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Get More Followers for Your Instagram Posts
Published on October 15, 2018

Building up a following on Instagram is a bit of a trick but it is something you can do if you do some basic steps to get there. Really, it is more of an art than a science so it is not as though I can just give you a formula and it will work like making a recipe for lasagna.

Basically, there are some tips and tricks to follow and some things you will need to avoid. Actually, there are plenty of tips and things not to do. In fact, there are too many for me to mention all at once but I can at least give you some good insight.

The most important thing of all is to make your posts on Instagram interesting with vivid color and eye-catching photos. Since it is a picture based social media site, Instagram requires you to post a photo or video with each post. Otherwise, there would not be much of a point in using it.

When you are trying to gain Instagram followers, you need to be sure that the photos you use are high quality images that evoke emotion. The more colorful they are, the better, but do not get carried away using photo filters and other editing tricks to add color.

It is better for the images to be totally natural instead of done with the colorful filters that Instagram provides. Those were a big hit when the site first started but now they are seen as a cop out in a lot of ways.

Besides, it is actually more fun to do it all on your own. It will teach you how to do better with your photography and really give you something to be proud of with each post.

In the beginning, it can be tough to be noticed because you don’t have a good following. In order to deal with this sort of thing, I just buy some Instagram followers from a discrete service and that gives the healthy illusion that my posts are more popular than they really are.

I learned that this does indeed work. People have a tendency to like things that are already liked and they will tend to follow that which is already followed. It is as though everybody likes to be part of “the crowd” and, in this case, the crowd would be your followers, real or not.

Once you do buy the followers, start to record the results. Evenly distribute the followers across your different Instagram posts so you will have a more effective look to it all. This is all about appearances, as Instagram largely is anyway.

You should start to see a more organic following show up with this tactic. If not, it means your posts are not so good to begin with and you may need to work on the photo quality and the captions.

I also learned how important good captions are for the sake of winning on Instagram. They will make or break the photo so be catchy and creative.

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