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My Favorite Ways to Market on Social Media
Published on September 24, 2018

I am a home based business owner who sells a variety of products to people across the globe. Social media is one of the tools that I used to help me in my sales job. It is a platform that offers great potential and certainly makes it easy to reach a large audience of interested people. Dozens of social media sites are out there, but some are better to reach people than others.

When determining the best sites to use to market your products and services, first look at your industry and the age of people that you want to reach. Since my products are versatile, I market to all age ranges so it is easy to use any of the sites that I would like. I must admit that Facebook and Instagram are my two favorites. They seem to generate the greatest response to my posts and I definitely have fun every time I log in.

How do I market my products on social media you ask? There are several ways that I get things done. Of course I use my personal page to promote my products and create advertisements. I add new friends on Facebook all the time so they can see the offers that I have available. I also use IG to get followers and share photos of my products. I like to get creative and show finished results, before and after photos, and the products in action. So far it has worked wonders for me.

I learned how to buy Instagram followers a few months back and am thankful that I was turned on to this marketing technique. The followers are easy to buy and very affordable for even a modest budget. When I buy followers, it sends many new people to my account and I get more attention on my products and services. There is nothing better.

I am also very active on all of my accounts. I want to be right there to answer questions, to make sure that those people who are interested in what I offer know the information they need to make informed decisions. It is great when customer service is there and that is my primary focus every time I use these accounts.  I make sure that every post counts and that quality is in the bag. That is so important to me.  I use live snaps and videos as well. It all works wonders!

There are many ways to use social media to tell the world that you are there and to show your products off. The ways that I’ve listed above are only the beginning of the many ideas that you ca use to benefit your company.  If you want to make stride in your brand and profits, it is easy to do if you aren’t afraid to take the next steps. Use this information to your advantage and get where you want to be in the world.

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How to Get Massive Likes on Social Media
Published on September 20, 2018

YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just some of the many social media sites that bring individuals together to socialize, share, meet people, converse, and share. Even business owners and entertainers use the site to reach their audience. But, there are many people who want to gain success but lack a lot of luck in the process. If you want to ensure that you aren’t included on that list, here are a few things to keep in mind as you build your fan base.

Show Off Your Personality

Your personality matters especially when using social media sites. Day in and day out, make each visit to your pages count for what they should. Make sure to give customers a glimpse of your personality and what you can offer to them if they decide to follow your account.  When you show people who you really are, they’ll come, have fun, and help you gain popularity, too.

Make it Count

Each post that you upload should be designed to reach the right people at the right time. In other words, make it count. It should be a post that offers value, information, and so much more to those who will see it on your pages. Don’t upload false information, the posts that everyone has seen in rotation 10,000 times already, or full and boring pics that don’t make an impression. When you are uploading a picture, make sure you do so with a desire to stand out from a crowd and you’ll fare well in your endeavours.

Make a Purchase

Get me likes. Say it and your wish is their command. Many companies sell likes for Instagram photos. You should jump on the bandwagon and make a purchase yourself.  It is simple and cheap to buy likes and very beneficial for your marketing plans. Choose the number of likes you want to purchase and the rest of the hard work is taken care of for you.

Don’t Forget Page Optimization

Your website is not the only digital platform that is important for SEO purposes. Your Instagram and other social media accounts are also there to worry about. SEO is an important tool that helps your pages get easier indexed. If you’re a business owner, it is well worth hiring someone. Even traditional accounts may very well find that SEO offers them great benefits when they want to build a name.

Final Thoughts

I am an avid Instagram user who simply cannot get enough of this site. It makes it easy to reach my audience and so far, the results have been wonderful. I use the tips above to keep my account fresh and updated. It is now your turn to use these techniques to your advantage and get all of the likes that you can handle on your page it is easy to achieve success when you want it and are not afraid to go out there and get it.

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Easy Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Page
Published on September 19, 2018

Instagram has over 500 million active daily users on the site and more than 900 million with accounts they use often. These members are located around the world and come together to share photos, converse, and otherwise enjoy their downtime. IG is available for smartphones via an app as well as your PC.  You can use it for personal reasons or to promote your business.

Once you make an Instagram page, the next step is finding people to follow and getting your own followers. The more people that are active on your page, the more exciting your page instantly becomes. It is not as hard as some people assume, but it is necessary to put forth some effort to achieve success. There are several ways to optimize your Instagram page and get more than you expected.

Some of the best ways to optimize your IG page:

  • Use a profile tracking link to learn how your customers arrived from your site. Together with the analytics platform, marketers can get great results that help them thrive.
  • Buy followers when you need to get Instagram followers. Many others have made this decision and are now benefiting from the results.
  • Upload quality photo. It simply cannot be said enough. If your photos do not stand out in a crowd, do not expect them to catch the eye of your audience either.
  • Use hashtags. Your photos will generate more interest when there are hashtags there. In fact, stats show that using 15+ hashtags provides the best results.
  • Choose the photos that you upload carefully. Consider creating multi-grid images to make your statement loud and clear. It will steer more fans your way.
  • Use the A/B bio and set goals for your social media marketing efforts. When you know your goals it is easier to be successful.
  • You want lots of followers. The more followers, the better. But, focus more on quality than quantity. You want loyal customers who follow and are active on your page, not those who simply have a name in the group.
  • Get to know your audience and what they like to see on your page. Interact with them and show off your personality every chance that you get. Learn the best times to post and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Ensure that you have a great bio. Your bio tells others they should join in on the antics that you probably have on your account. Make it count.
  • Your Instagram handle is important. It should be thoughtful and reflect the services that your company offers. It should be easy to remember and type as well. If it is not, customers may forget quickly!

When you want to get Insta followers, use the information above and it is much easier to get many names on your team. Lots of others before you have used these techniques to their advantage and it is time that you made the same choice. You can only benefit when these techniques are used.

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Reasons to Use an Instagram Business Account
Published on September 18, 2018

There is little doubt why you want to make an Instagram account.  It is the second most popular social media site around, after all, and it is unique in that you share photos and videos with your audience.  Most of the under 30 crowd uses the site and like it more than Facebook or any of the other platforms. The website is available for both businesses and individuals. If you are looking to sell a product or service, you need an Instagram business account.

A Look at Instagram

More than 25 million businesses use Instagram Business to promote their products and services. Businesses choose the site because they know it has potential. They know that many people love the site. They choose a Business Account because there are more promotional tools to use and analytical information that allows businesses to reach a new level of success. Personal accounts do not offer these features. Your business account can include important information like business hours, address, and telephone number as well. Of the people who have IG accounts, 80% follow a business. Your name needs to be in the mix so these benefits are yours to enjoy too.

Free Upgrade You Will Appreciate

There is no cost to upgrade to a business account and the entire process takes only minutes of time. You can do this immediately after you make an account or any other time. Just click on the tabs menu and click the switch tab to make a business account. Yes, it is that simple. Once you have the account open, it is ready to use and you can start reaching out to those who want to hear from your brand. You can even get followers when you buy them from a professional company.

Buy Likes & Benefit

There are tons of advantages that come to those who buy their fans. Isn’t it time you learned those benefits firsthand? You can purchase a few or you can buy a lot and get things started. Choose the company wisely, however, because they are not all going to exceed expectations or go out of the way to make you their next happy customer. Many people before you have made this decision and are glad they did. They have active accounts that people love to be a part of. Your name can be the next success story if you are ready to take the steps.

Make the Switch Today

It is easy to understand why you should get an Instagram Business account. You have something to offer the world and this account helps you do that with ease. The benefits above are only some of the many that come your way when you switch over to a business account. You can do great things with this account and take your business to the next level. Does it get any better? Put IT to work for your business, get your business account, and wait for the results that are soon yours to enjoy.

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Influencer Marketing is an Art
Published on September 17, 2018

In 2017, Taylor Swift stunned the social media universe when she deleted the content of her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. For days, Swift’s online platforms were virtual black holes.

Suddenly, days before the release of her new album, the pop star’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts came to life again, with new images of her, and the title of her new studio release emblazoned boldly.

The stunt got plenty of attention in the media. Taylor Swift has gone on since then to achieve incredible record sales, and sellout concerts, stunning the entertainment world by becoming the highest-grossing female singer on her latest tour.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2018, and Miley Cyrus recently purged all of her social media content. Most critics assume she is pulling a Taylor, laying the groundwork for a new project, a new look, or a new phase in her career.

What celebrities do on social media makes news, gets notice, and influences others. That influence doesn’t just extend to the tween, teenager, and young adult fan bases of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, either.  Their influence, fueled by their social media footprint, has become far more universal.

In the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt would gather print reporters into his study for a frisky, give-and-take press conference. Some of FDR’s comments were on-the-record. Others were expressly off-the-record, or not attributable directly to the president, thanks to the reporter’s understanding of Roosevelt’s wink-and-nod.

By the 1960s, John F. Kennedy held frequent press conferences that were broadcast live on television and radio. These media events became legendary for President Kennedy’s quick-witted responses to even the most pointed questions, and the easy banter and laughter reporters shared with JFK.

Today, President Trump communicates his message via Twitter in much the same way previous presidents used print and broadcast media. Seemingly every morning, news broadcasts feature reports of what the President of the United States tweeted in the wee hours, or early hours of the day.

The influence of social media has reached all the way to the highest level of American government. It isn’t just the playground of millennials anymore.

An influential voice in society today—in art and culture; in business and politics—means that voice undeniably echoes on social media. Without the photographic storytelling of Instagram, or the statements of belief in a brief tweet, a voice is barely heard. A message goes undelivered to millions of people.

The world of social media has evolved and continues to evolve. The rules, the methods, the gimmicks, change from week-to-week, and they fluctuate even from day to day.

Making social media work isn’t so much a science as it is an art.

Celebrities have teams of true artists working for them, to make their Instagram and other social media platforms stand-out and get talked about. Into this competitive world, start-up companies, aspiring writers, artists, actors, models, and other dreamers, need the same kind of help Taylor and Miley do. Buying Instagram followers becomes essential for relevancy.

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It’s Legit to Buy Insta Followers
Published on September 13, 2018

When you ask yourself how to buy followers on Instagram, it isn’t at all what some people imagine.  Some people see some shadowy deal made between two figures in trench coats. Others might envision a high-risk transaction happening in a back-alley so as not to attract attention.

Buying followers on Instagram is legal. It is an ethical practice, and it is far more common than most people realize. There are sites that sell shoes and makeup, books and kitchen utensils. Now, there are sites that sell Instagram likes, and Instagram followers.

My first advice to you when it comes to buying Instagram followers is this: shop around. Some companies feature real-life people who will become your followers. These are people just like you and me, individuals who have legitimate accounts of their own. These folks, and their own lives on Instagram can be easily viewed by people checking out your profile. This makes you, your art, your company, whatever you are presenting to the world via social media, authentic, relevant, and real.

Other companies sell Instagram followers who are actually bots. The best bots appear to be real people, making it all but impossible for someone to determine that the account isn’t a real person. Therefore, it isn’t bad to purchase Instagram followers who are bots, but do your homework! Make sure the company you are purchasing your followers from use well-designed, reputable accounts, where bots are indistinguishable from real people.

I am a photographer. When I set up my Instagram account some time ago, I had a good foundation of Instagram followers. Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and friends-of-friends, and friends-of-family game me several hundred followers.  Those numbers are simply not enough, however.

To be a viable player in social media, an individual or company needs Instagram followers numbering into the thousands, at least.  On Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, guys like me are competing with well-known photographers who could have a million followers. Everyone trying to make a go of it in the online world has to compete with the likes of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who have over a hundred million followers.

With all of those astronomical numbers in mind, I don’t feel bad for purchasing followers and likes on Instagram. For a regular person, for a non-celebrity, it is the only way to begin being competitive.  There’s no shame in it. In fact, there’s plenty of intelligence in doing it.

Since I purchased my Instagram followers, my work has been featured in three regional periodicals. A reporter from a national radio magazine program agreed to interview me. She agreed to interview me only after she had seen a portfolio of my work, testimonials from clients, and my Instagram account.

The followers I paid for pay off, every day.  They give me credibility, exposure, a platform, and a larger audience than I ever could have dreamed of.  I am going places.  I am going places I never could have gone with just my hundreds of followers.

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Tips For Promoting Your Blog
Published on September 12, 2018

Thirty years ago, an aspiring writer could only count on the dream of being published by one of the major publishers or publications in order to be able to call herself or himself a bona- fide working writer.

Just a few decades ago, someone dreaming of making it on film, television, or radio had only a very narrow road of making it to the big time—finding stardom on the little or small screen through the studios based in L.A. or New York City.

In today’s online world, anyone can become a star.

Anyone can become a star that is, if they have the talent in their profession, and the business savvy to stand-out in the jungle of the social media solar system.

Blogs and YouTube can make someone a star! Beyond their uniqueness and ability, they just have to know how to work the system of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Something a new blogger or You Tuber can do right away is buy Instagram followers. It’s the best way to get likes for Instagram. It’s a great tool for newbies to gain much needed respect in the online world. Companies are out there who offer real-life Instagram followers for a very reasonable price.  When one considers how many millions of followers established celebrities already have, and many of them for just being famous, the practice of purchasing social media followers just makes sense. It makes parity a reality. It gives a dreamer a fair shot to make her or his dreams come true.

All it takes is for one essay from a blog post to get a mention or a share from someone famous and prestigious. After that, that writer is on her way!  All it takes is one clip from a YouTube performer to go viral. After that, that You Tuber is on his way to becoming a star.

Let’s face it. The number of followers on Instagram, or other social media sites, establishes credibility. A blogger can be poetic, prophetic, and profound. A You Tuber can be the next generation’s Tina Fey. If no one reads the blog, if no one views the channel, the talent will not be recognized, celebrated and lifted up.  Massive numbers of followers on Instagram gets aspiring stars the attention their talent deserves. Their talent will carry them the rest of the way.

A culture is only as rich as the art its artist produce. The culture produces the artist. It’s up to the culture to nourish those artists, as well. It’s society’s investment in the art. It’s society’s investment in itself. Today our culture has a plethora of voices we need to hear, that in the cacophony of Internet and smart phone noise, we aren’t able to hear. Social media platforms can help those voices rise above the other voices. Plenty of Facebook likes, Instagram followers, and Twitter re-tweets can elevate those voices to great levels of achievement, notoriety, and fame.

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Main Street Cuisine and Instagram
Published on September 11, 2018

My family owns a country-cooking, Americana diner. My grandpa opened it right after World War II. He had a dream, and he got a small business loan to turn that dream into a reality. Grandpa spent his life building the diner up. He found the best recipes; he put together the menu; he even built the tables, chairs, and booths.  When the time came for him to turn it over to his son, my dad, Grandpa passed his diner to the next generation as one of the top restaurants in our town.

My dad took the diner into some different directions. After Grandpa died, Dad even converted the diner into a high-end bar, serving no food but appetizers. When business plummeted, Dad went back to Grandpa’s original concept for the diner, even returning his father’s furnishings to their original place. A few years ago, Dad turned our family diner over to the next generation.

Now that I run our diner, I am committed to Grandpa’s original vision. I am also drawn to some of Dad’s dreamiest ideas, too. I rely heavily on social media, especially Instagram, to tell the story of our diner to a hungry world, particularly those who are hungry within a few blocks of our prime location.

I buy followers on Instagram to bolster our social media footprint. The fee is minimal compared to the online traffic all of those followers attract.

We live in a college town. I have identified college students as our target demographic. We offer good kids a place to hang-out and let out steam, without the rowdiness or temptation of alcohol. We offer an affordable, hearty meal, and we don’t rush them out the door when they’re finished, either. An old-fashioned jukebox featuring this era’s songs, and a roomy dance floor in a room adjacent to the dining room makes our diner a fun date-night or group-activity destination.

I tell this story on Instagram. I take pictures of happy, dancing kids. I snap photos of juicy hamburgers, hot, tasty fries, and the coolest milkshakes this slide of a glacier.

We use hashtags and encourage our customers to take selfies and post them to Instagram. Of course, a bunch of college students won’t hesitate to snap photos, and post them, within seconds. The diner gets instant followers.

I have to tell you, ignoring humility—business booms.

We went from a family-oriented café, advertising in the newspaper and on AM radio, to now being a college kid hangout, featuring the same scrumptious food, counting on social media to make our joyful presence known.

There is usually a crowd here, with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry music emanating from the jukebox, wafting up to the rafters, dancing with the smells of the best home cooking you have ever tasted in a college hangout.

Our food is affordable. Our atmosphere is fun.

For the exception of a few dollars I spend each month on Instagram followers, our advertising is minimal. Good times roll.

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Not What They Used to Be
Published on September 10, 2018

Back when I first got my Instagram account, I was proud of all the followers I had. These folks—mostly family and friends, to be honest—would see my sculpture, and purchase my art.

I quickly found out that 100 followers on Instagram aren’t what it used to be. Today, if you don’t come into the game with thousands of followers, you might as well stay on the bleachers.

Like so many people do these days, I purchased followers from a reputable company. I continued working hard, both on my art, and on my social media presence. Anymore, your presence on social media platforms is your marketing.

The hard work paid off. My reputation grew as a serious artist. Soon I found myself making decent money for my art, but more importantly, I was getting recognized as an artist.

I honestly don’t know if I could have made it as an artist before the advent of the Internet and social media. Before the information age made the world so much smaller, artists of every kind simply had to hope to be discovered by someone from the big-time. It makes me wonder how many Michelangelo’s, and how many Picasso’s there were out there in the world, who never got their chance to be seen, discovered, and appreciated.

With social media, a small-town artist like me—someone with nothing but dreams and talent, certainly not a famous name or a bank account—has a legitimate chance.  All it takes for me to make it is for one famous media figure, one prominent critic, one celebrity to see an Instagram post of mine, and like it.

Likes lead to more likes in the world of Instagram. Just the right like can lead to just the right moment—the stars line up, a big bang thunders, and boom! Overnight, I am a star. Overnight you are a star.

With dreamers like me and maybe you, the future of Instagram specifically, and social media generally, is bright.

Instagram works by using pictures that are deeply narrative driven. As human beings, we are all natural storytellers. As long as we don’t lose that characteristic which we have had for millions of years, Instagram is safe. We all have stories we want to tell, in pictures, in snapshots of wonderful moments of joy, beauty, fun, meaning, and emotion. Instagram gives us a wonderful way to tell our stories.

Social media isn’t going away. Oh, if left up to the elderly, and the middle-aged generations, it could possibly fade away. Today though, the generation occupying early adulthood, and the next generation approaching it have grown up with social media. They can’t recall a world without the Internet and smart phones. They certainly won’t abide a world without them, either.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media sites are as much a part of our lives today as Walter Cronkite and the morning paper were to earlier generations.  They aren’t going anywhere.

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Navigating and Using Instagram
Published on September 6, 2018

Instagram is a social media platform that employs images, photos to be exact, as the main body of the messages. It makes sense because a picture is worth at least a thousand words, according to some. With that idea, it has become such a popular site that there are currently over 300 million users.

It is expected that the number of users for Instagram will hit 400 million within a year and this will boost marketing capability even more than before. Right now, even though it is a social site, you can definitely use it for boosting your brand and for generating leads.

I took this information to mean that Instagram is a virtual land of many possibilities. I run a network marketing company so generating leads and making new connections is vital to my money earning potential. I need it now because it has worked so well.

I found that you can actually buy Instagram followers no survey was necessary either so I used this method to give the illusion that my posts were more appreciated than they actually were. My idea worked. I had reasoned that if my posts looked popular, they would become more so.

Since that did work, I do advise it as an approach or a tactic you can follow in order to gain an organic following. Since it does work, you should try it too. Just be sure to spread out the followings and likes that you buy over different posts so it looks more organic.

I also found that engaging your followers is very important. You need to respond to all the comments you can, ideally all of them, and like your followers’ account posts as well. This level of interaction brings trust and, if you are marketing like me, you know how important that is.

When you buy Instagram followers no survey requirements are there. You just buy and then add the followers wherever you want to. Once you do this, wait awhile to see what the results are. More often than not, users will like what they see more frequently.

Another method you can use is the shout out method. For example, another marketer and I made an agreement to shout out good things about each other’s accounts so that we could mutually gain followings due to that. The method worked very well and we both use it to this day.

I found that colorful photos were better than the ones that looked more plain but that using the filters that Instagram offers was a bit too much. My understanding is that this was very popular in the beginning but it quickly lost value. Keep it natural as much as possible.

When you do end up buying likes, do it strategically and only when your numbers are dropping. Consider it to be like a booster shot. I do it rarely now that I have a good following but you do it when you feel it is appropriate. That way, you are not doing it all the time.

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