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What Is the Most Liked Video on YouTube and Why

Published August 11, 2023

Ever since it launched back in 2005, YouTube has become synonymous with content creation and sharing. This vast digital landscape serves as a canvas on which people can showcase their ideas, stories, and talents.

Today, Youtube has billions of users and, in turn, an immeasurable amount of videos at our disposal. With that in mind, the competition to produce the most liked video is quite fierce. Such content needs to be captivating, inspiring, and crafted in a way that appeals to a viral audience.

So, which video managed to tick all the boxes? Let’s find out!

The Most Liked Video on YouTube in 2023

Luis Fonsi’s music video for the song Despacito currently has the most likes on YouTube. The song was released on January 12, 2017, and immediately gained significant popularity reaching over 51 million likes!

Dominating worldwide music charts throughout the years, even today, Despacito remains the most viewed and streamed song in history.

Right off the bat, listeners were captivated by this catchy tune. But its rise to fame was also fueled by several other factors, including an energetic rhythm and an attention-grabbing music video. Quite soon, Despacito gained traction and quickly climbed to the top of the charts in numerous countries.

Another significant factor that propelled the song to such fame was the release of a remix version on April 17, 2017. The track featured Justin Bieber and may very well be the main reason why Despacito managed to receive such global adoration.

Namely, Justin Bieber’s collaboration brought additional exposure to the song and introduced the song to a wider English-speaking audience. As a result, it achieved even greater success on an international scale.

Other Contributing Factors to Despacito’s Success

As we mentioned, Despacito’s success was a result of several factors combined. So, let’s go a bit more in-depth on what they are and how they captivated such a vast audience.

Catchy Melody and Energetic Rhythm

The song Despacito features a fusion of Latin pop and reggaeton elements. By combining a catchy melody with an upbeat rhythm, Luis created a universally appealing sound that makes viewers want to get up and dance. In terms of popularity, this is one of the main reasons why Despacito resonated with such a widespread audience.

Smart Choice of Collaboration

Luis Fonsi’s choice to make a collaboration with Daddy Yankee played a pivotal role in making Despacito such an incredible hit. The two artists combined their unique musical styles to create a fusion that captivated a broad audience.

For reference, Daddy Yankee’s musical expertise lies in reggaeton, while Luis Fonsi is a renowned Latin pop artist. As a result, fusing these genres created an infectious sound that listeners with different musical preferences could enjoy.

Furthermore, even before their collaboration, both artists had already been established musicians with loyal fan bases. The decision to join forces helped them introduce their respective audiences to a new and exciting sound. This also expanded the song’s reach to fans of both artists.

Cultural Relevance

After its release, Despacito became a symbol of the global resurgence of Latin music. Showcasing the pride of Latinx culture, it served as a beacon of cultural empowerment and representation for the community.

Moreover, thanks to its success, the song helped propel this genre into the mainstream and introduced worldwide audiences to new, diverse sounds and rhythms. This also opened doors for other Latin artists and brought the richness of Latin music to a global stage.

Worldwide Reach

Although the song is primarily performed in Spanish, Despacito showcased the power of music in transcending language barriers. Thanks to its energetic vibe and memorable melody, both Spanish and non-Spanish-speaking listeners could enjoy and dance to it. This served as a reminder that music has the ability to unite.

Equally important, the music video also played a significant role in the song’s popularity. Featuring captivating choreography, vibrant visuals, and stunning locations, the video introduced the beauty of Puerto Rico and its culture to people across the globe. This enhanced the overall appeal of the song and added a layer of authenticity and charm.

Shareability Across Platforms

All across various social media platforms, users not only danced to the song but also shared it and even created their own unique covers. This helped the video go viral and achieve remarkable success.

Ultimately, Despacito became the first YouTube video to reach billions of views and surpass previous records. In time, it managed to solidify its status as a global sensation.

A Recap of Other Videos With Lots of Likes

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised to discover that the realm of the most liked YouTube videos is dominated by music videos! Undoubtedly, music is an unrivaled force when it comes to capturing the hearts and minds of people all across the globe.

Here are the videos that have managed to strike a chord and resonate with millions of viewers, amassing an astounding number of likes.

1. See You Again — Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Written by Wiz Khalifa and featuring Charlie Puth, the music video for See You Again currently has 41 million likes. The video’s popularity can be attributed to the heartfelt and deeply emotional nature of the song, which strikes a universal chord with listeners.

The incredibly relatable lyrics capture the essence of nostalgia, loss, and the bond of friendship. Another key factor related to its success is the fact that it pays homage to the late actor Paul Walker. The video showcases memorable moments from Walker’s time in the Fast and Furious series and serves as a poignant reminder of his impact and legacy.

2. Baby Shark Dance — Pinkfong

Garnering 40 million likes, the Baby Shark video features a catchy and repetitive melody and easy-to-follow lyrics. The upbeat and lively tune of the song creates a sense of joy and excitement, which makes it incredibly engaging and enjoyable.

What’s more, the colorful visuals, vibrant underwater scenes, and adorable shark characters captivate the attention of young viewers. Baby Shark’s popularity was further amplified through social media platforms, with parents sharing videos featuring their children’s enthusiastic reactions to the song.

3. Dynamite — BTS

With 36 million likes, Dynamite by BTS reached a substantial number of likes, mostly due to the song’s energetic blend of disco-pop. The catchy melody instantly captivates listeners and creates an irresistible urge to dance, while the lyrics create a positive vibe.

But what may be the main reason for the video’s success is that it showcases BTS’s exceptional performance skills. People across the globe enjoyed watching the vibrant choreography, and charismatic personalities, which helped spread awareness of the video and generated an immense buzz.

4. Shape Of You — Ed Sheeran

Thanks to Ed Sheeran’s undeniable talent, the music video for the song Shape of You currently has 31 million likes. Needless to say,listeners were instantly hooked by this catchy pop song with an infectious rhythm.

But, probably, the leading factor for the song’s success is the lyrics. The combination of love themes, physical attraction, and body positivity resonate well with a broad audience and allow people to connect with the song on a personal level. Not to mention, Sheeran’s heartfelt vocals and soulful guitar playing only add to the beauty of the song.

5. Boy With Luv — BTS ft. Halsey

Yet again, BTS managed to produce a smash hit with the song Boy With Luv. Currently, their music video has 27 million likes, and one of the reasons for its success is the band’s collaboration with the globally-recognized artist Halsey.

The lyrics resonate deeply with the BTS fanbase, conveying a message of love, joy, and self-acceptance. Namely, the fans actively promoted BTS’s music through social media and online platforms, which led to the band reaching a wider audience. From there, the combination of high-energy music and skillful dancing helped Boy With Luv reach an astonishing number of likes.

6. Faded — Alan Walker

With 26 million likes, Alan Walker’s Faded features ahauntingly beautiful melody that creates an emotional response for listeners. Combined with heartfelt lyrics and Walker’s characteristic electronic sound, the song showcases themes of nostalgia, loneliness, and longing. Moreover, the music video for the song features a storyline with stunning visuals that further enhances the impact of the song on listeners. All of these factors combined evoke a sense of relatability and introspection with many.

Additionally, Walker’s dedicated fanbase has helped Faded accumulate an impressive number of likes and establish a status as a massive hit in the electronic music genre.

The Power of Likes on Youtube

Simply put, clicking the “like” button is the quickest way for viewers to express their feelings about a video. This form of social validation and engagement provides viewers the possibility of interacting with the creators they enjoy watching. But, that’s not all.

By expressing their positive response, viewers are indicating that they found the video enjoyable, entertaining, or informative. Since the success of a creator depends on the feedback and engagement they receive, this information is vital.

Furthermore, a significant number of likes generally suggests that the creator’s content was well-received by a larger audience. This information can help other potential viewers gauge the popularity of the video before they decide to watch it.

On a final note, likes also have an algorithmic influence, as they can help determine video recommendations and search rankings. A high like count can contribute to increased visibility since the algorithm prioritizes videos with more engagement when suggesting content to users.

All in all, there’s no mystery when it comes to Despacito’s success and how the music video managed to reach such an astonishing number of likes. But new content creators are emerging with every passing moment, so who knows which YouTube video will take over the #1 spot!

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