5 Likes for Instagram
Published on December 4, 2018

Seven brides for seven brothers; you’d have to be really old to remember that classic feature of the silver screen. You’ll recognize it sure enough if you’re a fan of the classics. And the Instagram platform is a great place to promote these. It’s what Insta likes to see on their best-selling weapon of mass participation. It is no stranger to the classics. In fact, it’s come to borrow from them. Every creative person is at liberty to exercise creative license in taking something of the old but exceptionally good and valuable, and attempting to make it better. This is, by all means, an acceptable convention and certainly no copy and paste model.

Imagine Instagram’s administrators being able to pitch out and ditch all known plagiarists. They can only be made known if you report them. But if you do see something as admirable as a strong inter-textual impresario message going out to the masses, be sure to like it, share it and tell the world why you like it. Instagram likes that of you. It wants you to share your knowledge of things of interest closest to your heart. It also wants you to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you need to right now in order to get to know the platform.

And just remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. You will be so surprised. Yes, you will be helped. But then this will happen too. After you’ve overcome your shyness, you’ve asked your question. And then this happens. You receive a pound of likes. Just imagine that? Just for asking one simple question? And you’ve hardly registered up with Instagram and already your profile is being elevated, so well done. But hush now. Hush the excitement for a few moments. Because there come your answers. Because of the fact that your question was that popular, be prepared to be reading quite a few responses.

Five likes for five or four more moments. A little bit necessary in order for you to take it in, make some notes and prepare yourself for the road ahead. These are just some of the tools of your trade, the tools of trade for Insta success. An image feed is always going to be up and running. Questions have their answers, so now you’ll have your work smart tools. You’ll know how to derive maximum advantage from them. Because you’re on the way to becoming a rather smooth bigshot – Instagram won’t mind, in fact, they’d like that, just don’t show off too much, you might hurt someone’s feelings, so, like, consider your audience too – you’ll be working smoothly with your monitoring and editing work.

You’re the captain of your ship and, guess what, you’re now fully in control. And just for that recognition, you get another like. Or is it a pound of likes? Finally, starting out was never this easy. See, likes and followers already, just had to buy them though.

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5 Tips For More Likes
Published on December 3, 2018

Here is a short, Insta post which you can use as a reminder of the things you need to practice or try out in order to make your Insta platform one to be proud of and one that becomes a fairground attraction in the social media circles in which you hope to mingle. Here are just six tips to help you towards your first Instagram like, the first of many, many more to come.

Be consistent with your editing work. Practice utilizing Instagram’s layout and angling tools. Always direct attention towards the links and landing pages of your primary (business) website. Never be afraid to share your work and be consistent with your tagging work. Always request responses and feedback to your work. And depending on your product and/or service, generally speaking, focusing on a local market makes good business sense.

Equate your editing work to professional quality assurance work. Do not be too self-critical but do edit your photographic and written work with the sharpest eye and mind, as sharp as the deadliest machete out there. Be sure to check that your design formats are simplified and remain compatible for attractive viewing on a mobile device.

Famously, Instagram likes keeping things as simple as possible for its active subscribers. Being able to utilize layout and angling Instagram tools to help you create attractive and striking and effective montages that can attract the notice of Instagram visitors and perhaps be rewarded with a few more followers and likes per post published is not necessarily a cinch but with practice it is as easy as learning you’re A, B and Cs.

Whatever prompts you are enticing your platform visitors and followers towards, particularly the purchase option, it is helpful to give them quick access to links and landing pages that direct them to your business website whereby they can complete all prompts given to them, bearing in mind that the brevity of the Instagram posting from may have limitations in this objective. At appropriate but not random times, it is also a good idea to direct viewers to your bio page. Do make sure to revise this page from time to time as your business evolves.

Apart from directing potential clients to your main website, it is also a good and sensible thing to tag in relevant and related third parties to your embedded post. Apart from giving your visitors useful and additional information, the sharing and tagging also exposes your platform to further observation by those third parties’ own visitors. Requesting responses and feedback from the loyal followers listed on your profile allows them to actively participate on your platform as opposed to becoming dormant.

The active participation, to and fro, can stimulate interest from other areas in which case algorithms may have alerted internet or platform users elsewhere to the increase activity and interest in a given subject.

In closing and to reiterate, this short post has reminded you to edit your work, make good use of your platform’s tools, be consistent in linking and tagging to main websites and relevant third parties, as well as requesting feedback from followers.

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Insta App Use For Effective Admin
Published on December 2, 2018

Here is a short, philosophical take on the effective use of one of the great software innovations of the twenty-first century. When it was originally developed many years ago, it would have been correctly termed as an application. It was on your computer’s interface and all you needed to do was point your mouse indicator over it and then click onto it. And after you had done so, a file or numerous files would be exposed to you.

Today, the terminology has been abbreviated to the ever-popular mention and use of the app, a small but formidable tool visible on something as small and portable as your smart mobile device. The philosophical observation here takes a look at organizational capabilities, being able to do more with less, the need for quick and efficient monitoring, and the motivation for keeping an app wallet.

App organization is most certainly necessary if you want to be successful with your Instagram work. One overriding problem for a great many users is the fact that they insist on cluttering their mobile screens with a humungous number of apps, many of which they may never have a use for. Indeed, when a new mobile device is purchased, consumers are already faced with this abundance. Fortunately, you have the freedom of mobility to remove those useless apps and only keep those which will be of practical use to your business practices or social media cause.

Doing more with less is an age-old and still popular business principle or philosophy. More can certainly be done with less apps on your phone or laptop screen. Those who insist on having the occasional convenience of all (unnecessary) apps can have these stored in a single app file, placed at a discreet distance from their functional apps. These functional apps will always have the capacity to hold massive volumes of memory. But even so, it remains a good idea to refresh your files every once in a while, removing information that has become expendable and is starting to clutter the appearance of your platform.

Because activity on the Instagram platform is indicative of high volumes of traffic throughout the course of a single business day and subsequent commercial turnaround times are substantially less than twenty-four hours, the age-old service delivery norm, quick and efficient monitoring is necessary. Elsewhere they are called hacks. These can be used to keep track of traffic volumes, numbers of visits and new additions in terms of followers and likes.

An app wallet, the Instagram likes app comes in good use in more ways than one or as the case may be for your business.

This short philosophical motivation to turn to the Instagram platform or make more use of it took a look at effective organization, the less is more philosophy, the need for monitoring at all times and the use of the Instagram likes app. It is hoped that this note has provoked some new thoughts on how you approach the use of the platform.

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What encourages likes for photos?
Published on December 1, 2018

It should stand to good reason that one of the reasons why one Instagram platform fetches so many more likes than its rivals or peers, may have something to do with the aesthetic attractiveness of its photographs and/or the popularity or interest in the Instagram platform owner. But on many occasions, and particularly in the commercial space, likes for Instagram photos are being accumulated for outstanding and diligent work in other but essential areas. This short article briefly looks at some of these tasks.

These tasks include the removal of photos, the use of the photo tag, the writing of captions attached to the photos and the regular provision of an image feed that links to the platform owner’s main or business website. Removing unwanted tagged photos is a necessary exercise. Not only is it a workmanlike exercise towards more likes on your platform, but it also acts as a good face-saver in the sense that you are sparing yourself and your visitor’s embarrassment, ire, discrimination, and the like. Most especially, you are taking good care of your reputation.

Workmanlike the task may be but it is relatively easy to carry out. An objective is also to showcase your best user-generated content that adds value to your brand. To compensate for the inability to delete photos entirely from your profile, you can still un-tag them. It begins with the Edit Tags tab. And it proceeds towards the Hide from Profile tab. Following that, it is also incumbent upon you to become accustomed to the regular exercise of approving incoming photo tags or rejecting them in entirety.

Cliché maybe by now; it is still epic, to bring this article up to speed with 21st-century millennial-speak. There is no spin doctoring required, and that is a great advantage to have when you are presenting a visual impression to your visitors and future followers and clients. The old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. But the irony is this. A decent explanation still needs to be given to your future clients to help encourage them to make active purchases via your platform.

Instagram created image feeds showing up on your main website are pretty much effective when you remember to always embed them. It serves no purpose to simply just make links. Your Instagram following and popularity can now be grown direct from your website, as opposed to the conventional pattern of using the social media platform to stimulate interest in the business. But here is a useful tip. Do not give the game away. Always give the viewers a taster in order to titillate them.

This short introductory and informational article briefly looked at fundamental photo-focused tasks as an effective means to an end in regard to attracting more likes to the platform owner’s platform. Hopefully, it has stimulated an interest in rudimentary admin work rather than taking it for granted that like buttons will be flicking off the charts owing to booming popularity rates.

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Things To Like About Instagram
Published on November 30, 2018

Don’t know about you, but I really like Instagram. Depending on why and how subscribers are utilizing this great platform, there are more than enough reasons for giving likes for Instagram are available to fill a book. I wonder now whether such an e-book has already been published. Certainly, hundreds of articles go out every day promoting the values of utilizing this popular platform. I guess this short article can be no different.

So, all I’m going to do today is wax a little lyrical on just five reasons in favor of pressing the likes button to give Instagram the thumbs up. These are the reasons then. Insta has the most active users. Users enjoy quick turnaround times. It’s always possible to boost your Insta profile with more likes. You are taking bright photos in more ways than one, and the messages that you publish are always clear and positive.

Well, while Instagram encourages the positivity, that’s still up to you. Because, who knows, maybe you want to bring attention to some of the more serious matters troubling the social media community these days, and that of course, is always your right.

As things stand right now, Instagram has the record for the most active users at any one time on any given day. It is recorded that over a billion active users are on the platform at some stage or another during the day.

Perhaps because the numbers are so high, quick turnaround times have become the norm, and as a consumer, this is something I really like. If commercial entities are appropriately respondent, I can get a lot more done during the day after receiving quick feedback to any queries I may have made, instead of having to wait a day or, horror upon all horrors, days for an answer.

More likes for Instagram than you can ever imagine are recorded on the Instagram platform than anywhere else, I’m guessing. I guess this has something to do with the platform’s popularity and its massive exposure across the board, across all online networks. These would include competing social media platforms, blogs and commercially oriented websites, as well as news websites.

Bright photos captured and published on the Instagram platform are always visible to users active on alternative platforms and a whole variety of operating devices. This is compatibility par excellence.

I like to see clear and positive messages on my platform. Not only are they uplifting to me as a consumer, they’re also boosting my own profile.

Well, I haven’t checked just yet, but I really hope you ‘liked’ my post. I’m sure you have because pretty much all the material has been positive, hasn’t it. What did I cover? I talked about Instagram’s record as a billion-plus community, its quick turnarounds, the likes for Instagram program or strategy, the ability to publish bright pics and keeping things positive in terms of the messages you’ll be sending out on the Instagram platform.

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A Few Good Features For Insta Aficionados
Published on November 29, 2018

What is not to like on Insta? Instagram aficionados will have none of it. Here are no less than six features that have become talking points among the social media purists. The two correlate into one principle. The object of the exercise, whether you acquire them through a monetary purchase or through organic growth means, is to keep your collection of likes and record of followers real in the truest sense of the word. Likes and followers notwithstanding, how and for whatever reason, readers should not forget the importance of having ready access and making full use of Insta’s comments field. Furthermore, Instagram Video Views are not only easy to set up, but they’re also conveniently and highly accessible to your consumers.

The old cliché goes like this. A picture is worth a thousand words. And then there is still this. First Impressions last. But perhaps, to make a lasting impression, it’s still a good idea to keep Instagram Story Views in mind. You just never know. There is still every possibility that no matter the presentation, folks out there could still be left feeling none the wiser. It would therefore remain a good idea to make every effort to provide them with clear-sighted and comprehensible explanations as well as making their viewing of your material as pleasurable as possible in a matter of no more than sixty seconds.

However you acquire them, whether you’re going to be purchasing them or waiting for them to sprout organically, just so you know, the more followers, the more likes on Instagram, the better chance always of gaining those real followers and likes that everyone always desires for posterity’s and for promotional sake. It will be a really good idea to keep in close touch with your comments. This could be where you get to put more meat on your bones. Followers in, nice to have. Likes up, nice to see, like a nicely knocked in picture frame, but perhaps that is all it does. It just sits there. You don’t want that, surely.

Surely, you want things to move forward. Going forward as they say in business. Make the comments space accessible and convenient to your followers and future customers. Let them have their say. If you’ve done your product development homework, it should be mostly positive. And you should be quite receptive to pertinent queries and objective remarks. Respond to all queries in a timely manner and you could have new clients within days. If objective remarks veer towards the critical, do not let emotions or sensitivity show. Show the viewers and followers out there that you are every bit as professional as you said you were in your bio.

While a brief, written summary is still a good move, what could really blow them away will be a video presentation with you, in all your glory, giving a documented account of everything you are about to unleash to the world at large.

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Grow a Strong Following on Instagram
Published on November 28, 2018

When you are using social media such as Instagram for social media marketing, you need to have as many followers as you can get. That is, if you want to be successful you do. In order to get as many followers as possible, you will need to be sure all of your posts are good.

While there is no real magical formula to make every post perfect, you can be mindful in order to do so. Take many photographs in order to prepare them for posting. Use only the ones that have truly bright colors in them. This will catch a great deal of attention.

Do not use the filters that Instagram provides so kindly. Those seem like they are really cool but they are not as popular as you think. They do add some interesting color but that is not the kind of color you need. You need natural and real color to catch the attention of users who would become followers.

Make sure that the images you post are very clear and detailed. Hazy images and just any picture will not do the trick. Do not bother with those. That is part of the reason you need to have a good collection of images. Use only the very best you have. Images that evoke emotion are best.

Also find the best site to buy Instagram followers so you can get ahead when you have posts that are not doing so well. This is an important tactic to use. You can buy followers when you need them. You can also buy likes at the same time.

When you do this, you will be able to add the likes and followers evenly to the various posts you have. Be sure to be even in terms of your distribution and only use them on the posts that are not getting the attention you think they deserve. This is a way to keep up momentum.

The way this works is simple. People have this strange but very real tendency to like and follow the posts that are already well liked by others. They do not care who likes them or who follows them, it is a matter of the appearance, just like the quality of the images you post.

When you do find the best site to buy Instagram followers, stick with it. Do not go to another site. Trust the discrete site that serves you best in the first place. That way, you will always have a good site to count on when the chips are down and your posts need a good, strong boost in the upward direction.

Take the time to learn all the tips and tricks that you can to make your posts the most popular that they can be. When you do this, your social media marketing campaigns will do much better than they ever have. You need to know your audience, just like with any type of advertising.

Be smart with all the Instagram posts you make and tie the relevant captions in with smart moves so each post is worth sharing.

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Know How to Gain Followers for Instagram Posts
Published on November 27, 2018

Surely you have the best posts on Instagram, right? Well, maybe you do not and you want to get better at it. First, consider your reasons for being on the site in the first place. If you are just on there for personal reasons, do not worry so much about your popularity. Just enjoy and post as you wish.

On the other hand, if you are doing it for social media marketing, you will need to be more careful. When you are in it for the marketing, you need to create the best images you can. That is essential. Your reputation will literally follow you around with your followers.

It is of utmost importance to gain a good following when you are doing social media marketing with any site but especially Instagram. This particular site is all about looking good. That is why you need to not only look popular but you need to make good posts worth sharing.

In order to do that, you will need to post the highest quality of colourful images that you can. Also be sure to find the best site to buy Instagram followers because you will probably need it. In case you are wondering why just once again think about your Instagram image.

Most people are more likely to follow posts that already have many followers or at least have a large number of likes. If any of your posts do not have this, then you can simply buy them. That is absolutely right. You can buy Instagram followers and likes when you need them.

When you do that, it makes it look like your posts have more likes and followers than they actually do. Nobody really cares if it is real or not, they just see the numbers and then they follow accordingly. You will see how well this works when you try out the tactic.

Realize that many other marketing users do this for social media marketing purposes. When you are trying to boost your brand, you need to do everything possible to make yourself and your product or services look like they are selling. Sometimes this means buying your likes and your followers.

As you do discover the best site to buy Instagram followers, be reasonable about it. Do not buy too many at one time. You can always go back to the good site and buy more if you need to. Be sure to spread out the numbers over different posts in a way that looks natural. That is up to you.

As long as you keep it all looking real, this simple and affordable little tactic can jump your number of real followers by leaps and bounds. It is all about the way everything looks. Again, you can make your posts look good or look bad with just a few simple steps in any direction. Choose the right direction.

Soon, you will be blazing away with great marketing popularity on Instagram when you have posts worth sharing and posts that have a popular image.

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Build a Strong Instagram Following for Profit
Published on November 26, 2018

Since you are on Instagram to get a following for your market, you may want to know some basic points to follow. No matter how much you want to get the attention of users on the site, you have to have posts that are worth sharing. If you have that, then you have a good foundation.

Go and look up some of the most popular Instagram posts. They will be all over the internet. That is what happens to popular things these days, as you are trying to do. You will notice a couple of interesting and important points.

First of all, the most popular posts are very clear photographs or images with the best quality possible. They are eye catching and captivating. You need to use only the right photos and that means clear images that are colorful and they really capture emotion.

This is of the greatest importance. You want to gain followers on Instagram when it comes to social media marketing so your images are the primary key. When you use bright and colorful, emotionally evocative images, you get right to the heart of what most people pay attention to.

There is another part to the image of a post and that is how popular it looks. When you start out, your posts may or may not get much attention. If they do not get attention in the beginning, then you will probably want to consider some strong tactics.

One of the most practical things to do is to buy followers and likes to make your posts look like they are getting the attention you think they deserve. When you do this, others are bound to follow because people are into posts that look like they are popular. It does not matter if they truly are, they just need to look that way.

You can also gain a lot of ground if you agree with another user to have them shout out your posts and your general account. You do the same for them, as it is an agreement and you can even share contacts if you need to, which is ultimately the point.

At the same time, you can buy shout outs as long as you have the budget for it. It is very important to have a social media marketing budget if you are actually serious about marketing success using social media. You sometimes need to spend money in order to make money.

Realize that your following is very important and when you use shout outs, you do get a lot more shares. Much of this is about the shares you get because that is how you gain more popularity and that is how you gain followers on Instagram. Be as popular as you can be and you get more followers.

As long as you stick to the rules of making good posts and you buy followers when you need to, your posts will look good. Stay with these basic methods and you will find profitable success.

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Build a Following You Can Count On
Published on November 22, 2018

Instagram is far from being any kind of joke. It is actually a very serious site and you will realize this in time despite the humor you will find there. You are doing this for marketing purposes so it is vital that you build a very strong following that you can count on for continued attention.

This is a matter of creating posts that are worth sharing. That is the thing you will need to do with all your posts or they are worth nothing no matter how many cool tactics you use to get by. There are things you can do to make sure that you have good posts.

First of all, just make sure that the photos and images you use look decent. In fact, you want them to be better than decent. They need to be clear, colorful, and captivating. With that alone, you can gain a lot of attention. At the same time, you need to be sure they call on the emotions of those who view them.

You have a clear marketing angle and you need to gain followers on Instagram to boost your brand and your marketing tactics. That means you should do everything you can to make your posts look the best and that is not just about the image quality. Don’t be mistaken, the quality comes first.

Next, if you do not already have a strong following to boast for each of your posts, you can buy followers for Instagram and boost your numbers. Though it may seem a bit contrived to do so, you will be most surprised by the instant results if you do this.

When you have more followers, you get more followers and this is just a matter of playing off of human tendencies to action. As long as your posts look like they are popular, people will have a greater tendency to follow them and like them. That is just the way it goes.

So buy likes and followers when you have posts that are not getting much attention. This will simply give the images a better background for people to look at. They will consider them more worth following as long as they seem to be pretty popular to begin with.

Also use your bio as leverage to gain more email subscribers. While Instagram will not allow you to put email links on posts, you can put one in your bio. Keep your bio brief and clear while making it to the point. Put a call to action that offers followers incentives to subscribe to your email list.

Then you will be able to regularly convert followers to email subscribers and that is where you can definitely count on making more real sales. This is just a simple thing you can do to leverage your market using Instagram in a practical manner.

When you are down and low, do what you have to do in order to gain followers on Instagram. Do it anyway so you always have strong sales leads.


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