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Master Your TikTok Game: The 8 Must-Try Filters of 2023

Published August 11, 2023

If you’re a content creator who likes to use filters in your videos, TikTok is the perfect app. It has an extensive library of effects, all of which can be applied with just a few clicks. And yet, they can entirely transform the look and feel of your videos, drawing in precisely the kind of audience you want.

But how do you know which filters suit your specific style? Only you can answer that question, but we’ll gladly give you a few tips. Take a look at our list of the best TikTok filters in 2023 and see if anything inspires you!

Beauty Filter

Considering how focused TikTok’s community is on appearance, it’s not surprising that Beauty Mode is one of the most popular filters. In fact, most TikTokers you follow have likely used it at least once.

As its name implies, Beauty Mode enhances your appearance, making you look fresher and camera-ready. It improves coloring, evens the skin tone, and adds a healthy glow to your face. None of the changes are drastic enough to make you look unrecognizable, but the subtle differences are still there.

G6 Filter

As you browse through TikTok filters on your phone, you’ll notice that many are identified by a letter and a number combination. Sometimes, when a filter becomes popular, the community gives it a nickname to go by. That’s not the case with the G6 filter, though. Even as its popularity grew, its identifier stayed the same.

Like Beauty Mode, G6 doesn’t change your video too much. It only adds warmth and depth of color, giving it a somewhat retro aesthetic that’s all the rage on TikTok. In fact, it’s one of the most popular filters in the food communities on the platform, as it can make your meals look much more appealing.

Bling Filter

Jewelry, nail polish, and make-up brands are particularly fond of the Bling filter and regularly use it in their TikTok campaigns. And that’s not a surprise, as this effect makes any product look better! Essentially, it allows you to place sparkles in different areas of your video, imitating the flash of a diamond in the sun.

So, if you want to show off your new earrings or add a blinding brightness to your smile, try the Bling filter. Just a few extra sparkles will make your video much more captivating!

Inverted Filter

The filters we’ve listed so far haven’t been particularly polarizing, but the Inverted filter certainly is. Some creators love it; some hate it, but whatever the case, it created a huge buzz and certainly makes for excellent content.

So, what exactly is so controversial about the Inverted filter? Well, basically, when used with the front camera, the filter flips your video and shows you how other people really see you. Or, at least, that’s what many TikTokers claim it does, although opinions on that are also quite divided.

When applying the Inverted filter, many creators hated seeing their faces flipped and filmed their reactions for their viewers’ entertainment. For a while, trying it out was a massive trend on TikTok, and the effect remains popular to this day. And that’s not a surprise — aren’t you a little curious to see how others perceive you too?

Color Customizer Filter

The Color Customizer filter is a perfect choice when you’re looking for a way to make your video unique and memorable. Simply put, it changes the saturation, allowing you to adjust the color of your skin, eyes, and hair, as well as any other objects showing up in your video, such as cars or buildings.

And in this case, the change doesn’t have to be subtle like with G6 or Beauty Filter. In fact, you can go as wild as you want and create a video that really stands out from the crowd!

Green Screen Filter

Even people who aren’t TikTok users are familiar with the Green Screen filter — that’s how widespread it is. This effect automatically detects your outline in the video and allows you to add any background you choose.

For example, you can sit atop a mountain as you talk about mental health or promote your brand in front of an excellent review screenshot. The possibilities are endless, which is exactly why the Green Screen filter is the TikTok community’s favorite!

Clown Filter

Ever wanted to share an embarrassing moment with your followers and have fun at your own expense? You’re not alone in that, as many TikTok creators like to join in on this trend, topping it off with the famous Clown filter that perfectly captures how they feel. In fact, even Miley Cyrus did it!

The Clown filter superimposes psychedelic clown paint on your face, making you look like a stylish Pennywise. To make the video even more effective, search for #IAmAClown and check out which music is frequently added. Then, you can hop on the trend!

Fantasy Filter

The Fantasy filter, also known as V11, adds a pinkish, magical hue to your video. Combined with the Color Customizer effect, it can create a warm summer vibe that makes your content more aesthetically pleasing. It’s not a surprise, then, that many TikTok creators are obsessed with this filter.

V11 works for everyone, but it’s especially popular with brown-eyed TikTokers, as it brings out the amber and gold hues in their eyes. So, if you want your eyes to really pop, as well as to give your videos a certain enchanting quality, try it out!

Find Your Own Style

With millions of videos on TikTok, creating something that stands out can be challenging. Thanks to filters, it becomes at least slightly easier — a fun effect is likely to capture viewers’ attention quicker and convince them to check out your other content.

The filters we listed here are some of the best TikTok has to offer, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. But don’t forget to experiment and see which effects you like the best. After all, success on TikTok is all about finding your unique style!

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