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Hoe voorgestelde rollen op Instagram te veranderen

Gepubliceerd op 6 april 2024

Instagram’s suggested Reels can be a good place to find exciting new content and creators. The feed is meant to align with your interests by analyzing your app usage and choosing reels based on topics you’re interested in. Unfortunately, it can get it wrong sometimes.

Have you been scrolling through Instagram and getting bombarded with Reels that don’t pique your interest? If so, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the platform offers ways to personalize your feed so you’re shown content that aligns with your preferences.

In this article, we’ll show you how to customize your experience on Instagram by changing your suggested Reels on Instagram.

Why Suggested Reels Don’t Always Hit the Mark

Before tinkering with your algorithm, you should know why these issues arise. Instagram’s algorithm curates content, including Reels, based on various factors. These include your past interactions, watch history, and accounts you follow.

While it aims to show you content you’ll enjoy, it might not always hit the bullseye. Here’s why your suggested Reels feed might feel off:

  • Limited Data: If you’re a new user or haven’t actively engaged with Reels yet, the algorithm might lack data to personalize your feed accurately.
  • Passive Watching: Simply watching Reels without actively interacting with them (liking, commenting, sharing) might not give the algorithm clear enough signals about your preferences.
  • Broad Interests: Having a wide range of interests can make it challenging for the algorithm to pinpoint the specific type of Reels you truly enjoy.

How to Tailor Your Suggested Reel Feed

Having figured out the factors that could cause your feed to go off target, this is how you can influence the Reels you see on Instagram.

  1. Engaging With Reels You Like: The most straightforward approach is actively engaging with Reels you enjoy. Liking, commenting, and sharing Reels that resonate with you signal to the algorithm your content preferences.
  2. Hiding Reels You Don’t Like: Don’t hesitate to hide Reels that don’t interest you. Simply tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner of any Reel and select “Not Interested.” Then tap on “This Post Made Me Uncomfortable.”
  3. Hiding Specific Content and Accounts: You can hide Reels from specific accounts or with certain words or phrases for better control. Tap the three-dot icon on a Reel, select “Not Interested,” then select “Don’t Suggest Posts with Certain Words” or “Don’t Suggest Posts from [Username].”
  4. Follow Relevant Accounts: Follow creators who produce Reels related to your hobbies, passions, or preferred humor. That exposes you to more content you’ll likely enjoy and provides the algorithm with valuable data on your preferences.
  5. Take Breaks from Reels: Excessive engagement with Reels can overwhelm the algorithm with data. Taking breaks allows the platform to analyze your interactions more effectively and potentially refine your suggested content.

Curating a Reels Feed You Can Vibe With

By understanding the algorithm and utilizing the methods outlined above, you can mold your Reels feed into a curated collection of content that entertains you. It might take some time for your efforts to reflect, so you’d best get started immediately.

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