
Published on October 23, 2018

A lot of people ask me about the pros and cons of being an Instagram influencer. It is a good topic for the current generation, as being an influencer is something a lot of people are aspiring to be these days. I will start out by saying that being an influencer is not for everyone.

Simply because you have a passion for a topic or industry does not mean that you will be a good influencer. Being passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter is only the beginning. For instance, there are millions of people who have a passion for electronics. But only a few could be very good influencers about the subject.

When I first got into Instagram, my love for smartphones was already established. But I will admit that being an influencer was not on my mind at the time. I was more interested in showing off pictures of my tech. I wanted others to see the different items that I was collecting and using. It is only when my channel started growing that I thought about going into such a career.

I am also asked about how to get more followers on Instagram. I will admit that I did buy some followers during different stages of my growth. Not huge numbers, but when I was able to buy followers, likes and comments, it helped me a lot. The growth on my channel was better in the weeks after I added followers using that method. But most of the people who are following my channel are doing so because they are engaged with the content.

Being an influencer means that you are ready to constantly evolve. You cannot keep doing the same things and expecting success. Yes, I have routines for how I post content on Instagram and other social platforms. But I am also changing things up all the time. I want my audience to see things from a fresh perspective. If they get bored, they will not like my photos or engage with the links that I am providing.

The best part about being an influencer is definitely all the items that I am sent. It is remarkable how many companies are happy to send me free products because they know that I am going to show off these items to my followers. It is great to get the best and latest technology without having to pay money. But that does not mean that being an influencer is easy.

I am always worried about my metrics. I am always worried that my engagement will go down. And taking days off is not an option. Whether I am at home, visiting friends or family, or taking a vacation, I am thinking about the content that I can put up on my account. I do not think that I have taken a day off from posting in years. It is just how life goes when you are an influencer. Taking days off means that you are letting others get out more content than you.


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