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TikTok Troubles: A 2023 Guide to Appeal a Permanent Ban

Published August 10, 2023

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has its own guidelines and regulations to provide a fun and safe environment for all users. In other words, if you repeatedly break the community’s rules, TikTok will ban you.

But what happens if you are permanently banned from this popular app? All of your efforts, creativity, and followers vanish in an instant. It’s a harsh reality that many users face, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. We can help you understand the reasons why users get banned, the consequences of a permanent ban, and, most importantly, ways to appeal and potentially get back on TikTok.

Reasons for Being Banned

So, what can land you in hot water on TikTok? Here are several things that can result in a permanent ban.

  • Violating community guidelines: This includes things like hate speech, harassment, and bullying. TikTok takes the safety and well-being of its users very seriously and does not tolerate any behavior that goes against that. So, always be mindful of the language and tone you use on the app.
  • Copyright infringement: TikTok has strict rules around using copyrighted material, whether music or video content. You could find yourself banned if you’re caught using someone else’s content without permission.
  • Using third-party apps or services: TikTok has strict rules about using any third-party apps or services to gain an unfair advantage or automate actions on the platform. That can include bots to increase views and followers, as well as third-party services to boost your account.
  • Buying or selling accounts with fake views and followers: This is a big no-no on TikTok. The platform wants to maintain a level playing field for all users. Therefore, buying or selling fake accounts sporting an imaginary number of followers from shady marketplaces goes against that principle.
  • Creating multiple accounts: Trying to evade a ban or to gain an unfair advantage using multiple accounts is also not allowed.
  • Misrepresenting your age: TikTok’s terms of service require users to be at least 13 years old. If you’re found to be younger than that, your account will be banned.

What Happens If You Get Banned?

A permanent ban on TikTok can feel like a major setback, and for a good reason. The consequences of a ban can be severe and far-reaching. Here are a few of the most significant:

  • No longer being able to use the app: Once you’re banned, you won’t be able to access TikTok or any of its features. That means you won’t be able to create new videos, interact with other users, or even view your own content.
  • Losing your content and followers: All the videos, comments, and likes you’ve accumulated will be gone, and any followers you have will no longer be able to see your content.
  • Difficulty creating a new account: TikTok has sophisticated systems to detect banned users trying to create new accounts, and it can be difficult to bypass them, although not impossible.
  • Potential damage to reputation: Being banned can make it harder to gain new followers and viewers, and it can also make it harder to monetize your content.

How to Appeal a Ban

TikTok does offer a way for users to appeal their bans, and if done correctly, it may result in your ban being lifted. Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

1. Contact TikTok’s Support Team

The first step is to contact TikTok’s support team. You can do this by visiting the Help section of the app or on the TikTok website and submitting a request. Or you can open the notification you received about the ban and tap Appeal. In any case, you will need to provide your account information and the reason for your ban.

2. Provide Evidence to Support Your Case

When you contact TikTok’s support team, make sure you offer evidence to support your case. That could include screenshots, videos, or other documentation that shows you did not violate any guidelines or that the ban was a mistake.

3. Be Honest and Admit to Any Mistakes

If you did violate any guidelines, be honest and admit to your mistakes. Owning up to your mistake and showing that you understand why you were banned and are willing to change your behavior can make a big difference.

4. Ask Your Friends to Reshare Your Content

If none of the previous steps worked, you could ask your friends to reshare your other videos. That way, you will demonstrate to the company that you are no longer violating the Terms of Service.

It’s important to remember that the appeals process is not a guarantee, and even if you do everything correctly, your ban may still not be lifted. However, following these steps will increase your chances of success and help you get back the content you worked so hard to create.

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