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How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2023: A Quick Guide

Published August 10, 2023

The famous ‘blue check mark’ is a bit of modern internet symbolism we mainly associate with Twitter. Basically, it’s a method of verifying your profile on an online platform. Of course, a similar-looking symbol, in the same color no less, can be found on TikTok. Here, it bears the name ‘verified badge’, and just like the check mark on Twitter, it comes with a decent set of advantages.

Are you interested in acquiring a verified TikTok badge? If so, this article is here to help you achieve that goal. In the following paragraphs, you will learn some of the most valuable tips and tricks on becoming a verified content creator on this platform.

Why Should You Get Verified on TikTok?

Right now, in 2023, TikTok boasts more than 1 billion users in over 150 countries. However, the majority of them are unverified. If that’s the case, why would a regular user like you even bother with a verified account?

Well, there are several important reasons in favor of making that decision. Firstly, the algorithm will love you if you get verification. If the account you have sports that little blue badge, you’ll see your views and engagement progressively grow.

Next, if you have a verified account, you’ll see engagement from other verified users. Viral fame can earn someone a lot of revenue in 2023, and major brands love a good internet influencer.

Finally, whether you’re a content creator, a small brand, or a loyal employee, a verified check mark shows authority and professionalism

Tips and Tricks on Getting a TikTok Verified Badge

Tip #1: Make a Viral Video

This method highly depends on luck and circumstance, but it does work. Basically, if you make a video that’s popular enough to appear on the For You page to other users, you will see your engagement grow. The video has to strike the right cord with the audience before it can become viral.

Tip #2: Focus on Creating Content

Of course, in order to go viral, you will need videos first. And the best way to get to that point is to continuously post videos on TikTok. In short, stick to a schedule and aim for a particular niche.

Tip #3: Media Coverage Matters

If you create enough content or go viral, chances are that news websites will want to write about you. Therefore, make sure to be active, and if a legitimate news organization contacts you for an interview or some coverage, don’t turn it down.

Tip #4: Other Platform Verifications

This particular tip should go without saying. As a content creator, you will want to have other social media accounts. So, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even alternative media, get that verification as soon as possible. It will boost the algorithm and give you a ton of exposure.

Tip #5: Guidelines are Gospel

If you break a single TikTok guideline, the platform will not promote your page. In fact, you may even get a penalty or an outright ban. Therefore, play by the rules!

Tip #6: Influencer Collaboration

Finally, collaborating with a fellow TikToker can be great for your page growth, especially if they’re a viral influencer with lots of followers. The people that watch their content will be interested in what you have to show, and so will the companies that sponsor them.

Can I Request Verification?

TikTok differs from Twitter and Facebook because you cannot actually buy your verified badge, nor can you request it directly. The only way you can reach verified status is if your videos go viral and people engage with them on a daily basis.

A Third-Party Website Claims I Can Buy TikTok Verification…

Beware of scams! As we stated earlier, the only way you can be verified on TikTok is through engagement. Not even now, in early 2023, can anyone buy verification on TikTok, and any third-party platform that claims they can get you the badge is a scammer aiming for your wallet. Don’t fall for it.

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