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How to Create an Event on Facebook

Published April 2, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • To create an event on a personal profile: look at left menu > ‘Events’ > ‘Create Event’ > fill out details > click ‘Create Event’.
  • To create an event on a FB page: go to page > three dots > ‘Create Event’ > fill out details > click ‘Create Event’.
  • To create an event in a group: go to group > ‘Events’ on sidebar > fill out details > click ‘Create Event’.


Are you a small business owner trying to spread the word about your latest product?

Or maybe you’re someone simply looking to get your difficult-to-plan-with friends together.

Either way, you might find some great use out of the Facebook Events feature. While this tool is not exactly new (in fact, it’s been around almost as long as Facebook groups), it can often be overlooked by business and Facebook users.

Simply put – creating an event on Facebook is a simple and effective way to achieve your goals.

Facebook Event feature allows you to easily invite people, share details, and keep everyone in the loop. With just a few clicks, you can create an event that helps you market your business or plan a gathering with your loved ones.

If you want to learn how to make an event on Facebook, our simple guide will teach you everything you need to know about this (shockingly powerful) tool.

What Is a Facebook Event?

Facebook Events is a built-in FB feature that gives its users the ability to create a page for any gathering/occasion, allowing them to send invitations that are either public or private.

This can be incredibly useful for online businesses who want to promote certain events (like sales, special celebrations, or significant milestones) without the hefty price tag of traditional advertising.

Now you may be thinking, why wouldn’t I use traditional advertising?

Well, you can. In fact, you probably should if you’re hosting a big event.

But unlike the olden days of distributing flyers, buying billboards, or trying to compete for magazine ad spaces, Facebook Events are a pretty efficient cost-effective and time-saving solution. Plus, you can do it last minute with all the planning required from traditional ads.

(Not to mention, targeting your audience on Facebook is easy, allowing your event’s information to reach the right people, unlike traditional advertising which is much more broad.)

Best benefits of a FB event:

  • One of the standout benefits of using Facebook Events is the automatic reminders sent to those who have indicated they are attending, which ends up creating a better turnout.
  • Businesses can also use these events as notifications for online promotions. This includes things like announcing sales, special coupons, or exclusive limited releases.

What Types of Facebook Events Can I Make?

Regardless of the nature of your event—be it a digital workshop, a major sale event, or a friend group gathering—Facebook Events can serve as a powerful promotional tool.

After setting up an event on Facebook, your event will gain visibility across various parts of the platform, including users’ news feeds, the dedicated Events tab, and even the Facebook Local app, alongside any other promotional activities you undertake.

So what kind of events are there? Users and businesses have a variety of event types they can launch on Facebook:

  1. In-Person Events: Perfect for those aiming to connect with their audience face-to-face, these events are tied to specific locations.
  2. Facebook Live Events: Ideal for live broadcasting, setting up an event page in advance informs and reminds your audience to tune in right as you go live.
  3. Online Events Hosted Elsewhere: Even if you prefer hosting your event on another platform, like Zoom or Adobe Connect, Facebook Events can still get the word out there and secure RSVPs.

Facebook also accommodates the scheduling of recurring events. This is incredible since it can streamline the process of making events, which in turn saves you a TON of time in the long run.

How to Create Your Own Facebook Event

Ready to start your own Facebook event? Perfect! We’ll teach you how to create a FB event from your personal profile, Facebook page, and Facebook group.

How to Make a Facebook Event With Your Personal Profile

Fortunately, Facebook now permits personal profiles to organize events. So if didn’t want to create a FB page or group just to make an event, you’re in luck!

Here’s how to add an event from a personal profile.

# Step Description
1 Sign In Access Facebook and go to your home page.
2 Find Events Look for the Events section on the left-hand menu.
3 Start Event Creation Select the ‘Create Event’ button.
4 Complete Event Details Enter information in the Create Event form, including a cover image, the event’s name, start date and time, location (specifying if it’s an in-person or online event), privacy settings (public or private), event description, addition of co-hosts, option to repeat the event, and choice to display the guest list.
5 Finalize Your Event Click the ‘Create Event’ button to publish your event.

And there you have it! Your event is now set up for all to see!

If you opted for a private event on Facebook, it will only be visible to individuals based on the privacy settings you’ve selected.

How to Make a Facebook Event for Your FB Page

Creating an event for your Page is a little different than how you would do it from your personal profile.

# Step Description
1 Login Make sure you are logged into Facebook.
2 Go to Your Page Proceed to the Facebook page you manage.
3 Access More Options Click on the three dots (more options) located below your page’s cover image.
4 Choose Create Event From the dropdown menu that appears, choose ‘Create Event’.
5 Finish Form Fill out the event form.
6 Publish Event The last thing for you to do is click that ‘Create Event’ button.

From there, just follow the steps in the create event form to create your event!

How to Make a Facebook Event for Your Group

Creating a Facebook event through your group is a great way to gather your community for an upcoming occasion. It can be a virtual meeting, an in-person gathering, or a special announcement!

Just like with pages, setting up an event directly from your group can engage your members and boost participation.

So here’s how to set up a Facebook event for your group.

# Step Description
1 Login Sign into your Facebook account.
2 Visit Your Group Head over to the group from which you want to create the event.
3 Find the Events Option Go to the Events tab located in the group’s sidebar. (Or use the three dots (more options) near the group’s name to find event creation options).
4 Fill Out The Form Next, you’ll want to fill out the event form with all the information about your event.
5 Publish Event Click the ‘Create Event’ button and you’re done!

FAQs for Facebook Events

What Are the Best Practices for Making Facebook Events as a Business?

Creating the event is just the beginning; managing it thoughtfully is how you’ll succeed.

  • Try to keep updates and communications streamlined to avoid overwhelming your audience with notifications.
  • An exciting update right before the event can effectively keep your audience engaged without overdoing it.
  • Make sure your event visuals and descriptions align with your brand. (For example, this means featuring an engaging image with your logo and maintaining your brand’s voice).
  • Don’t forget to cover all necessary details like any costs involved or specific attendee instructions.

Can I Promote My Events Through Facebook Ads?

Absolutely! Using Promoted Posts for your Facebook Events can significantly maximize your reach.

While the exact investment for a Promoted Post varies with the size of your page’s audience, it can still be an effective way to make sure that your event gets seen.

If you’re trying to reach an audience beyond your current followers, coming up with a targeted Facebook ad can help you connect with a specific audience based on location, interests, and more.

Who Can See My Facebook Event?

The visibility of your Facebook Event depends on the privacy settings you choose.

For events marked as Public, anyone including non-Facebook users can find and view the event. Public events might also appear in the Feeds of your friends or in related searches on Facebook.

If the event is set to a more restricted privacy level, it will be visible to invited guests and others as defined in the event’s privacy settings.

Can You Prevent Someone From Seeing a Facebook Event?

Directly blocking a person from viewing a Facebook event isn’t possible.

The only workaround is to block them on Facebook, which removes them from your friends list.

When creating your event, you’ll need to manually select invitees to make sure that the person in question does not receive an invitation.

Can I Invite Non-Friends to a Facebook Event?

Yup! You can invite individuals who aren’t on your friends list to a Facebook event.

Just hit ‘Invite’ on the event’s page, click ‘Choose Friends,’ then search by name or write their email/phone number before clicking ‘Invite.’

How Can I See My Past Facebook Events?

To revisit the events you’ve participated in before:

  1. Click on the Events (calendar with a star icon) on the left side of your Feed. (You might need to select ‘See More’.)
  2. Choose ‘Your Events’ from the left menu.
  3. Select ‘Past Events’ to review.

Can I Link Eventbrite With a Facebook Event?

Yes, and connecting your Eventbrite event to Facebook is easy too:

  1. Go to the Manage tab on your Eventbrite event page.
  2. Select Add to Facebook under the Invite & Promote section.
  3. Click the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button and proceed to adjust your Facebook event details directly through Eventbrite.

Can I Go Live From Inside a Facebook Event?

Yes, going live within a Facebook event is possible using the Facebook mobile app.

Simply go to the event page, tap the status update field, and look for the ‘Go Live’ option to start broadcasting live to the event attendees.

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