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How to Save Music on Instagram

Published February 23, 2024

Instagram is a place for sharing, and that includes music! With recent additional features, you can now share your favorite jams with your followers. You can even add music to feed posts now, bringing us back to the days of Myspace. 

When you find a song you really like on Instagram, wouldn’t it be nice to save it? Well, we have good news. You can save the audio you enjoy on Instagram for later use. In this post we’re going to cover how to save music on Instagram to share with your followers and enjoy for yourself. 

What is Instagram Music?

Instagram Music has a variety of features that allow users to share music on their posts and with each other. When it was first released, users could add music on Reels and Stories. This added engagement and encouraged users to share posts when they liked the music. It also gave musicians a whole new way to share their content on the platform. 

In 2023, Instagram gave users the ability to add music to their permanent feed posts, as well. This gives a whole new feel to the Instagram feed, and can make your content more engaging for your followers. 

Adding music to Instagram posts is easy. There is a musical note button at the top right corner. You’ll be met with a list of trending songs curated for you as well as a search bar to find other songs. 

Once you add a song, you can edit which part plays during your content. You can also adjust the volume so it doesn’t overpower the original audio of your post. Music adds an entirely new layer of storytelling to Instagram posts that users can play around and have fun with. 

How to Save Music on Instagram

If you find a song on Instagram you like, you’re going to want to save it of course. Keep in mind that while you can save audios, you cannot download music from Instagram to listen to outside the app. Here are some of the ways you can save music on Instagram. 

Bookmark the Audio

When you find an audio you enjoy on Instagram, you can save it for later by doing this: 

  • Go to the Instagram Post the music is on
  • Find the audio file at the bottom right under their username
  • Click on the audio
  • Tap the bookmark icon at the top

This will save the music for later. When you go to create a post, here’s how to find it:

  • Take your photo or record your video
  • Click the Music Note Icon
  • Click the Saved Bar
  • All of the music you saved will be in this folder


Saving music on Instagram is a great way to remember the songs you like to use them in future posts. It’s also a good way to keep track of songs you want to listen to in full outside of the app. Instagram music is just one more way Instagram is helping us share our favorite things with each other!

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