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How It Works

High-Quality TikTok Views Buzzoid’s views are from real TikTok users with real TikTok accounts. They’re a safe way to grow your audience!

Fast Delivery You don’t have to wait for your TikTok organic growth to start. Buzzoid’s delivery time is the fastest in the industry!

Expert Customer Support Our customer support team is on duty 24/7, always able to answer questions, solve problems, or fill custom orders.

Ready to Buy TikTok Video Views?

Buying TikTok views packages from Buzzoid, at affordable prices, is the fastest way to get a wider audience for your posts and build authority on the social media platform. A large number of views tells TikTok’s algorithms to show your content to lots of random users, letting you add new TikTok followers and possibly turning your videos into viral sensations!

  • 1. Instant Delivery Guaranteed

    Just seconds after you submit your order, Buzzoid’s real views start arriving. You’ll see fast increases in your TikTok audience and TikTok growth!

  • 2. Our Guarantee

    We want our customers to be satisfied. Our refund policy is simple: we offer a no-questions, money-back guarantee for any order that hasn’t been fulfilled.

  • 3. 100% Safe

    We protect our customers. Our genuine TikTok views keep your account safe, and our full encryption and secure servers keep your personal data safe.

Still have questions about Buzzoid’s TikTok views? Check our FAQ.

We know some people want more information about TikTok views or our high-quality services before they’re ready to order. Here are the frequently asked questions we often hear; our 24/7 support team is happy to provide any other information you may need.

Why does buying TikTok views give your posts more exposure on the app?

It has to do with the way that the system allocates visibility for the videos that content creators upload. Tens of millions are posted every day, so TikTok needed a way to decide which ones should receive widespread visibility.

Here’s what they did. They programmed algorithms to make decisions based on the popularity of the videos and the accounts posting them. Those algorithms focus on two metrics to judge popularity and award visibility: engagement rate (the number of views, likes, and comments a video receives) and the follower growth of the account posting the content.

That’s where purchasing views comes in. When you buy TikTok video views, the system’s algorithms see the view counts on your posts rising and reward you with a larger audience. And with many more people seeing and deciding to watch your content, your views, likes, and followers increase even more — creating powerful organic growth for your posts and your account.

In short, purchasing TikTok views jumpstarts your organic growth on the platform. That’s why influencers regularly buy Buzzoid’s video views to boost their TikTok popularity and importance, and why businesses that want to reach their target audiences make buying TikTok views and other engagements a crucial element in their social media marketing strategy.

Is that the only benefit of purchasing TikTok views?

No, there’s another important one that’s known as social proof.

The best way to explain it is to ask a question. If you see two videos on the app, one with 46 views and another with 856,930 views, which are you more likely to watch?

Of course, you’d be drawn to the content that’s been viewed by an enormous audience. Its high view count is “social proof” that it must be worth your time since many other people have already decided to watch it. So in addition to triggering popularity and organic growth, buying TikTok views boosts the apparent importance of your videos and makes them more likely to attract large numbers of viewers.

Does it matter where I buy TikTok views?

Absolutely. Buying them from the wrong sources can be a waste of money and may even cost you your TikTok account.

The “bad” websites, unlike the best sites for TikTok views services, use bots and site hacks to generate what are known as fake views. These cheap views aren’t linked to active accounts on the platform, so TikTok can easily discover them and remove them from posts. They won’t help you build your audience or importance on the app; even worse, your account may be deleted for violating Tik Tok’s terms and conditions.

The “good” websites to use are those run by reputable social media services like Buzzoid. These providers deliver authentic views from active TikTok users, so the system sees them as genuine TikTok views. They increase your engagement rate and trigger added exposure for your content, and they’ll never endanger your account.

If there’s one moral of the story, it’s this. Always be sure you’re buying active views from real users when purchasing TikTok views or other interactions. Buzzoid is the #1 provider of TikTok engagements because we have the largest social media networks of users ready to view your videos as soon as you place an order with us.

Is buying views better than buying TikTok likes?

Influencers disagree on which type of interaction is more effective, but they both increase your engagement rate and jumpstart your content’s visibility and reach. It’s most common to see power users purchasing both views and likes, in addition to TikTok followers.

Is there a way to do all of this without spending any money?

There are traditional ways to boost a social media account’s popularity and importance that you can try. They include optimizing your TikTok profile, devoting lots of time and effort to content creation in order to produce the best videos possible, adding trending hashtags to your posts, engaging regularly with accounts similar to yours to make your presence on the app more visible, and promoting your TikTok posts to your followers on other social media platforms. Unfortunately, though, those strategies can take months or more to bear fruit, and they will only attract a few new views at a time. Purchasing TikTok views is the fastest and most effective way to stimulate powerful audience and account growth.

How difficult is it to buy TikTok views?

If you’re using a reputable service like Buzzoid, it’s not difficult at all; the process takes less than a minute. You simply choose your preferred views package and click the “Buy Now” button to reach our secure checkout platform. Then provide your TikTok username (so we know where to deliver your views) and select your payment method (choosing from options including credit cards like Visa, PayPal, and Apple Pay). That’s all there is to it. You’ll start seeing your new views appear virtually instantly.

Do I have to give you my TikTok password?

Never. The only reason a website would ask for your password was if they wanted access to your account. Passwords aren’t needed to deliver TikTok engagements. A request for your password is a red flag that should send you immediately searching for a different provider.

Is this safe?

Completely. TikTok won’t penalize you for using real views from real users, our full encryption and secure servers protect your personal information, and we have no access to your TikTok account. Customer safety is our #1 priority; we wouldn’t have tens of thousands of satisfied repeat customers otherwise.

Customer Reviews & Feedback 😄

We’re proud to have so many Buzzoid customers come back over and over again when they want to buy views and other TikTok engagements. Here’s what just a few of our repeat clients have to say.

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We're a small business venturing into TikTok, and Buzzoid seemed like a practical choice to gain views. The service resulted in higher visibility for our product videos, though we did experience some delays. It's a useful tool for businesses looking to get a foothold on social media platforms.
- Theo
As an established company, we're constantly exploring new marketing avenues. Using Buzzoid to buy views showed noticeable increases in our TikTok engagement. The service was professional, albeit with minor inconsistencies in delivery times. It's a beneficial service for companies aiming to expand their digital reach, though we emphasize a balanced approach with organic strategies.
- Kayla J