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How It Works

High-Quality TikTok Fans Your new followers are all real people — real TikTok users with real accounts, producing a wider audience and organic growth!

Instant Delivery Buzzoid is famous for reliable service. Your real followers arrive in your account just minutes after you order!

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Ready to Buy TikTok Followers?

The TikTok algorithms reward accounts that are growing in popularity with a larger audience. Adding Buzzoid’s genuine TikTok followers boosts the visibility of your TikTok videos, attracting new organic followers and triggering powerful, long-lasting TikTok growth. It’s the same strategy influencers use to become TikTok famous!

  • 1. Rapid Delivery

    Your real TikTok fans appear in your account within minutes and start your account growth almost immediately!

  • 2. Our Guarantee

    We’re proud of our high-quality services. We guarantee fast delivery and your satisfaction. We’ll refund any order that hasn’t been fulfilled.

  • 3. Robust Support

    Our expert, 24/7 support specialists not only solve delivery problems, but can craft custom orders and suggest the right followers package for your needs.

Have questions about buying TikTok followers?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ about Buzzoid’s top-ranked TikTok growth services. But if you still have questions, please contact our 24/7 support team and find out why tens of thousands of loyal customers trust Buzzoid as the best site for TikTok growth.

Why are TikTok followers important?

They’re not, if all you want to do on the social media platform is watch random videos. But if your goal is to be a content creator with a large audience, and perhaps even to become an influencer, you need lots of real TikTok users to follow you.

There are two reasons for that. The first is that loyal followers want to see what you’ve produced and will engage with it. And if you have sponsors, you’ll earn more money with a large and engaged fan base. That’s why any social media marketing strategy is designed to build a large number of followers for an account.

Here’s the second reason why a large follower count is important. TikTok has way too much content to allow everyone’s videos to be seen equally, so the system’s algorithms give more exposure to content posted by popular accounts. The larger your fan base is, the bigger your new audience of random users will be. And having lots of new viewers is how you add even large numbers of organic followers.

How do purchased followers help?

Many people believe buying followers doesn’t work as a TikTok growth strategy, because purchased followers aren’t likely to become devoted fans or purchase merchandise. While the latter may be true, the skeptics are very wrong about the impact of the followers you buy from services like Buzzoid.

The legit TikTok followers we deliver “prime the pump” for TikTok growth. When the algorithms see your account growing rapidly in popularity, they reward you with a larger audience for your content. Many of your new viewers will decide to hit the “follow” button and become the loyal fans you need to increase your TikTok presence and your popularity on the app.

Most TikTok influencers built their accounts into powerhouses by buying followers to trigger their organic growth. Most still purchase TikTok followers today to help boost their fan bases even more.

Does it matter where I buy TikTok followers?

It doesn’t just “matter.” It’s crucial. Most of the websites that sell TikTok followers and other engagements (like views and likes) are essentially scamming their customers by generating “fake followers” with bots. Those ridiculously cheap TikTok followers aren’t linked to real accounts on the app, so the system identifies and deletes them quickly. They don’t help grow your account; in fact, you may find your account deactivated for using fake interactions.

Only reputable social media marketing services like Buzzoid can deliver real TikTok followers that trigger powerful account growth. We never use bots or other hacks. Every follower you receive is an active TikTok user, so your account stays safe and your new, active TikTok followers will tell the platform’s algorithms that you deserve a larger audience.

Buzzoid and a small number of other trustworthy providers charge reasonable and affordable prices for services that really work. Don’t be fooled; when you buy TikTok followers cheap, they’re almost definitely fake followers that could endanger your social media presence.

How do I buy TikTok followers from Buzzoid?

It’s easy. Just choose the size of follower package you want to purchase and click the “Buy Now” button. You’ll be taken to our secure payment gateway where you enter your TikTok username and email address (so we can send you a receipt), and choose a payment method (we support Apple Pay!). The entire process is safe and fast, and in less than a minute your followers will begin showing up in your account. Buzzoid’s prices are always the same or lower than those charged by other reputable services, and there’s a huge variety of real follower packages to choose from.

How many followers should I buy?

The right approach is to start small if you have a new account or one that you’re just starting to build. Our larger packages are a smarter investment once you’ve acquired a decent-sized fan base. The reasoning is simple: Adding 5,000 purchased followers to a TikTok account with 79 followers can look suspicious, but adding 5,000 Buzzoid followers to an account with 20,000 followers looks completely natural.

Can this hurt my TikTok account?

Absolutely not. We only provide real followers with real accounts on the app, so you’re not violating TikTok’s terms of service and your account is 100% safe. Many of our customers have used our followers and other engagements to turn small accounts into TikTok fame.

Are followers better to purchase than likes or views?

We sell all three, TikTok followers, TikTok likes, and TikTok views. Most influencers advise starting with followers because “follower growth” is the metric that’s most important for strong audience growth. Once you’re well into your TikTok growth journey, buying likes and views will boost your account’s “engagement rate,” the second-most important metric to the system’s algorithms. If you’re interested in purchasing custom packages that include followers, likes, and/or views, our 24/7 support team will be happy to put one together for you.

Are there other ways to grow my TikTok account without buying followers or other engagements?

Yes, but they require a lot of effort. You can optimize your TikTok profile, use trending hashtags on your posts, promote your TikTok content on other apps and websites, and engage with other users with similar interests. However, all of that work can also take weeks, months, or years, and it will produce much smaller growth in your online presence than purchasing a package or two of Buzzoid followers can deliver.

There’s really no fast and effective TikTok growth method that can compete with buying Buzzoid’s real TikTok followers.

Customer Reviews & Feedback 😄

We’re proud to have so many Buzzoid customers come back over and over again when they want to buy followers and other TikTok engagements. Here’s what just a few of our repeat clients have to say.

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As a start-up, breaking into social media can be daunting. We chose Buzzoid to enhance our TikTok profile. The increase in followers has been a game-changer for our brand's visibility and market reach. This service has been instrumental in our digital marketing strategy, leading to higher engagement and potential customer interactions.
- Richard
As a content creator, finding your audience can be tough. That's where Buzzoid steps in. Their TikTok followers service gave my account the jumpstart it needed. Noticed a decent increase in follower count and engagement. It's a good tool for creators who are just starting out and need that initial push.
- Tony W.