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What encourages likes for photos?
Published on December 1, 2018

It should stand to good reason that one of the reasons why one Instagram platform fetches so many more likes than its rivals or peers, may have something to do with the aesthetic attractiveness of its photographs and/or the popularity or interest in the Instagram platform owner. But on many occasions, and particularly in the commercial space, likes for Instagram photos are being accumulated for outstanding and diligent work in other but essential areas. This short article briefly looks at some of these tasks.

These tasks include the removal of photos, the use of the photo tag, the writing of captions attached to the photos and the regular provision of an image feed that links to the platform owner’s main or business website. Removing unwanted tagged photos is a necessary exercise. Not only is it a workmanlike exercise towards more likes on your platform, but it also acts as a good face-saver in the sense that you are sparing yourself and your visitor’s embarrassment, ire, discrimination, and the like. Most especially, you are taking good care of your reputation.

Workmanlike the task may be but it is relatively easy to carry out. An objective is also to showcase your best user-generated content that adds value to your brand. To compensate for the inability to delete photos entirely from your profile, you can still un-tag them. It begins with the Edit Tags tab. And it proceeds towards the Hide from Profile tab. Following that, it is also incumbent upon you to become accustomed to the regular exercise of approving incoming photo tags or rejecting them in entirety.

Cliché maybe by now; it is still epic, to bring this article up to speed with 21st-century millennial-speak. There is no spin doctoring required, and that is a great advantage to have when you are presenting a visual impression to your visitors and future followers and clients. The old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. But the irony is this. A decent explanation still needs to be given to your future clients to help encourage them to make active purchases via your platform.

Instagram created image feeds showing up on your main website are pretty much effective when you remember to always embed them. It serves no purpose to simply just make links. Your Instagram following and popularity can now be grown direct from your website, as opposed to the conventional pattern of using the social media platform to stimulate interest in the business. But here is a useful tip. Do not give the game away. Always give the viewers a taster in order to titillate them.

This short introductory and informational article briefly looked at fundamental photo-focused tasks as an effective means to an end in regard to attracting more likes to the platform owner’s platform. Hopefully, it has stimulated an interest in rudimentary admin work rather than taking it for granted that like buttons will be flicking off the charts owing to booming popularity rates.

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