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Is Instagram Useful for Restaurants?
Published on October 29, 2018

It is a question that we see from a lot of restaurant owners. Is Instagram useful for the industry? It is a tough question to answer, because every restaurant is different. If it is a tiny place in a very small town, having an Instagram account may not make that much difference. People in the area will already know about the business. And if some tourist comes by, they will see the business as they are going through the downtown area.

But restaurants that are in up and coming areas or big cities will definitely want to use Instagram. It is a must. Why? Because Instagram is one of the great ways that a business can show off what it is offering. And it is especially true for a restaurant. Think about what a person wants when they are visiting a restaurant or ordering food from the place?

People want good food and they want the right ambiance. These are two things that every restaurant can show off using Instagram. While it is not possible to demonstrate the taste and smell of the food, it is certainly possible to show how it looks. And the chances are that if something looks good, it will taste good as well! It is the reason why some business are even willing to pay for Instagram followers.

The process of getting more followers is not that hard. What is more important is making sure that a business is not just getting followers. It is vital to get likes, views and comments as well. It is when the ratio of the comments, likes, views and followers is on point that a business knows it is going in the right direction. Just getting a lot of followers but no views or likes is not going to help as much as people think.

A restaurant owner must start an Instagram account for their business. It may even be a good idea to have an employee who is the one taking pictures and posting fun captions with them. It is a good idea to have some photos of the exterior of the business. Showing the interior when it is closed and open is a good idea too.

Videos can also help a lot. Having a short video of someone walking through the main dining area during a busy moment can help a lot. It can show people how the restaurant feels during such moments. And showing pictures of the food is also crucial. Close ups can help the most. It gives a true idea about how different dishes appear. People can see the quality and the portion sizes of the food!

If a restaurant owner is wanting to grow their restaurant or ensure it is a success after opening, it is vital to have an Instagram account. In some ways, having an Instagram account means there is a direct line to the people who are going to arrive at the business and spend money. It is a great way to interact with those people and grow brand awareness.


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