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5 Likes for Instagram
Published on December 4, 2018

Seven brides for seven brothers; you’d have to be really old to remember that classic feature of the silver screen. You’ll recognize it sure enough if you’re a fan of the classics. And the Instagram platform is a great place to promote these. It’s what Insta likes to see on their best-selling weapon of mass participation. It is no stranger to the classics. In fact, it’s come to borrow from them. Every creative person is at liberty to exercise creative license in taking something of the old but exceptionally good and valuable, and attempting to make it better. This is, by all means, an acceptable convention and certainly no copy and paste model.

Imagine Instagram’s administrators being able to pitch out and ditch all known plagiarists. They can only be made known if you report them. But if you do see something as admirable as a strong inter-textual impresario message going out to the masses, be sure to like it, share it and tell the world why you like it. Instagram likes that of you. It wants you to share your knowledge of things of interest closest to your heart. It also wants you to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you need to right now in order to get to know the platform.

And just remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. You will be so surprised. Yes, you will be helped. But then this will happen too. After you’ve overcome your shyness, you’ve asked your question. And then this happens. You receive a pound of likes. Just imagine that? Just for asking one simple question? And you’ve hardly registered up with Instagram and already your profile is being elevated, so well done. But hush now. Hush the excitement for a few moments. Because there come your answers. Because of the fact that your question was that popular, be prepared to be reading quite a few responses.

Five likes for five or four more moments. A little bit necessary in order for you to take it in, make some notes and prepare yourself for the road ahead. These are just some of the tools of your trade, the tools of trade for Insta success. An image feed is always going to be up and running. Questions have their answers, so now you’ll have your work smart tools. You’ll know how to derive maximum advantage from them. Because you’re on the way to becoming a rather smooth bigshot – Instagram won’t mind, in fact, they’d like that, just don’t show off too much, you might hurt someone’s feelings, so, like, consider your audience too – you’ll be working smoothly with your monitoring and editing work.

You’re the captain of your ship and, guess what, you’re now fully in control. And just for that recognition, you get another like. Or is it a pound of likes? Finally, starting out was never this easy. See, likes and followers already, just had to buy them though.