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Current State Of Instagram
Published on September 10, 2013

Since its inception in October, 2010; Instagram has come a long way indeed. What started as a photo sharing social media platform has now incorporated video sharing as of June, 2013. Also, whereas iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch were the exclusive devices to utilize Instagram; Android phones now have access as of April, 2012. Let us examine the growth and development of Instagram:

  • October 6, 2010: Instagram was released.
  • December, 2010: Instagram had one million registered users.
  • January, 2011: Hashtags were added.
  • February 2, 2011: More funding received to increase its net worth to $25 million.
  • June, 2011: Five million users.
  • July, 2011: 100 million photos uploaded.
  • September, 2011: Version 2.0 for the App Store (iOS) was introduced. Over 10 million users.
  • April 3, 2012: Android version was released. Also, new funding was received which valued Instagram at $500 million. Users totaled more than 30 million.
  • April 12, 2012: Facebook purchased Instagram for $300 million in cash and 23 million shares of stock which totaled approximately $1 billion in stocks and cash.
  • May, 2012: More than 1 billion photographs uploaded.
  • December 17, 2012: Controversial Terms of Service caused Instagram to lose some of its members.
  • January, 2013: Photo IDs requested for verification. Also, the BlackBerry O.S. 7 devices would no longer have Instagram access.
  • February, 2013: Over 100 million users.
  • June, 2013: Video sharing was introduced. Videos up to 15 seconds can now be uploaded.
  • August, 2013: 130 million users.