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How to Go Live on Facebook

Published April 12, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • To start a Facebook Livestream from your phone: go to app > ‘Live’ > fill out info > ‘Start Live Video’.
  • To start a Facebook Livestream from your computer: click three dots on your News Feed > ‘Live Video’ > fill out info > ‘Go Live’.


Live streaming has transformed how we connect, share, and engage online, with 7.6 billion hours of live content watched across all platforms in Q3 2023.

Amid this boom, is it any surprise that Facebook created a live streaming feature?

No, because of course they did!

Facebook Live launched back in April of 2016 to compete with platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live and since its launch, it has become an extremely popular way to stream in the US – mostly because it offers users and businesses a unique space for genuine interaction and community building.

So if you’re using Facebook Live for the first time and trying to get it all figured, keep reading because we’ll teach you how to get started!

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature on the massively popular social platform, enabling real-time video streaming directly to your audience.

This tool, integrated seamlessly within Facebook, offers a direct line to engage with viewers through live broadcasts.

Viewers of your stream can comment, react, and even share your stream with others.

When the stream is finished, a recording of the broadcast will also be available to viewers on your page/profile.

What makes Facebook Live so great? It’s perfect for a wide range of activities:

  • Sharing behind-the-scenes moments
  • Conducting interactive Q&As
  • Broadcasting live events
  • Collaborating with another person
  • “Story-times”

You name it! Facebook Live is a versatile medium for personal and professional use alike.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of going live, which can be extremely helpful to both novices and frequent streamers.

The reason why it’s so well loved (and utilized by many businesses) is because with it, the power to share and interact becomes immediate.

It turns every broadcast into an opportunity for authentic engagement, shared experiences, and if you’re a business – a way to promote your products or services in real time to an interested audience.

How to Start a Facebook Live Anywhere

How to Go Live From Your Phone

You can use the Facebook app on Android or any IOS device (iPhone/iPad) to go live on Facebook.

Here’s how to go live from the app:





Lauch the App

Open the Facebook app and log-in if you aren’t already.


Go to Your Starting Point

Head to the Page, group, profile, or event where you plan to start your live broadcast.


Initiate Live Feature

Press the ‘Live’ option located at the bottom of the post box.


Set Up Your Video

Give your live video a catchy description. (Feel free to tag friends, mention a location, or share how you’re feeling too).


Begin Broadcasting

Hit the ‘Start Live Video’ button to kick off your stream to the world.


End Live Stream

When your broadcast is complete, tap ‘Finish’ to wrap things up.

How to Go Live From the Creator Studio App

The Creator Studio app is a tool designed for content creators to manage their posts, insights, and messages across Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.

It also allows you to stream directly to your audience, which is a great alternative to going live from the app (with more control over your content).





Launch the App

Start by opening the Creator Studio app on your device.


Access the Creation Tool

Tap the pen and paper symbol found in the upper right of either the Home or Posts section.


Choose to Go Live

Tap for the ‘Live’ post type from the menu to prepare for streaming.


Prepare Your Video

Write a description for your stream + extras like tagging friends or locations and expressing your current activity or mood.


Start Your Stream

Press ‘Start Live Video’ to begin sharing with your followers.


End Your Broadcast

When your session is complete, select ‘Finish’ to end your live video.

How to Go Live From a Desktop

Don’t want to go live from your mobile device? No problem.

Since its launch (which only allowed Facebook Livestreams to be broadcasted from a phone) Facebook has added a new feature that allows you to go live from your computer.

Here’s how to do a Facebook Live from your computer:





Start at News Feed

On your News Feed’s top, select the prompt that asks, “What’s on your mind, [Your Name]?”


Access Live Feature

Hit the three dots icon, then choose ‘Live Video’ to be taken to Live Producer automatically.


Add a description

Enter a description for your live stream.


Initiate the Stream

To begin broadcasting to your audience, simply click ‘Go Live’ located in the bottom left corner.

What Facebook Live Tools Can I Use in My Stream?

Facebook equips broadcasters with a ton of features designed to enhance viewer engagement and enrich the live streaming experience.

These tools give you creative ways to interact with your audience, making your live broadcasts as engaging and effective as possible.

Hint: you should be using at least two or more of these tools per stream (unless you want a boring broadcast, then of course feel free to ignore).

Here’s how you can use Facebook’s array of live streaming options to captivate your audience:



Live Polls

Initiate real-time polls to engage viewers and spark discussions based on their responses.

Featured Links

Embed links in your stream to direct viewers to your website or relevant content.

Live in Stories

Expand your reach by sharing your live stream directly to your Facebook Stories.

Live Comment Moderation

Control the narrative by managing who comments and how often, even appointing trusted viewers to help moderate. (We cannot stress the “trusted” enough).

Front Row

Acknowledge your most active fans by giving them special recognition during your stream.


Reward your viewers for their engagement with badges for frequent interactions, like sending Stars or watching your videos.


Enable a donation button for qualified pages, allowing 100% of contributions to support your fundraising cause without fees.

Live With

Invite multiple guests to co-host your live stream. (This will enrich your content by having a diverse number of perspectives).

Live Shopping

Showcase and sell products directly from your live stream with integrated product listings. A must-have for businesses.

Messenger Rooms Broadcast

Transform Messenger Rooms into a co-hosted live event with up to 50 participants.

In-stream Ads

Monetize your content with ads seamlessly integrated into your live streams.

Subscriptions on Live

Offer subscriptions for exclusive content and benefits, which can in turn help you grow a closer community.

Keep in mind that your goal should aways be to entertain your viewers so that they keep coming back for more.

These tools will not only help you accomplish this goal but make it easy! So if you want each stream to be memorable, fun, and encourage more interactions, use these tools.

FAQs on How to Go Live on Facebook

How Do I Bring Guests Into the Stream?

You have two options for adding guests to your Facebook Live stream: the “Live With” feature and “Broadcasting to Facebook Live from Messenger Rooms.”

Live With

“Live With” lets you add multiple guests to your live stream directly from your mobile device. This feature is handy for all types of live sessions and is available for use from your Page or personal profile while using a mobile device.

Please note that at the moment, it’s not accessible for desktop broadcasts or via Live Producer.

Broadcasting to Facebook Live From Messenger Rooms

Turning your Messenger Room into a live broadcast lets you include up to 50 participants in a live session.

This feature is perfect for plenty of activities, from book clubs to discussions to fitness classes to just hanging out with friends!

What makes it special from just a regular Messenger group call is that it allows for more interactivity and can easily be managed from a Profile, Page, or Group.

Can I Monetize My Facebook Live Broadcast?

Facebook is making an effort to enhance their tools and expand access to monetization features (such as Fan Subscriptions and Stars) for creators trying to monetize their content.

New monetization opportunities are being introduced, including ads in both live and short-form videos, which can provide fresh ways for creators to earn revenue.

More information on this is available directly from Facebook’s official blog here.

Does Facebook Live Start Immediately?

With Live Producer, you can choose to start streaming instantly using your computer’s camera or streaming software.

Alternatively, you have the option to schedule your live broadcast up to 24 hours in advance if you want to promote your live session ahead of time.

Who Can See My Facebook Live?

You have some control over who can see your Facebook Live streams by restricting locations.

Meaning: you can prevent your live video’s visibility based on a viewer’s location.

These settings are adjustable in both Live Producer and the Facebook app.

Can You Watch Facebook Live Anonymously?

Viewing a Facebook Live video without the broadcaster knowing is technically possible as long as you don’t interact with the live video itself (aka don’t actually click on the video. Just view the stream from Facebook’s video preview).

How Do I Join a Facebook Live?

Joining a Facebook Live is pretty easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your News Feed
  2. Select ‘Video’ on the left menu.
  3. Click on ‘Live’ under the Video section to see ongoing live broadcasts.
  4. Click on one of them to join.

If you’re looking for something specific, use the Search function at the top of your screen and apply filters to refine your search.

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