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Unlocking the Price Tag: How Much Does YouTube TV Subscription Cost in 2023?

Published August 10, 2023

Are you looking for a live TV streaming service that can replace cable TV but retain its familiarity and ease of use? With its recognizable, user-friendly interface, YouTube TV is quickly sweeping the competition and proving that YouTube doesn’t have to rely only on user-generated content. If anything, other streaming services, such as Hulu+ TV and DIRECTV STREAM, could do well to follow YouTube TV’s example.

But before you decide to cut the cord and fully commit to YouTube TV, you likely want to know what you are signing up for. What channels and features does the service offer, and how do they compare to other providers on the market? Are there any add-ons and special promotions you can take advantage of? And, most importantly, how much will the subscription to YouTube TV cost you each month?

All these questions, as well as others you may not have thought of, will be answered in this article. So, keep reading to learn more about YouTube TV!

YouTube TV’s Base Subscription Price

Although YouTube TV’s subscription price has increased over the years, it still ranks among the cheaper TV streaming services at $72.99/month. In comparison, Hulu+ TV charges between $69.99 and $82.99/month, while DIRECTV STREAM can be as expensive as $154.99/month. Of course, there are cheaper options, such as Philo ($25/month) or SlingTV ($40-$55/month), but they usually come with certain limitations and fewer channels to choose from.

Like most streaming services, YouTube TV offers a two-week trial for new members, allowing you to experience the platform without paying or committing to a subscription. If you decide the service isn’t right for you at the end of the trial, you can cancel the membership, and your credit card won’t be charged. In fact, it will be like you never used it at all.

However, if you choose to subscribe, you can take advantage of the $8 discount for the first three months. In other words, instead of paying the full price, you’ll be charged $64.99/month. That way, you can save $24 right off the bat!

YouTube TV’s Channel Lineup

When choosing a TV streaming service, the channel lineup is undoubtedly the most important aspect to consider. Ideally, the provider should offer a good variety of channels without too much filler and with an appropriate selection of local affiliates. And, as it happens, YouTube TV’s lineup aligns with this example almost perfectly.

YouTube TV offers 100+ channels with content covering news, sports, cooking, entertainment, education, culture, and more. In that sense, it’s not much different from cable and other TV streaming providers. However, its advantage lies in the fact that filler channels (audio-only music channels and shopping networks) are almost entirely absent. Instead of those, you can enjoy more quality news and sports channels.

Among YouTube TV’s 100+ channels, you will find plenty of local affiliates for CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. If you’re curious about a specific channel’s availability in your region, enter your ZIP code in the box on YouTube TV’s official website. Your area’s full lineup will be displayed, along with channel categories and add-ons.

In addition to popular channels such as AMC, MTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, ESPN, and more, YouTube TV belongs to rare providers that carry PBS and PBS Kids. The only other TV streaming service with these channels in its lineup is DIRECTV STREAM, which, on the other hand, is far more expensive.

However, as impressive as YouTube TV’s channel lineup may be, it does have a few shortcomings. Viewers of A&E, Lifetime, VICE, and HISTORY should consider a different provider, as YouTube TV doesn’t carry these channels. Hockey fans might find themselves in the same predicament — namely, NHL Network isn’t available.

YouTube TV’s Plans

Currently, YouTube TV offers three plans to its customers, depending on what kind of content they are interested in. Regardless of your chosen plan, the same rules apply — there is no contract, no cable boxes, and you can cancel at any time. In the following section, we will give you a quick overview of each of the three plans.

Base Plan

We’ve already touched on the Base Plan, its price, and its channel lineup, so we will only mention a few additional features available for $72.99/month. Aside from 100+ channels, you will also get unlimited DVR storage for recording TV shows, news, and sports events you cannot watch live. All your recordings will be saved for nine months on the cloud, and you can download them if you purchase a 4K Plus add-on for an extra $9.99/month.

Additionally, the Base Plan comes with six household accounts, all with separate unlimited DVR storage. Each account can set unique content preferences, allowing for high levels of personalization and privacy. What’s more, it’s possible to simultaneously stream from three different devices, so fights over the remote become a thing of the past!

Spanish Plan

In many ways, the Spanish Plan is similar to the Base Plan, as it has unlimited DVR storage, six household accounts, and three simultaneous streams. Yet, the key difference is that instead of 100+ channels for $72.99/month, you get 30+ Spanish networks for $34.99/month. In other words, if you opt for the Spanish Plan only, you won’t have any of the usual English channels.

However, there is an option to get the best of both worlds if you are willing to pay $14.99/month on top of the Base Plan price. Namely, that is the cost of the Spanish add-on, which allows you to enjoy a few extra Spanish networks along with your regular channel lineup.

NFL Sunday Ticket

Fans of football can opt for the NFL Sunday Ticket Bundle or Standalone, allowing them to watch every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game for the whole 2023 season. If you choose the bundle option, you get a YouTube TV Base Plan subscription alongside your NFL Sunday Ticket. As a result, you can enjoy all your favorite channels while waiting for the game!

However, YouTube TV allows you to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket without having to subscribe to the service. The standalone ticket costs $449 or $489 if you buy NFL Redzone on YouTube. In contrast, the YouTube TV bundle costs $349 or $389 (with NFL Redzone). Although that may sound like a cheaper option, it is important to note that recurring $72.99/month payments for the TV streaming service still apply.

More Add-Ons for YouTube TV

If the Base Plan doesn’t entirely scratch your itch for various content and features, YouTube TV add-ons surely will. We’ve already covered the Spanish add-on, but here are a few others to further improve your viewing experience.

Entertainment Plus Add-On

Wouldn’t it be better to have all streaming services in one place instead of switching between a few? YouTube TV developers seem to think so, too, as they highly encourage you to purchase the Entertainment Plus add-on. With Entertainment Plus, you get HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and STARZ for an additional $29.99/month. Watch all your favorite shows and channels without ever leaving YouTube TV!

Sports Plus Add-On

Sports fans will particularly enjoy the Sports Plus add-on with 13+ additional sports networks for $10.99/month. Among the available channels, you will find NFL RedZone, beIN Sports, FOX Soccer Plus, Fight Network, and more!

4K Plus Add-On

As mentioned before, 4K Plus comes in handy if you want to download recordings of your favorite shows and watch them offline. However, that’s not all you get with this add-on. In fact, 4K Plus unlocks several exclusive features, such as unlimited simultaneous streams and 4K video quality (if your device supports it). And all that is possible for an extra $9.99/month.

Premium TV Add-Ons

Finally, there are over 25 different channels you can add to your Base Plan in order to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and niche genres. Their prices vary widely depending on the network; they are as low as $1.99/month for Law&Crime and as high as $11.99/month for the STARZ+ MGM+ bundle. Ultimately, the customization options for YouTube TV are practically unmatched on the market.

YouTube TV Price Overview

We’ve explored YouTube TV’s pricing in detail, but you might benefit from having everything in one place. For a quick overview of different plans and their prices, consult the table below.

Base PlanSpanish PlanNFL Sunday Ticket
100+ channels (including local NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX affiliates)Unlimited DVR space3 simultaneous streams6 household accounts14-day free trialAvailable add-ons.  30+ Spanish channels (Discovery en Español, FOX Deportes, etc.)Unlimited DVR space3 simultaneous streams6 household accounts14-day free trial.  Out-of-market Sunday afternoon gamesAvailable with and without NFL RedZoneCan be bought as a bundle with YouTube TV or as a standalone ticketNo 2-year contract required.
$72.99/month $64.99/month for the first three months$34.88/month
Bundle: $349 or $389 with RedZone Standalone: $449 or $489 with RedZone

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