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How to Post a Long Video on Instagram

Published March 30, 2024

Instagram has always been known as a platform for sharing photos and short-form video. Users who have wanted to share longer videos will typically hit a roadblock due to Instagram’s time constraints.

Whether it’s a detailed tutorial, event coverage or just a longer video, knowing how Instagram’s video limitations work is crucial. This post is going to cover the different ways you can post longer videos on Instagram to make sure your content isn’t cut short.

What Are Instagram’s Video Length Limits?

Before we discuss posting solutions, it’s important to understand Instagram’s video length restrictions across different formats:

  • Instagram Feed Posts: Video can be up to 60 minutes long.
  • Instagram Reels: up to 90 seconds long when posted directly through the app, and 15 minutes if recorded separately and uploaded.
  • Instagram Stories: Each Story post can be 15 seconds long, but you can post multiple segments together to create a longer post.
  • Instagram Live: Live streams are the longest duration, allowing live videos of up to 4 hours long.

How to Post a Long Video on Instagram

There are several effective methods to post a long video on Instagram so you don’t have to cut down your content.

Segmenting Videos for Stories and Feed

If you have content that only slightly exceeds the 60-second limit or consists of short clips that can be edited together for a longer narrative, you can segment your videos. This means cutting the video down into smaller parts, to create multiple Instagram posts that flow together.

There are editing apps you can use to slice up your content to do this. Once you’ve got your edited clips, upload them in order to Instagram Stories.

Utilizing Reels for More Detailed Content

Another option is to use Instagram Reels since it has an expanded duration length of 90 seconds. This makes Reels a great format for more detailed content such as tutorials and storytelling that require more time than a standard post.

How to Do It:

  • Make a video that’s within the 90-second timeframe
  • Open Instagram, click the ‘+’ icon
  • Select “Reel”
  • Choose your video, edit it, and then share it.

Using Instagram Live for Extended Video

Instagram Live is the prime choice for real-time, lengthy content. It’s perfect for live events, Q&A sessions, and any other interactive types of video. It offers real-time engagement with your audience along with up to 4 hours of streaming time.

How to Use Instagram Live:

  • Swipe right from your feed or tap the camera icon at the top left to access the camera.
  • Select “Live” at the bottom and hit record to start your live stream.
  • After ending the live session, you have the option to share the video to your stories, making it available for 24 hours.

Carousel Posts

Another creative option to make a longer video is to use the multiple post feature, commonly called carousel posts.

Posting Videos in a Carousel Post:

  • Segment your video into clips that are under 60 seconds
  • Create an Instagram post and click on “Multiple Select”
  • Choose your clips in the correct order and post them so users can swipe through the clips to see your longer video.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Instagram users need to adapt to the limitations to find ways to post longer videos. Using these techniques will have you posting longform videos on Instagram in no time.

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