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How to Buy Instagram Followers – A Full Guide

Published February 15, 2024

With over a billion users, Instagram has become an incredibly crowded social media platform. This makes it increasingly challenging to be seen by others. To gain more Instagram followers can take years of working hard every day, which usually results in people getting discouraged and giving up. 

Thankfully, there is another way. If you want to “growth hack” your way to success on Instagram, you can buy followers.

Whether you are a business, influencer, or someone who wants to increase their presence on Instagram, buying followers is the often-misunderstood solution you have been looking for.

In this full guide for how to buy Instagram followers, we will go over why people buy followers, what to look for when shopping around, how to make sure you buy genuine and real followers, and some tips and tricks to help you continue growing on Instagram while staying authentic to your brand.

More than just increasing a number, having more followers will drive greater engagement to your content and establish you as an authoritative voice in your chosen niche. 

Why People Buy Instagram Followers

There are several reasons why businesses, influencers, and everyday users of Instagram buy followers. 

Here are the most common reasons for doing so:

Increase Brand Awareness

When you have more followers, your content will be reaching a larger audience than before. This means your brand awareness expands, as does your impact. 

The more users you reach, the more likes, comments, saves, and other interactions you are likely to receive. This increased exposure could result in long-term and meaningful relationships being forged, as well as loyal followings.

Become a True Influencer

While the term “influencer” may seem like a status that is out of your reach, it doesn’t have to be. By increasing the amount of followers you have, your content becomes perceived as being more attractive and worthy of peoples’ time engaging with it. 

This elevated status also brings with it brand collaboration opportunities because you are seen as being more attractive. The larger your following, the more engagement you have and the more brands believe they can extract value out of your followers.

A brand is more likely to go with an influencer with a larger following as they are perceived as more valuable. With more followers come more opportunities to sell to a larger audience.

If you are looking to score brand deals, you will want to increase how many followers you have on Instagram.

Get Favored By the Algorithm

Besides being perceived by others as more credible, Instagram’s AI-based algorithm will identify your content as being more favorable. 

While nobody completely understands how Instagram’s algorithm works, we do know that it looks at the engagement rate for content, as well as an account’s overall popularity. The higher a follower count, the higher the potential engagement.

Remember: Increasing the visibility of your content by having more followers to show content to may boost the amount of likes, comments, saves, and shares your content receives. This can magnify your content’s reach and engagement.

Enhanced Social Proof

Social proof is extremely valuable currency today. The large IG follower count demonstrates your popularity, which gets perceived as meaning you have something of greater value to offer.

The greater your social proof, the better your reputation and credibility becomes, which in turn draws in more organic followers and brands interested in collaborating. 

If you want to be seen as more trustworthy and attractive by followers and brands alike, buying Instagram followers is a vital step to take.

How to Choose Where to Buy Instagram Followers

There are many places to buy IG followers from today. However, it is vital to be cautious when shopping around.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are They Real Followers?

There are many options for low-quality bot followers. However, while these may be very cheap, they could cause more harm than good. 

Make sure the followers you are buying are high quality and are both real and active

You will be seen as more credible when you don’t cut corners. If your followers don’t have profile photos or posts, you could end up experiencing the backfire effect. 

Also, Instagram will cull botted accounts, which can result in your follower counts going down almost just as quickly as they went up. 

Does the Service Have a Good Reputation?

You will want to go with a service that has a proven track record of success. 

In this industry, reputation is a very helpful metric to go by, so make sure the services you are looking at have been delivering quality results consistently for a long time.

Read customer reviews as well. There should be a good deal of supporting testimonials. A platform that excels in satisfying its customers, as well as following Instagram’s Terms of Service, is worth considering.

Are There Follower Refills?

Many platforms selling IG followers are delivering cheap, low quality botted followers that drop off quickly. This means that unless they are refilled, it would have essentially been a waste of money to buy the followers in the first place.

High-quality followers do not drop off. However, in the event that some do over time, the best and more reliable platforms provide free refills. This offering demonstrates a platform’s commitment to delivering what it promises to its customers.

How to Buy Instagram Followers

How do you buy Instagram followers?

After vetting platforms and services out, it is time for you to consider:

  • Prices
  • Quality of Followers
  • Estimated Delivery Times

You will also need to provide your IG account’s username so that the platform knows where to deliver the followers.

Once you have done this, you will pay and await your new followers to show up. Some platforms take just a few minutes to get started while overs could take a few days.

Why Buy Instagram Followers From Buzzoid

Buzzoid has delivered billions of followers to aspiring and established Instagram users, companies, celebrities, and influencers. It has a reputation as being one of the few services that provide real Instagram followers, ensuring you receive the quality you expect. This is why it is very likely that celebrities and influencers you follow have bought followers from Buzzoid.

Other reasons you should use Buzzoid to get IG followers include:

  • Receiving new followers within minutes of buying them
  • Free follower refills every 30 days if any drop off 
  • Orders that go unfulfilled are refunded
  • Dedicated support staff provide support for any issues encountered
  • Only real real accounts from real people are received

The last point is very important. Other services often offer bot-generated followers, which can lead to shadowbans or outright account bans if people use those services. This is never an issue with followers purchased from Buzzoid given the commitment to delivering 100% authentic and real followers. 

Buying Instagram followers from Buzzoid is as easy as heading to this page and selecting the amount of followers you would like to buy. You have two two choices:

  • High Quality Followers – Followers with profile pictures but no posts
  • Active Followers – Followers with profile pictures and posts who actively engage

The most popular choice is purchasing 1000 followers, which is a great option to start out with and establish much-needed social proof in an increasingly-crowded social media landscape.

Tips & Tricks to Get More Followers

There are a few more suggestions we can provide on your journey to greater Instagram success through buying followers. There is more to it than simply paying for followers. You should be strategic in your process and goals.

Here are additional tips and tricks to get more Instagram followers:

  • Conduct in-depth research – Study customer reviews, policy platforms, follower quality, and more when looking for follower providers.
  • Value transparency – A platform selling followers should be clear on its quality and what assurances it provides.
  • Prioritize real and active followers – The higher quality the followers you receive, the better your chances at increasing engagement and Instagram success.
  • Avoid Instagram terms violators – Platforms offering cheap and low quality botted followers violate Instagram’s Terms of Service and pose potential risks to your page.
  • Take your time – A successful strategy to increase Instagram follower count takes its time. Avoid major spikes in your follower count to ensure sustained growth.

Buying followers is not enough. It is an excellent starting point, but you will have to start developing an engaging community that continues to organically grow. 

Develop genuine connections by having deeper conversations with your followers supporting your content. Your time and attention will be seen very favorably, and will result in more people flocking to your page on their own over time. 

Keep your content innovative, fresh, and interesting. Also, make sure it always matches your brand and is attractive to your followers. 

Leverage All Types of Content

User all of Instagram’s content types for maximizing engagement and gaining new organic followers. This includes:

  • Image Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Lives

In your Stories, you should:

  • Run Polls
  • Ask Questions
  • Collaborate

Engagement is the name of the game. The more engagement you receive on your content, the more the algorithm will favor your content, thereby extending its reach. The greater your reach, the more potential followers you will organically receive. 

Post consistently. When your posting schedule is kept up with, your audience stays engaged and even looks forward to your content regularly. Don’t just post anything, however. Make sure you are providing or adding value that aligns with your brand.

Study your analytics. When you have a business page, you gain access to a dashboard showcasing helpful analytics that give you insight into how effective your engagement-building strategy is. Optimize and tweak your strategy if needed to achieve the best success.


Instagram has become increasingly crowded, making it more challenging to the engagement necessary to grow on the platform. Thankfully, you can reach a larger audience quicker now that you know how to buy Instagram followers on a trusted platform like Buzzoid. 

Buying IG followers is a helpful step towards expanding and accelerating your Instagram success. 

The most important thing to remember when buying Instagram followers is to buy only high-quality followers, especially if they are real and active. 

Building a major following on Instagram no longer has to be a disheartening endeavor. You can now get help to get ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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