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How Long Can You Deactivate Instagram

Published March 2, 2024

If you are one of the many people using Instagram regularly, you may at some point decide to do a digital detox or step away from the platform for an extended period of time. This may lead you to wonder “How long can you deactivate Instagram?” 

Whatever your reason for wanting to take an IG break, we will go over the length of time you can deactivate your account for, as well as how to deactivate your account. 

How Long Can You Deactivate Instagram?

The good news is that you can deactivate your IG account for however long you would like. It doesn’t matter whether you want to deactivate it for a day, week, month, or longer, so you do not need to feel there is a clock ticking.

Once you deactivate your account, it will disappear from view to anyone looking for it on the platform. Additionally, your followers will no longer be able to see your profile either. There will be no notifications and you will not receive any DMs.

With account deactivation also comes the lack of being able to post content on Instagram. Essentially, it is just one step away from being a deleted account without taking such an extreme measure. 

The difference between a deactivated and deleted Instagram account is that you could still log into your deactivated account whenever you want. All of your content and settings will still be there when you log in, as if nothing had ever happened.

How to Deactivate Your Instagram Account

Now that you know the answer to the question of “How long can you deactivate Instagram?” you probably want to know how to deactivate it.

Note: You can deactivate either by going to Instagram’s website or directly from within the app.

Take the following steps to deactivate your Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app or log into your Instagram account in a web browser
  2. Tap or click on your profile picture atop the screen in the web browser and in the bottom-right of the screen if you’re in the app
  3. Tap or click on the Edit Profile button
  4. Tap or click on Personal information settings
  5. Tap on the Account ownership and control section
  6. Tap on Deactivation or deletion
  7. Select the account you wish to deactivate by tapping or clicking on it
  8. Make sure Deactivate account is select before tapping or clicking on Continue
  9. Select the most relevant reason for why you are deactivating your account
  10. Re-enter your account password to continue to where you can actually deactivate your account
  11. Tap or click on Temporarily deactivate account and then tap or click on Yes to confirm

If you followed the above steps correctly, your Instagram account will now be deactivated for as long as you desire.


Some people will occasionally decide they want to step away from Instagram for various reasons. Deactivating your account is an easy way to prevent yourself from getting on the platform easily, and now you know how to do it. 

Deactivate your account for as little or long as you wish. When you decide you want to get back into it, simply log in and everything in the app will appear just as you left it.

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