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How To Find Blocked People On Facebook

Published March 24, 2024


“Did I actually block him, or is he just ignoring my messages?”

Have you ever blocked someone on Facebook, only to forget who you blocked and why? Or maybe you accidentally blocked them and didn’t mean to.

It happens to the best of us.

Whatever the case, finding those you’ve blocked on Facebook is incredibly easy and accessible.

We’ll guide you through how to find blocked people on Facebook using simple steps, making sure you can easily see your blocked list and, if you choose, reconnect with those you’ve put in the “naughty corner.”

How to See Who You Blocked on Facebook in a Browser

If you’re curious about your past decisions or considering reconnecting with someone, knowing how to access your blocked list is pretty handy!

If you’re curious about how to find blocked friends on Facebook, this is how you can see your blocked list online in 4 easy steps:

# Steps Description
1 Access Profile Settings Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of Facebook to open a dropdown menu.
2 Open Settings & Privacy Choose ‘Settings & Privacy’ from the dropdown menu, then click on ‘Settings.’
3 Navigate to Blocking On the menu to the left, click on ‘Privacy’ and then select ‘Blocking.
4 View Blocked List Find the ‘Block users’ section. Here, click ‘Edit’ and then ‘See your blocked list.’

Once you’ve accessed your blocked list, you have two options to modify it:

  • To Unblock:
    • Click ‘Unblock’ next to the name you wish to remove from the list.
    • This action will allow them to see your profile again and interact with you on Facebook.
  • To Block:
    • If you need to block someone new, type their name into the provided field, then click ‘Block.’
    • Confirm your choice by selecting the ‘Block [name of the person]’
    • This prevents them from viewing your profile and contacting you through Facebook.

How to See Who You Blocked on Facebook With the FB App

Not on your computer? No problem.

Here is a simple guide to help you get access to your blocked list on either iPhone, iPad, or Android devices using the Facebook app.

# Steps Description
1 Open the Menu Tap the hamburger menu icon (3 little lines).
(On iOS, it’s located at the bottom of your screen; on Android, find it at the top.)
2 Enter Settings Hit the settings gear icon to proceed to your account settings.
3 Go to Blocking Scroll until you find the ‘Blocking’ option, then tap it to view who you’ve restricted.
4 Manage Blocked List This screen shows your Blocked People list. From here, you have the option to either unblock existing contacts or block new ones.

Other Alternative Measures You Can Take Instead of Blocking

Blocking someone online can sometimes be a tad too extreme, especially if you still want to remain friends (or at least friend-LY) with the other person.

If you want to avoid those awkward “Why can’t I see your profile anymore?” chats, here are three alternatives to blocking that will help limit your interactions without notifying them.

1. Snooze Someone’s Posts

Feeling overwhelmed by someone’s constant posting?

Give yourself a break by snoozing them for 30 days.

How To Snooze Someone’s Posts: Just hit the three dots on one of their posts and select ‘Snooze [name] for 30 days.’

They’ll disappear from your feed temporarily, but your connection to them on Facebook remains unchanged.

2. Unfollow Your Friend

For a longer break that extends beyond 30 days without ending the friendship, unfollowing is your way to go.

How To Unfollow Someone: Click the three dots on their post and choose ‘unfollow.’

This way, their updates won’t crowd your feed, but you’re still friends.

3. Unfriend Your Connect

When it’s time to say goodbye to digital drama, unfriending is also an option.

How To Unfriend Someone: Head to their profile, click the Friends’ button on the top right (under the cover photo), and select ‘Unfriend’ to sever your FB connection.

Blocking People on Facebook FAQs

Is It Possible to Block a Person Who Has Already Blocked Me on Facebook?

Blocking someone who has already blocked you isn’t as straightforward as you may think. This is because you can’t access their profile.

If someone else blocked you, you’ll probably never hear from them again.

But if you want to guarantee it (and get back some control), you can manually add their Facebook ID to your block list through your settings.

This will effectively block them in return.

Can I Remove a Block Placed on Me by Someone Else on Facebook?

There is no method for you to unblock yourself on someone else’s Facebook account.

The only way for the block to be lifted is if the person who blocked you chooses to do so themselves.

Trying to bypass a block is generally discouraged, so it would be best to just accept your fate and move on from the friendship.

Is There a Way to Find Out if I’ve Been Blocked on Facebook?

Should someone choose to block you on Facebook, it’s important to respect their boundaries.

Although, if you’re just curious about whether or not you’ve actually been blocked, there are a few easy to find indicators you can look for to confirm your suspicions.

To see if you’ve been blocked on Facebook check for:

  • Missing messages or profiles.
  • Inability to find their profile through search.
  • Disappearance of their posts and comments from your timeline.
  • If their profile link leads to an error page.

If you’ve said yes to any of these, it’s a sign that suggests you’ve been blocked.

How Can I Tell if Someone Has Deactivated Their Facebook Profile?

To check if someone has deactivated their Facebook account:

  • First look through your Friends list for their name.
  • If they’re not a friend, try searching for them by name.

If you can’t find their account at all, they likely deactivated it.

Can I Re-Block Someone After Unblocking Them?

If you’ve recently decided to unblock someone on Facebook, hoping for a positive change but find yourself regretting the decision, you might be considering blocking them again.

Unfortunately, Facebook has implemented a specific rule regarding this action: there is a mandatory waiting period.

According to Facebook’s policy, users must wait a minimum of 48 hours after unblocking someone before they can block that individual again.

While it may seem silly, Facebook did this to prevent users from abusing the blocking system. This cooling-off period is designed to encourage thoughtful decision-making regarding who gets to interact with you on the platform.

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