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Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Views? A Comprehensive Guide

Published August 11, 2023

When it comes to YouTube, views are the most important parameter. They ensure you rank well on the platform, which, in turn, helps you reach more users and get even higher engagement rates.

However, getting people to watch your content is easier said than done. For most regular users, it can take a whole year to garner enough views to actually make money. That is why so many people opt for an efficient shortcut — buying views.

But is buying YouTube views safe? Will it help you rank better? And can it actually make you famous on the platform? Follow along to find out!

Buying YouTube Views: A Short Introduction

As you probably already know, there are numerous online sites that allow you to buy YouTube views. You simply choose the plan that suits your needs and budget, and watch as the views trickle in.

Since views are essential for YouTube’s algorithm, your ranking on the platform will improve as soon as your view count increases. Thus, buying followers can indeed help your account grow and reach more people.

Is Buying Views Safe?

As easy and appealing as buying followers may sound, there are two major concerns you have to consider before making a decision.

Scammers Are Everywhere

Firstly, finding a legitimate and safe site to buy from can be a big challenge. Namely, there are hundreds of scammers online, and differentiating them from legit marketing companies is quite challenging. So, you might end up losing a vast amount of money and exposing your credit card information to a fake seller.

Of course, if you do thorough research, you can avoid such a fate. For example, different social media groups offer you a chance to reach out to users who have experience buying views. They will be able to give you valuable insight and tips, ensuring you stay safe throughout this process.

Alternatively, you can browse the internet for info on any sellers you find. Forums such as Reddit and Quora can be quite helpful here, as they are a goldmine of useful posts, reviews, and tutorials for everyone looking to make it big on YouTube.

YouTube’s Terms of Service

Secondly — and perhaps, even more importantly — YouTube has strict Terms of Service in place. The terms are especially uncompromising when it comes to fake engagement.

According to the company, any user’s attempts to buy fake views will lead to the termination of their account. The same goes for purchasing likes and subscribers on the platform.

Of course, there is a possibility that YouTube won’t notice your fake views. After all, tens of thousands of videos are uploaded every day, so they might miss your sudden growth.

However, if you plan to buy a significant number of views to rank high and appear on trending lists, YouTube will most likely take notice. And if it does, your account will get suspended within minutes, meaning that all your money and effort will go down the drain.

So, What Should You Do?

As disheartening as these safety concerns might be, there is still good news. Namely, if you find a reliable and genuine seller and come up with a clever purchasing strategy, buying views can truly help you grow on YouTube.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to do extensive research on any website you find using the tips we mentioned above. Furthermore, you should buy views in moderation over a longer time so that YouTube doesn’t pick up on your activity as suspicious. Growing your presence this way will take slightly longer, but will help you make sure that YouTube doesn’t suspend your account.

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