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Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Posts in 2023

Published August 10, 2023

Interestingly enough, in a single day, 95 million new posts are uploaded to Instagram. Such a wealth of content is mind-boggling, and it’s hard to imagine how anyone could stand out with such competition.

And yet, some posts manage to rake in millions of likes, carving their URLs in Instagram history. As expected, most of those come from big celebrities, but even people with less influence stand a chance of reaching the top if they are creative enough. Take a look at our list of the top 10 most liked Instagram posts and see if you come across any surprises!

Messi Celebrating World Cup Victory (74,765,181 Likes)

The whole world watched on as Lionel Messi scored the winning goal for Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Afterward, the footballer had the honor of lifting the trophy for his country, and that’s when the legendary photo was snapped. Messi shared it on his Instagram, wrote a heartfelt caption, and the rest is history!

A Plain Old Egg (59,205,768 Likes)

That’s right, the most-liked Instagram post celebrates an epic victory of a grand scale, and the second most liked is… an egg. Is there anything special about this particular egg, you might ask?

Not at all, but Chris Godfrey, the owner of the @world_record_egg account, rallied the Internet in his quest to skyrocket this egg into stardom. And he certainly succeeded — the picture of an egg on the white background held the record as the most-liked post for 1436 days until Messi finally dethroned it.

Messi Sleeping With FIFA Trophy (54,446,697 Likes)

After a short break with the famous egg, we go back to Messi, who is dominating the list. This time, @leomessi is snuggling with his World Cup trophy, finally getting some well-deserved rest!

Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess (42,681,960 Likes)

Wherever Messi goes, likes seem to follow. The fourth entry on this list is a post by @cristiano, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess as a part of their Louis Vuitton campaign.

Messi on an Airplane With FIFA Trophy (41,831,930 Likes)

Separating Messi from his beloved trophy seems to be an impossible task. But considering how many likes each post featuring his win rakes in, it’s probably best that they stick together. We can’t wait to see where else we’ll catch this duo!

Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina (34,255,841 Likes)

Messi and the Argentinian national soccer team returned home in style, and thousands of proud Argentinians were there to greet them. Of course, @leomessi captured some of his favorite moments and once again made a post that earned him a spot on this list.

Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Al Nassr FC (34,168,770 Likes)

Right after the FIFA World Cup put a spotlight on footballers, Ronaldo signed a contract with the Saudi Professional League club Al Nassr FC. Club’s official account @alnassr_fc posted the announcement, and the likes just kept pouring in.

Cristiano After Portugal’s Elimination (34,065,916 Likes)

So far, all the posts related to FIFA have been celebratory, but @cristiano brings something new to the table. After Portugal’s elimination, the soccer player was, naturally, not happy. Instead of hiding his disappointment, Ronaldo posted it for the world to see, and people loved his honesty!

Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess, Part 2 (32,900,479 Likes)

If this post seems familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen the exact same one at number four. But this time, it’s @leomessi who posted it, earning his own spot on the list.

Ronaldo Is Having Twins (32,728,946 Likes)

After receiving news that they were about to become parents of twins, Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, came to Instagram with the announcement. Their joy and excitement must have been infectious as millions left hearts on the post!

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