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What Is Precise Location on Instagram?

Published April 28, 2024

Social media platforms such as Instagram have come a long way over the years. The platform has introduced features to enhance user interaction while providing valuable context to content. One of those features is “precise location.”

The precise location feature allows Instagram users to share and view the exact location where a photo was taken, or where the post is being shared from. This article is going to discuss what precise location is, how it works and why it’s a powerful tool for Instagram users.

What Is Precise Location?

Precise location on Instagram is a feature that enables users to tag their photos and videos with the exact geographic location, down to latitude and longitude, where the content was created. This tag can be as broad as a city or as specific as a restaurant or local park. When you add a location tag to your post, your content becomes searchable under that location, making it visible in location-based searches and potentially increasing engagement with your posts.

How to Use Precise Location on Instagram

Using precise location on Instagram is easy. Here;s how you can add a location tag to your posts:

  • Before Posting: When you upload a photo or video to Instagram, you’ll see a screen where you can add a caption, tags and other details. Here, you can tap ‘Add Location.’
  • Search for a Location: Instagram uses data from location services to suggest nearby places to tag, or you can search for your specific location by typing it into the search bar.
  • Pick the Location: Once you’ve searched, it’s time to choose the location. If the location you’re at doesn’t appear, you can search for it manually, and Instagram will create a new location tag based on the name you enter.

Privacy and Safety Considerations

While sharing precise locations can enhance the storytelling aspect of your posts and help you connect with other users, it can also raise privacy concerns. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep Context in Mind: Determine whether adding a precise location could compromise your safety or privacy. For example, it’s usually safer to tag a public event location than a private one such as your home or place of work.
  • Manage Visibility: If you’re concerned about privacy, you can control who sees your posts by adjusting your account’s privacy settings. Making your account private allows only your approved followers to see your location tags.

Why Use Precise Location

There are several benefits to using precise location tags on Instagram:

  • Increased Engagement: Posts tagged with a specific location tend to get higher engagement because they appear in location-based searches. This can be beneficial to businesses looking to attract a local audience.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Location tags help your posts be discovered by users exploring a particular place on Instagram, potentially increasing engagement and followers.
  • Contextual Richness: For many users, part of the appeal of using Instagram is the ability to share experiences with others. Precise location tags add context to your posts and make them more relatable. They can also be great for people traveling looking to try local places.


Precise location on Instagram is a powerful tool that, when used responsibly, can significantly enhance your engagement and visibility on the platform. By providing context to your posts you can connect with a broader local audience.

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