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Get Instagram Likes Cheap Online
Published on September 11, 2016


Get Instagram Likes Cheap Online

Most people that are buying followers to make their Instagram accounts appear popular need to also buy Instagram likes cheap, in order to make their posts reflect their account’s popularity. If an account has a large number of followers, then the pictures posted should be receiving a nice number of likes. When you buy Instagram followers they aren’t going to engage, so you need to also buy Instagram likes to make your entire presence look real and natural.

We suggest adding likes to represent 10% to as high as 35% of your total followers. This makes everything look perfectly fine and will prevent people from looking into your profile with a magnifying glass. If you had thousands of followers and you never get any likes on your posts then it would set off a major red flag.

When you are building a new Instagram account or trying to scale an existing one by purchasing followers and likes you want to do so without drawing attention to your profile. While you want to buy Instagram likes cheap to save money, you also have to think about what would happen if you purchased the lowest quality that screamed, “we are fake!” You can buy affordable Instagram likes, such as the ones we sell here, and still receive the best quality accounts engaging with your posts.

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Get Instagram Likes Cheap but Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Yes, the goal is to buy Instagram likes cheap, but don’t let price alone be the deciding factor. There are a lot of companies that offer to sell you Instagram services, but not all are created equally. Here at Buzzoid, we take the time to build our accounts right, making them nearly impossible to differentiate from real accounts. We make them so life-like that your followers will never know you are inflating your numbers through a third party service provider.

Make sure you check out our competitive prices before buying from anyone else. We are one of the original providers, being in business since 2011 and delivering over one million orders. Our quality is the highest level, yet our prices are very affordable.


Buzzoid: Buy Instagram Likes Cheap & Get Highest Quality

As mentioned above, we deliver the highest quality Instagram likes at the cheapest price. If you look at the accounts we use to deliver the likes, you will not cringe at the lack of profile depth, because our team of account creators ensures that every one we use looks like a regular active Instagram user when glanced at. Remember, people are just glancing at your followers and likes, not performing a detailed audit. You want them to look over it quickly and not even think twice about it.

Most people buy Instagram likes in large quantities, so imagine if you realized that all of your likes were performed by accounts that looked blank? That would paint a very bad picture and it would be one that would be very difficult to clean up and fix. Most people that mess up buying low quality likes will delete their profile and start fresh with a brand new one, this time doing it right and only buying quality Instagram likes.

Cheap Instagram Likes Compliment Your Followers

If you buy followers, you certainly should be buying Instagram likes to compliment your growth strategy. It’s a balancing act, and one that is essential if you want to “trick” people into thinking all of your followers and likes are genuine.

You will want to buy Instagram likes cheap to achieve a ratio of at least one like for every 10 followers you have. This is a bare minimum, because the ease of browsing and “liking” on Instagram is so easy. A simple double tap likes the picture, so many people scroll down their feed and double tap everything, which causes a very high engagement rate overall.

Buy Cheap Instagram Likes When You Buy Instagram Followers

You can buy Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes cheap at the same time on our website. Add all of the packages you would like in the cart and then checkout, and we will deliver all followers and likes within an hour. When you do them both simultaneously it looks as natural as it possibly can.

Waiting to add likes after you buy Instagram followers will cause a gap, where you have a huge following but no engagement, which can turn people away from your profile. It just looks suspicious, so avoid that by purchasing both services at the same time.

Buy Cheap Instagram Likes and Followers

Buzzoid is your number one source for buying cheap Instagram likes and buying real looking Instagram followers. We always strive to make every customer happy, from providing the realest looking accounts to offering 24/7 support to answer questions or address concerns. We have built our reputation as the top Instagram service provider by always delivering on time and never disappointing with our quality. Give us a try and we promise you will not regret it; you will join the other 1 million+ happy orders that we have processed throughout the years.


Make sure you buy Instagram likes cheap every time you add new followers to your profile. If you only spend money on followers your page will quickly look out of place and people will come to the conclusion that you are buying all of your followers and they aren’t genuine, even though they look real to the naked eye.

When you want to buy Instagram likes cheap and still get the best quality available, head over to our packages and purchase Instagram likes in the quantity you need. Make sure to spread them over all of your posts to create an even and natural engagement appearance. You don’t want to fire them all at just a couple posts. Moving forward, always buy Instagram likes when you buy Instagram followers. It will help you maintain the perfect balance, while remaining under the radar while you make your Instagram account more appealing.