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How to View Instagram Without an Account: A Short Guide

Published August 11, 2023

If you’ve ever tried viewing someone’s profile or post on Instagram without logging in, you know that gets you nowhere. Namely, Instagram immediately shows you a pop-up window that requires you to either register or log in before you can proceed.

However, we have good news. You can still view someone’s Instagram profile without registering or using your own account. Follow along to find out how.

Viewing Instagram Profiles Without an Account

If you know a profile’s username, you can easily view the account from your browser.

To take a peek at someone’s profile, you simply need to add their username to Instagram’s URL. For example, if you want to view Cristiano Ronaldo’s profile (@cristiano), you will need to type www.instagram.com/cristiano/ into your browser.

As soon as you click on it, the URL will lead you to the profile, and you won’t be asked to log in. Also, if you’re looking for an influencer’s, brand’s, or celebrity’s profile, you can find it with a quick Google search and open it that way.

Viewing Instagram Posts Without an Account

When you are viewing one’s profile using your browser, you can also access some of their individual posts. All you need to do is right-click on the desired post in the feed and select to open it in a new tab. Doing so will unlock the selected content, allowing you to view it without an account.

Just bear in mind that you won’t be able to view all comments on that post. In most cases, only two or three comments will be visible, so clicking on the + sign below won’t do much, as it will only prompt the website to ask you to log in.

Viewing Instagram Profiles and Posts Using Third-Party Sites

Another way to view posts on Instagram without an account is with the help of third-party sites. Most of them work like search engines, meaning that you can use them to look up a particular username, hashtag, or location.

The most popular websites include Imginn and Dumpor, which allow you to view profiles, posts, Stories, Reels, comments, and likes. These platforms are 100% free, and you can access them via your phone or PC.

When you search for someone’s profile on Imginn and Dumpor, you will be able to see all their posts, stories, likes, and comments. In addition, you’ll even have the option to download the images and videos they have posted.

While both platforms offer similar services, Dumpor takes it a step further — it lets you search for different hashtags and locations. The results will feature all feed posts, Stories, and Reels tagged with that keyword or location. In addition to viewing them, you can also save them to your device.

Lastly, a Reminder

As you might already know, Instagram allows users to lock their profiles. If their account is private, their posts are only visible to those that follow them. In other words, no hack or trick will allow you to view their profile.

So, if you want to take a peek at a private account, you only have two options; either open an Instagram profile and follow that person or ask someone who follows that account to let you view their posts from their own device.

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