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How To Find Drafts On Facebook (Personal Post + Facebook Pages)

Published March 24, 2024


Have you ever spent time carefully writing out the perfect Facebook post, only to accidentally close the app before publishing it?

Your post tells a story, it’s funny, it’s informative, it’s revolutionary (okay, maybe not) – but losing that draft can be incredibly frustrating. We know from experience.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a way to access and retrieve those unfinished posts.

What Are Facebook Drafts?

Facebook drafts are those posts you start but don’t immediately finish or publish.

Not finishing your post happens all the time! It can be because you got interrupted or just needed more time to think about what you wanted to say. Whatever the reason, these unfinished posts – drafts – get saved for later use.

It’s a handy feature that allows you to get a post started and to finish it later, much like how email drafts work.

Therefore, knowing how to find your drafts on Facebook can save you from the frustration of having to recreate your thoughts from scratch.

Whether you’re using Facebook on mobile or desktop, understanding where these drafts are saved is the first step in revisiting and completing your posts.

So, if you’ve ever wondered, “Where did my draft go?” or “How do I find my drafts on Facebook?” you’re in the right place to learn exactly how to access and potentially polish those unfinished ideas into share-worthy content!

Where to Find Drafts on Facebook Mobile

Finding your drafts on Facebook when you’re on the go can seem a bit tricky at first, but if you’re an Android or iPhone user, there’s a simple way to find drafts on Facebook mobile.

How to Find Drafts on iPhone or iPad

# Step Description
1 Launch Facebook Start by opening the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad.
2 Start a new post Head to the ‘What’s on your mind’ area to begin writing your post.
3 Save your draft After typing your message, press the exit button and select ‘Save draft.’
4 Locate your draft Back on the home screen, find the ‘Finish your previous post?’ prompt near the top of your feed.
5 Access your draft Tap this notification to open and continue editing your most recent draft.

Note: On iPhone and iPad, the Facebook app limits you to saving just one draft at a time.

Starting a new draft will overwrite any previous one you’ve saved.

How to Find Drafts on Android Devices

# Step Description
1 Start Facebook Open the Facebook app on your Android device.
2 Begin a new post Go to create a new post and enter your text.
3 Save the draft Press the back button on your device and choose ‘Save as draft.’
4 Access your draft A notification saying ‘your draft was saved’ will pop up. Tap on this notification.
5 Find your drafts page You’ll be taken to a list of your current drafts. Tap on the menu icon on one of the drafts (the three-dots next to the post).
6 Discard or open From here you can choose to ‘Discard draft’ to delete your in-progress post or ‘Open draft’ to continue working on your post.

Note: Drafts on Android devices are stored for only three days before they disappear, so make sure to revisit and publish them in time.

Where to Find Drafts for Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages serve as the public profile for businesses, public figures, and organizations, distinct from personal profiles where you share “what’s on your mind” posts with friends and family.

When managing a Page, coming up with the perfect post can take a bit more planning and strategy (as it should if it’s representing your brand!)

Sometimes, you might start a post but decide it needs more work before going live. That’s where drafts come in handy, allowing you to save your progress and return to it later.

This section will help teach you how to check drafts for Facebook Pages, allowing you to share your content when it is polished and ready for your audience.

How to Find FB Page Drafts on Desktop

While Facebook doesn’t have an option for you to save drafts for your personal posts, thankfully, it supports this feature for Facebook Pages.

Here’s how to access your drafts on a computer:

# Steps Description
1 Open Facebook and log in Navigate to Facebook on your web browser and log in using your personal profile.
2 Access Pages Choose ‘Pages’ from the sidebar to view pages linked to your account, then click on ‘Meta Business Suite’.
3 Prepare your post Click ‘Create post’ at the top. Type in your message and review the preview on the sidebar.
4 Save as draft Instead of publishing, select ‘Finish later’ to save your post as a draft.
5 View drafts Return to the menu and visit your ‘Draft posts’ by clicking ‘See all’. You’ll see drafts with details on the creator and last update.
6 Manage drafts Choose to ‘Edit post’ or use the three-dot menu next to a draft for options like ‘Publish now’, ‘Schedule post’, ‘Delete post’, or ‘Copy post ID’.

How to Find FB Page Drafts on Mobile

Here’s how to access your drafts on your phone:

# Step Description
1 Install Meta Business Suite Get Meta Business Suite from the App Store and install it on your device.
2 Open the app and log in Launch the Business Suite app and log in with your Facebook profile to see the pages you manage.
3 Start a new post Tap the ‘+‘ icon at the bottom, then choose the ‘Post‘ option to begin creating your content.
4 Write and save your draft After typing your post, tap ‘Next’, select ‘Save as draft’, and then confirm by tapping ‘Save Draft’.
5 Access and manage drafts Go to ‘Posts’, select ‘Draft’ from the menu to view your saved drafts. Use the three-dot menu for options to edit, publish, schedule, or delete your draft.

How to Locate FB Drafts FAQs

How Do I Locate Drafts I’ve Started on My Personal Facebook on the Computer/browser?

On a desktop, any post you begin directly on your personal Facebook profile requires you to remain actively on the page to save your draft.

Currently, Facebook for desktop does not offer a feature to save drafts of personal posts.

If you navigate away or close the tab, a prompt may ask if you wish to continue editing or leave the page, leading to the loss of your draft.

Basically: leave the page = lose your draft.

Possible solutions:

  • If you’re in a bind, consider manually copying your draft text to a safe spot like a note on your computer or an email draft. While not perfect, this method can save your work temporarily.
  • Alternatively, try using a post scheduler tool that can (as you can guess) schedule your Facebook posts for you, allowing you to edit whenever you need.

Are Facebook Unpublished Posts the Same as Drafts?

Yes, Facebook unpublished posts are the same thing as drafts.

Will a Draft Created in a Web Browser Be Accessible Through the Facebook App on My Phone?

Yes! If you start a draft on your computer, you can open it on any other device like your phone, as long as you’re logged into your Facebook account (and vice versa).

This lets you easily finish your Facebook Page post no matter where you are.

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