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Get Followers to Your Brand on Instagram
Published on October 30, 2018

Like many of us out here in social media, you are trying to sell something. Whether it is yourself or your brand for services and goods, you have a message that you want to put out there and you are doing it through social media.

Instagram is perfect for this and I use it because it is a visually based social media site. The main point is to post crisp, clear, colorful photos with good captions. Not only that, but you also need to be sure that each of the photos really hits on the emotions somehow, preferably in a positive way.

I do this by focusing on capturing many good photos. Then, I select what I think will get me more Instagram followers. At the same time, I use an interesting tactic that I learned from reading an article on doing social media marketing.

As it turns out, you can buy your followers. That does not mean that you should buy all of them, obviously, because they are all going to be inactive. The idea is instead to make your posts look like they are receiving a lot of attention even if they are not.

That way, more people will be attracted to view, like, and follow your posts. It is just because they see that your work is already liked. This allows you to take your brand and frame it any way you want. Then you just do the leg work to get more Instagram followers in your own way.

Once you do get followers, it is important that you follow through with engaging them. I make it a point to keep a schedule that shows me when I am posting. I do this primarily so I don’t post too often or too little. The other reason is to keep track of my followers.

I spend a certain amount of time each day replying to comments and I always make sure that I am leaving positive feedback no matter how dull or rude a comment may be. This way, followers can see that I follow back and others can see this too.

When you do this, you are sure to gain more Instagram followers. Just do your best to make sure you follow up with each and every person who leaves a comment or response to one of your comments. This just shows that you are paying attention and that you are not a robot.

The other thing you can do with that is do like I do and go to the accounts of your followers and like their material. Follow them. Butter them up with some good behavior and they are likely to be good supporters of your posts in the future.

The idea is to get as many shares as possible for all your posts. That is what I aim for with my branding and it works out to generate more sales leads in the long run. In fact, it works very well to get me good leads on Instagram.


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