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What Does “PMO” Mean on Instagram?

Published May 4, 2024

Given the highly popular nature of Instagram, various acronyms and abbreviations have become commonly used to communicate more quickly and effectively with other users. “PMO” is one of them, yet most people don’t know what this term means.

In this article, we will give the answer to the question, “What does ‘PMO’ mean on Instagram?” We will also provide some examples in context for you to more easily understand how it is used and how you can benefit from it.

What Does PMO Mean on Instagram?

By and large, the acronym PMO is generally regarded as meaning “Put Me On” when used on Instagram.

When PMO is used to say Put Me On, the person writing it is asking to get featured or promoted by the account they are commenting on. This account is usually a bigger brand or influencer that has the potential to amplify someone far beyond the reach they could normally get.

Whether it’s a shoutout, collaboration, or another way to promote an account to a larger audience, the acronym PMO is being used by influencers and content creators to increase their engagement and reach, while amassing a larger number of followers.

Examples of PMO Being Used

There are several different ways PMO is used by users on Instagram. Here are some examples to help better understand its use:

Using PMO in a Caption

Using PMO in post captions is usually done in the hopes that a larger account will notice a smaller account and collaborate with them.

Example: “Check out my new track! PMO if you think it’s a vibe #EDM #PMO

Using PMO in a Story

PMO is also used in Stories to capture the attention of others who may look at their ephemeral content and land some shoutouts.

Example: “Hey all, here’s the latest art piece I’ve been cookin’ up. LMK your thoughts and PMO! #watercolor #art #PMO

Using PMO in a DM

Influencers and brands leverage DMs heavily to get in touch with other accounts for promotional opportunities. PMO is used in this communication medium but without the use of a hashtag.

Example: Hey! I love what you’re doing in fashion. Would you be down for PMOing my new fashion line? I’d really appreciate it!

Using PMO in a Comment

Comments are probably the most common place you will notice PMO is used by users looking to get noticed by bigger accounts.

Example: You’re an incredible makeup artist! Could you PMO me on one of your Stories to show off a technique I’ve learned from you?


Now that we have answered the question “What does ‘PMO’ mean on Instagram?” you can start using this handy acronym if you want to magnify your content’s reach and start collaborating with aligned influencers and brands. It has become a popular term among content creators that can be leveraged to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

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