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How to Repost on Instagram: The Complete Guide

Published January 14, 2023

If you’re a content creator, marketer, or someone who loves the app, you know that reposting on Instagram is a powerful tool. 

Not only does it help to improve your reach and engagement, but it can lead to new followers and, if you’re a small business or influencer, more clients. Knowing how to repost on Instagram has the bonus of keeping your content-creating costs down. 

It seems counter-intuitive, but reposting on Instagram can be one of the best ways to market your account — but only when done correctly. 

This article will describe how to repost on Instagram and offers a high-level look at the legalities and some reposting-content ideas you can use to grow your following

How to repost an Instagram story you’re tagged in

The easiest way to repost content is to repost a story you’re tagged in, otherwise known as mention sharing. The tricky thing about reposting content onto your stories is that you can only repost stories you’re tagged in on Instagram. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Go to your messages on Instagram in the top right-hand corner. You’ll be notified here that someone has tagged you in their story. 
  2. Hit “Add to my story.” 
  1. Edit as you like, and hit “Your story” to publish. 

How to repost an untagged story

Sometimes your friends or collaborators will forget to tag you. It’s annoying, but it happens. Instead of having them repost their story with your username, you can try to repost it without being tagged. 

You can do this one of two ways: 

  1. By screenshotting the image and reposting 
  2. By using a third-party app to repost automatically

You can also use these methods to repost a story or another account’s post onto your feed.

We’ll explain the two methods below. 

A) Repost on Instagram with screenshots

Reposting on Instagram using screenshots is an easy way to get around reposting limitations without downloading another app. 

  1. Take a screenshot of the story or post you want to use.
  2. Hit the + sign inside the square on the top menu bar of the Instagram app or the + sign on your story. Then choose where you’d like the photo to live. 
  1. Resize the photo and crop out any unnecessary borders in Instagram. 
  2. Edit and add filters.
  3. Tagging the original photographer is optional, but it’s good optics for your brand and a common courtesy in most Instagram communities to give credit. You can include a thank-you in your caption or directly on the photo (see #6 and #7.) 

Here’s what tagging looks like when you’re posting to your feed. For stories, you can just tap your photo anywhere and write @ plus the username. 

  1. Add a caption if it’s a feed post. Here, you can @ mention the account which originally posted — see below for why, legally, this is a good idea. 
  2. If it’s a story, add any stickers, text, or effects you’d like. We recommend mentioning the original posting account here. 
  3. Click share: For stories, choose your audience in the bottom menu. For feed posts, it’s the checkmark in the top right corner. 

While it’s pretty easy to complete, the screenshot method has its drawbacks. You’re stuck with the person’s filter or sticker choices. If they’ve used motion graphics, you’ll be left with a bit of a strange shot. 

And, of course, you can’t screenshot a video

B) Use a third-party app to repost image and video content 

Using a third-party app to repost content is simple. Find one you think you’ll like and follow the instructions. We’ve reviewed one for iPhone users and one for Android below to take out the guesswork for you: 

Best reposting app for iPhones: Repost for Instagram

“The Repost: for Instagram” app is the most straightforward app we’ve come across because it integrates directly with Instagram, which is likely why it’s one of the most popular options. 

You can use it on your desktop; the site has laid out instructions for you to follow. Or, download Repost from the Apple store

Some Android users report bugs with this app, so for them, we suggest Regrann. 

Best reposting for Android: Regrann 

Regrann is a no-frills Instagram reposting app. You’ll be able to repost Instagram photos and videos without any watermarks. This app lets you save photos and videos to your phone and repost them from within Instagram. 

You can’t access Regrann from your desktop, but the price is right — free! There is a Regrann Pro app available for the more sophisticated reposters out there. 

Source: Regrann

Reposting a post on your story 

Luckily, you don’t have to screenshot or use a third-party app to repost a feed post on your story. Instagram allows you to do this within the app, here’s how: 

  1. First, find a piece of content you’d like to repost 
  2. Hit the paper airplane icon on the bottom left of the photo or video 
  1. This will prompt you to send it in a chat or add the post to your story. Click “Add post to your story” at the top. 
  1. Then, you can add any stickers or text you like. If you click on the post, you can choose to include the original caption or not. Instagram will always include the original publisher’s account name, so you’re covered from a licensing perspective. 
  1. Hit “Your stories” or “Close friends” depending on the audience you’d like to see it, and boom! You’re done. Your story is live, and your followers have new content to look at.

Laws regarding reposting on Instagram typically fall under your country’s copyright laws. 

Instagram is crystal clear about not breaking any laws. Their terms of use state, “You can’t post someone else’s private or confidential information without permission or do anything that violates someone else’s rights, including intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit, or pirated goods).” 

We’d like to point out that this article is in no way legal advice or a legal document, just a way for us to interpret the information available to you. 

So, if you’ve covered your bases with copyright infringement laws in your country, you should be all good. Often, this means crediting someone for their work (i.e., either noting it in the caption or tagging someone). 

Instagram also says, “You may use someone else’s works under exceptions or limitations to copyright and related rights under applicable law. You represent you own or have obtained all necessary rights to the content you post or share.” 

In general, to be safe with copyright laws, you should do these three things: 

  • Ask permission before you post 
  • Tag and credit the original account 
  • If you are making money off of the repost, be transparent about it 

Reposted content ideas 

So now you know how to repost content. But do you know how to make the most of this skill? 

Reposting content is a cost-effective way to market your Instagram account. You don’t necessarily have to spend time creating original pieces yourself, though you can if you add to someone’s content. You also don’t have to come up with original ideas for content, which take a mental toll. 

Here are three ideas for reposting content onto your story or feed: 

1. Leave a rating or review 

Repost someone’s product, recipe, or service with a rating or review. If it’s a recipe, consider reposting the original photo alongside your finished product in a carousel. This gives the recipe creator a reason to repost your repost. And it gives your followers something to compare and contrast. 

If you’re reviewing a product or service, keep in mind that your followers want honesty. If you pull punches to give the brand the positive review they want, you might sacrifice audience trust. 

2. Hype up brands and accounts you love

Spread the love by reposting a brand, account, or service you like. Businesses typically love user-generated content (UGC), so they may repost your repost, putting your account in front of their audience. 


@Booooooom on Instagram is constantly showcasing different artists’ works on their platform. They’ve curated a following based on their artistic insight and recommendations. Artists often share Booooooom’s feature posts on their stories, furthering the content’s reach. 

3. Use any and all UGC that comes your way 

People trust other people — 84% of people worldwide said word-of-mouth recommendations are the most trustworthy advertising. It shows that UGC inherently increases social trust in you or your brand. 

If your followers repost your photos or photos of your products (if you’re a business owner), then publish them on your stories. Free, effective advertising is the best kind of advertising. 

TL;DR How to Repost on Instagram

You can repost on Instagram in three ways: 

  1. Share a story you’re tagged in 
  2. Take a screenshot of someone else’s content and repost it 
  3. Use a third-party app like Repost: for Instagram or Regrann

Best practices include giving credit where credits are due, so be sure to tag the original source of your reposted content.

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