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How to Get a Link to Your Instagram

Published February 8, 2024

With over 200 million business accounts on Instagram, sharing your profile is a fabulous networking tool. Not to mention that it’s an easy way to connect with others while you’re out and about and may not want to give out your phone number. 

Another reason you may need to know how to get a link to your Instagram is to add it to your resume for a job or event. 

The question is, how do you get a link to your Instagram in order to share it? Since Instagram is mainly a mobile-friendly platform, they have made it easy to share and access profiles of other users through links and QR codes.

How Do I Find My Instagram URL?

If you’re looking to find your Instagram URL, you don’t even need to access the app to find it. Everyone’s Instagram URL follows the same formula. This link will send anyone who clicks it directly to your profile. Instagram URLs will always start with the Instagram domain name and your username

Here’s an example: if you’re looking for the McDonald’s Instagram URL it would be: 

That link should take you directly to the McDonald’s Instagram page. You can do this with your own username to give people a link to your Instagram Manually. 

Another way to find a link to your Instagram profile is through your profile page. This works best on a desktop. All you need to do is go to your Instagram profile page and copy the URL at the top.

When it comes to the mobile Instagram app, there isn’t a clear way to get a link to your profile. Your best bet is going to be to find it manually as we stated above. When you choose the “copy URL” option on the Instagram app, you won’t be able to see the link; it will just copy your profile to share via text or wherever else

Other Ways to Share Your Instagram Profile 

Instagram QR Code 

Instagram gives users plenty of ways to share their profile that don’t require you to have the link such as a QR Code

  • Navigate to your Profile Page 
  • Click on Share Profile which is below your profile picture and bio 
  • You’ll see a Customizable QR Code ready to be shared or downloaded
  • From this screen, you can change the color, or even take a selfie to add as the background 
  • Once you’ve customized it, you can Download the QR Code
  • Users can also scan the QR Code right from your phone screen

Along with the QR code, you’ll see the option to Copy Link or Share Profile. Both of these options you can use to send your profile through a text, attach to an email, or wherever else you may need a link to your Instagram. 

There is another option if you really want to find a link to your Instagram. This method involves going to your profile while logged out of Instagram or from another account. 

  • Head to your Instagram Profile while logged into another account 
  • At the top right, click on the Three Dots 
  • You’ll see a menu pop up with several options
  • Tap Copy Profile URL 

This is a roundabout way of getting it, but you will have an Instagram link to share. You can also copy other profile URLs this way so you can share other accounts, as well. 

Closing Thoughts

‘The bottom line is that while finding your Instagram link may not be as easy as you’d think, there are other choices for sharing your profile. Manually finding your Instagram link is your best bet, along with the QR code. Happy sharing!

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