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How to Tag Someone on Instagram Stories

Published April 6, 2024

Instagram Stories are great for sharing fleeting moments, creative content, and glimpses into your daily life. You post things as they occur, and in a day, they are gone, leaving only the memories.

Stories are usually very personal, but what if you want to share an experience with someone or give credit where credit’s due? You might have a photo with friends you wish to tag or content you want that person to see.

In this article, we’ll show you how to tag people in your Instagram Stories so you can easily share these fleeting moments with your friends.

How to Tag on Instagram Stories

Instagram provides multiple ways to tag someone in your Instagram Story. You can figure out the one that fits best with your story and put it in.

Method 1: Text Tagging

  • Capture Your Story: Open the Instagram app and swipe right to access the story camera. Capture a photo or video or select from your gallery.
  • Access the Text Editor: Tap on the “Aa” icon at the top right corner of your screen to bring up the text editing tools.
  • Type the “@” Symbol: Begin typing in the text box. Enter the “@” symbol followed by the username of the person you want to tag.
  • Select the User: As you type, Instagram will suggest usernames matching your input. Tap on the correct username to select them.
  • Position the Tag: The username will appear as a highlighted text box once selected. Tap and hold the username box and drag it to any spot on your photo or video.
  • Customize the Tag (Optional): Tap on the username box again to customize its appearance. You can change the text color and font style to match your story’s aesthetics.
  • Share Your Story: Once you’re happy with the tag placement and look, tap the “Your Story” button at the bottom of the screen to share your story with your followers.

Method 2: Sticker Tagging

  • Capture Your Story: Like method 1, capture your photo or video using the story camera or gallery.
  • Access the Sticker Tray: Tap on the sticker icon (square smiley face) in your screen’s top right corner. That opens the sticker tray.
  • Select the “Mention” Sticker: Browse through the available stickers and locate the sticker labeled “Mention.” Tap on it to add it to your story.
  • Type the Username: A text box will appear within the sticker. Type in the username of the person you want to tag.
  • Position the Sticker: Tap and hold on the “Mention” sticker and drag it to any desired location on your photo or video.
  • Customize the Sticker (Optional): While customization options are limited for the “Mention” sticker, you can tap on it to change its color and blend it seamlessly with your story’s visuals.
  • Share Your Story: Once you’ve positioned and customized the sticker (if desired), tap the “Your Story” button to share your story with your followers.

Wrapping Up

Tagging your friends on your stories is a great way to enhance your audience and increase your relationship with them. You can boost their exposure, leading your followers to their profile, or even do the same for yours when they reshare your story.

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