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Comment trouver des audios tendance sur les bobines Instagram

Published avril 24, 2024

Instagram Reels thrive on a potent combination of visuals and sound. Your video editing and camera skills work better when combined with the best sounds on Instagram or any other social media platform.

There are many ways to source the audio track for your reel. You can find an original audio from your device storage or tap into an already-trending sound on the platform. There are many reasons why you’d want to do this, but we’ll get to those later.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find trending audio samples on Instagram that can give your engagement that little nudge it needs.

Why Does Identifying Trending Audios Matter?

Instagram’s algorithm curates content, including Reels, based on various factors. The Explore Page, for instance, selects reels based on the accounts the user follows and what they like, the content the user engages with often, and content with high engagement. Here’s why finding trending audios matter:

Increased Discoverability

Reels featuring trending audio are more likely to appear on the Reels Explore page and in the search results. That exposes them to a broader audience.

Engagement Boost

Popular sounds often have a built-in “community” around them. Users actively search for Reels with specific trending audio, leading to potential viewership boosts and engagement.

Riding the Trend Wave

Leveraging trending audio allows you to capitalize on current interests and conversations within the platform, making your Reels more relevant and relatable to viewers.

How to Discover Trending Sounds on Instagram

Now, let’s explore various methods for finding trending audio on Instagram:

Manual Exploration

Scroll through your Reels feed and watch for Reels with a tiny arrow icon next to the audio title. That shows that it’s a trending sound. Clicking the audio title reveals additional details about the audio, such as the number of Reels using it.

The Reels Explore Page

The Reels Explore Page aggregates content based on various factors, including trending audio. Explore this page to discover popular sounds that are currently making waves on Instagram.

Following Trendsetters

Identify creators known for producing high-quality Reels. These creators often use trending audio early on, making them valuable resources for staying ahead of the curve. Sometimes, they even start the trends, so keep them in your sights.

TikTok Inspiration

Okay, just hear us out. Yes, Instagram and TikTok are separate platforms, but trending sounds often overlap. Check out trending sounds on TikTok for inspiration, but note that there might be some copyright restrictions when using sounds across platforms.

Niche Communities & Hashtags

Finally, you can narrow your scope from audio trending on Instagram to the sounds trending within your niche communities or hashtags related to your content. Trending sounds within these communities might not be mainstream yet, but they could allow you to reach audiences in your niche.

Trending audios are great for getting your Reels more engagement, which can be that extra nudge they need to go viral. Now, you know how to find these sounds. Leverage them properly, and you might create your viral hit.

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