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How to Use TikTok Sounds: A Short Guide for Every Beginner

Published August 11, 2023

In all the ways that matter, TikTok sounds are the backbone of every video. They can add a touch of humor, nostalgia, or dramatics to your video and make it stand out from all others.

However, TikTok sounds are not all about entertainment and aesthetics. In fact, if you use them well, they can also help you increase brand awareness and improve your presence on the platform.

So, learning how to use TikTok sounds and how to best capitalize on them is a must for every (future) influencer and business owner. We’ll reveal all the basics below, so stay tuned and take notes.

What Are TikTok Sounds?

When scrolling through TikToks, you’ve surely noticed that they all feature some type of sound. These can include anything from songs and iconic movie or TV show sound clips to original audio made by creators.

You can use these sounds in the background of your video or have them take center stage, depending on the type of content you are putting out. Moreover, the audio can be funny, heartwarming, sad, or nostalgic, based on the creator’s goal.

The Appeal of TikTok Sounds

TikTok sounds are likely to go viral quickly, and the most popular ones can trend even years after they first surface. Thanks to viral TikTok sounds, several artists have reached the top of the American song charts, including Lil Nas X, Jason Derulo, and Raye, to name a few.

Brands can also use sounds to promote their products or services. For example, the most effective way to raise brand awareness is to include already popular sounds in videos. This strategy can help you extend your reach and appeal to younger generations.

Namely, when you use a sound, your video will appear on that track’s corresponding page. So, when someone searches for that sound, there is a chance that they will see your video.

How to Use TikTok Sounds in Videos

There are several ways to add a TikTok sound to your videos. Below, we’ll go over 4 simple ways to utilize TikTok tracks in your content. 

1. Using the TikTok Sound Library

To add a sound to your TikTok using the platform’s Sound Library, you have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Open the app and tap the + button at the bottom of your screen;
  • Once the camera screen opens, tap Add Sound located at the top;
  • Search for a sound you want;
  • Edit the sound by tapping the Scissors sign;
  • Tap the Check mark once you are done editing.

Browsing through the Sound Library is straightforward, as the sounds are arranged into playlists, trends, current personal favorites, etc. Even more importantly, all of the sounds are available to all users. So, you don’t have to worry about copyright claims when using this method.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to trim the sound to any length you need. Thus, if you’re using a 3-minute song but your video is only 20 seconds long, you can select any 20 seconds from the song to accompany your content.

2. Using Your For You Page (FYP)

Alternatively, it’s also possible to access sounds directly from your FYP or the Following page. While watching videos, you can click on a particular sound in the bottom left corner of the video. This action will take you to that sound’s page, and by tapping Use Sound, you will be able to make a TikTok with the chosen audio.

Moreover, you can also add sounds that you like to your favorites. That way, you will be saving it to your personal sound library for later and letting the algorithm know that you want to see more similar content in the future.

3. Adding Sounds in Real Time

In case you’re making a video and want the sound to play as you record, TikTok has you covered. This feature is especially useful for choreographed videos when you need the sound to match your movements.

To record such a video, first tap the + sign at the bottom of the screen and choose a video from your camera roll. Then, click on the Add sound button and browse TikTok’s catalog until you find audio you like.

When you choose the sound, tap the check mark and proceed to record. As soon as you start, the sound will play automatically as well.

4. Making Original TikTok Sounds

Last but not least, you can also upload your own original sounds. The two ways to do it are to add an original recording or to make a voice-over directly on TikTok.

You can do the former by following the same steps we covered in section 1. However, instead of browsing the library, you need to tap the My Sound button at the upper right corner of the camera screen. That will allow you to access your local files.

As for voice-overs, you simply click on Sound editing after shooting your video and record your voice. Next, the app will give you the option to trim the recording or adjust its volume. When you’re done editing, the video will be ready to upload.

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