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Genuine Story On How I Boosted My Instagram Account
Published on September 5, 2018

How about a dash of humour? You do have a sense of humor, don’t you? I do. It can’t be helped. It’s in my blood. I’m Irish, you see. Okay, no jokes from those of you sitting that side in the peanut gallery. Speaking of which. I’m munching on a couple of slices of fresh white bread smothered with a bit of peanut butter. It’s really delicious. And it’s also providing me with a bit of much needed energy. I’ve got a lot of work to get through before pumpkin time.

It has been one of those days. Perhaps it was last night’s fatigue. Or was it the night out on town. Okay, this time you may laugh. And yes, I have to acknowledge, it is your stereotypical Irish weakness. I’m also one of those who actually take such nights out a lot more moderately than the average guy. But sometimes, the excitement does get in the way. To speak of excitement and all things serious, this is how I went on to gain Instagram followers in a big way.

I mean, we’re talking seriously big numbers. The kind you only see from the rich and the famous. And its still kind of funny how it started. Instagram was already a year or two old while I was already blogging away for my bread and peanut butter. Given this social media platform’s meteoric rise in such a small space of time, I had to wonder why I hadn’t taken advantage of it before. Maybe it had to do with my profession.

And by now you would have figured that I ply my trade as a writer. So, how was Instagram going to be of any use to me? Where was I going to fill in all the text? Would I have space to tell the followers all I wanted to tell them? Or what my boss wanted me to tell them, let’s put it that way then. Well, the Instagram interface gives you plenty of room to have your say. But it’s emphasis is on making a visual impact.

It worked well for me. I ended up taking up photography as a new hobby. It was quite easy to learn how to take great pictures. I mean, have you seen how these smart mobile devices are built lately. Also, the Instagram tools are great as well. To give your viewers the perfect picture, you can basically go to town with your photo-shopping work. No, not buying photos. Although it’s something I’ve managed to get my followers to do. It’s a term that mostly graphic designers started using back in the day.

Speaking of buying, I had no alternative but to buy my followers in order to show viewers who could become potential spenders that I was officially on the map. Because of my numbers, I could become a serious contender to become one of the big players on the social media platform.

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Just How Well Do You Know Your Followers?
Published on September 4, 2018

Because there are going to be so many of them, just how are you going to ever know? Fortunately, your followers on Instagram are starting to get to know you a lot better than you would have thought possible. You should pat yourself on the back because it is all down to your hard work. And, well, it wasn’t even difficult to begin with. You put in the hours and you certainly have the mileage to show for it.

The proof is in the pudding. The stats on your Instagram platform counter bear this out. Conventionally, you would have seen new followers being added to your platform over a period of time, anything from weeks to months, but certainly never longer than a year. After all, your efforts do pay off and results do come your way. Alternatively, and particularly at the earliest stages of your business development and first social media marketing exercises, the numbers were reflected in your account in a matter of hours.

For those that did not know how these successful online entrepreneurs pulled this stunt off, this is how they did. You already knew that they worked hard and they utilized the farthest resources of their intellect very well indeed. Which meant that on occasion they would have done some rather smart and somewhat innovative and unconventional things that others would not have thought of doing before.

And if they had heard of the trick before, they were not buying into it. And it was to their own unfortunate cost because they bypassed and missed one of the oldest devices used by many a flourishing business practice, still to this day. In order to make inroads into their business roadmaps, these successful entrepreneurs picked up and bought friends and followers along the way. Yes, there were enticements and sugar coating.

Lots of sweet talks too, but the payoff was always going to be good. The entrepreneurs who have correctly been focusing their marketing and advertising campaigns on social media went and bought Instagram followers and likes if they were, correctly, utilizing this famous but highly effective platform. Instagram is interactive and visually resplendent. On the side of consumer focus, it is pleasing to the eye.

And the message gets across certainly. Loud and clear. It can hardly be missed. The Instagram tools are really great to work with. It only takes a few learning exercises to make the most out of them. Those entrepreneurs that had worked with YouTube before found that they were on the familiar ground when they signed up for Instagram. But pleasingly for them, the platform construction was streamlined neatly and easy to manage. Everything is for their own account and they are able to customize their platforms so that all followers and visitors will know who it is they are dealing with. Not Instagram but the successful entrepreneur.

All talk has been about them. But what about you? How far have you come with your development?

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Show To Tell Your Followers On Social Media
Published on September 3, 2018

It is one of the most regularly advised literary skills. The show, don’t tell. Having been a professional writer for well over ten years now, I happen to believe that this is truly effective. It’s a good skill to deploy if you are doing commercial copywriting work for an ad agency. And in recent months, I’ve seen how well this device works as I lure new social media followers for Instagram marketing purposes.

It is quite a different matter for those professionally involved in influencer marketing. This will be the case for those who are not promoting a particular commercial product or service. It is the case for those professional influencers who are endeavouring to make salient points on issues of the day. But like commercial copywriters, they will of course, still be utilizing their powers of persuasion. The strong message is also in the voice.

And from personal experience, I have gathered that it can take time to develop that assertiveness in your writing. Certainly the work and practice is not entirely easy, particularly if you have a friendly or docile style of writing that tends to come across as all flowery as in the case of just wishing to spread the love. For the purposes of promoting a good cause or just engaging in social, friendly banter, this is still acceptable.

Unless of course you are engaging with a group of close-knit friends who are familiar with each other’s crudities and will never be offended when the voice reaches fever pitch. For the new small business practitioner, this is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to attract attention from the public on your social media platform. People are faced with so much business and noise on their mobiles these days that they are hardly going to take note of a mousy squeak every now and then.

So, if you really want to place your little business in its proper lift off mode, do raise your voice from time to time. Show, don’t tell, but raise your voice so that everyone can hear you loud and clear. This will be done in words – and by that it does not mean that you must resort to upper case lettering all the way through, that can also be off-putting – but it will be even more effective when you actually do it physically.

This can be captured through your video voice message. And physically, you need to project yourself forward, standing up straight with shoulders positioned confidently, but never rigid like a statue all devoid of emotion. In order to sell your products and services on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube you need to show your new followers and viewers that you are enthusiastic about the work you have prepared for them and that when it needs to come down to brass tacks, you mean business. And that is another important thing; never be shy to talk about the money.

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Note On Why Buying Followers Is Good For Business
Published on August 30, 2018

For those of you who are just about ready to embark on your first ever social media marketing campaign to elevate your recently erected business, this may be news. It certainly was for me, especially considering that I was, not by nature but through personal circumstances, something of a penny pincher. As a newly christened small business practitioner, my ambition was to get more and more people to buy into my services.

As in actually paying for the goods. I have to tell you; I wasn’t getting by on just three or four clients a month. Bless their souls, they’re decent folks. Being a penny pincher, I was initially quite horrified to discover that in order to start growing my business to its desired level, I’d actually have to start spending some of my own money myself. This is what experienced small to medium sized business practitioners may define as their capital expenses account.

And to think, this was never going to be a once-off expenditure. The first set of tools I had was hardly adequate. Not only did I have to invest in a decent laptop with printer and scanner on a sidearm attached to my desk, I also had to give serious consideration to purchasing a smart mobile device. This is no toy, let me tell you. It’s one of the best weapons to help launch your small business into the social media stratosphere.

And then I discovered one of the oldest tricks that leading and established business owners had been implementing for years. In order to get the business they wanted, they went into buying mode. Not quite a shopping spree, that was something their clients would be embarking on, but these exemplary business leaders bought friends. Whatever happened to making friends in the good old fashioned and honest to goodness decent way.

It turns out that buying your friends for the purposes of selling your wares is as old as the hills. Come hell or high water, this was what I was going to do then. But much to my relief, I soon learned that it wasn’t all bad and it certainly wasn’t expensive either. In the context of effective social media marketing and how to get the best out of my Instagram account, I learned that it’s a good idea to start buying Instagram followers.

They may not necessarily be your future customers, well, a majority of them anyway, but they could act as effective drawcards for many other curious onlookers. In social media-speak, these are what you would refer to as your genuine or real followers. They are active customers purchasing from your online warehouse of goods and services. And as for all those followers I initially bought, I have to say that they’ve turned out to be the best darn marketers for my humble little business.

Well then, I hope this personal account on why it’s good for business to buy friends has been inspiring for you.

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Using Influence To Boost Genuine Social Media Following
Published on August 29, 2018

I am a man with strong opinions about the world around me. You may have desires too to tell it like it is, or at least how you believe things should be. But perhaps you are not yet sure you know how. Or if you can do this. Or even if you really want to. I’m here to tell you that all things are possible. And now that you have an Instagram platform up and running; you remember well the thrill of setting it up in the first place, don’t you, you’re also wondering how to earn a decent or genuine social media following.

Well, I’m here to tell you that sometimes you’ve got to assert yourself in ways that may sometimes surprise you. In other words, in order to gain influence with the outside world, you’ve got to be pragmatic (or realistic) and sometimes do things quite out of character. For instance, me spending money to buy real Instagram followers? Who would have thought. I have to admit that in the beginning I was a tad embarrassed with myself.

One minute I only had about fifty followers reflected on my platform, the next? Well, this is where it gets interesting. Perhaps you were expecting me to say; the next thing you know, I’ve got over a thousand supporters. From just 50 to 1000 in just a couple of hours. That is surreal in anyone’s books. Only a true goon would enjoy this and not think anything further of it. And nor will he be buying your message.

He has more than likely not even bothered to check. But serious-minded folks, those with every care in the world, likeminded folks with similar concerns about the world you live in. they would also like to make it a better place, but just do not know how. Your strong message will give them encouragement and positive ideas. Serious-minded folks will also take seriously the fact that this hard-working activist is already enjoying a following of, say, 350 followers.

It was achieved in a matter of weeks, not hours. You can time your purchases accordingly. It gives your platform a more realistic look. Yes, it is all quite shocking, but sometimes drastic measures need to be taken in order to attract people’s attention and get the message across as soon as possible. And that is great about this system. Your message could be seen by those you would like to see reading and viewing your material in a matter of minutes.

Not just hours or days, minutes. That is how fast this system works. And think what this may do in times of emergencies and stress? Instead of waiting until it is all too late, people could be helped. Dare I say it then that you could be saving lives. Well, I think I have given you more than enough strong motivation for one night. I need to leave you now and wish you well with your efforts.

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The Image Is Everything On Instagram
Published on August 28, 2018

There can be no better time than now to do this. These are interesting times. For many people out there, still quite unaccustomed to the internet as an everyday tool for business and their daily lives, these are frightening times. But most millennials out there will all concur that these times are also pretty exciting. Not quite a land of milk of honey for the beginners, the World Wide Web, and social media in particular, is a world of opportunity.

Not quite the safe haven that gold nuggets and cryptocurrencies are purported to be but your selected social media platform/s and the tools and accompaniments and marketing assortments that come with it could be contributing to your gilt-edged mine of riches. But because you are not quite at the level of successful entrepreneurs out there – those who show indications of six digit salaries – you should consider the option to buy Instagram likes cheapest from a reputable service provider closely associated with this famous social media brand.

This is necessary for you at this time. It is necessary for you for a number of reasons, all dependent on your current circumstances and financial status. One of the main reasons for adopting this strategy is that you need to start building on your brand awareness at the earliest opportunity. A good dash of fresh social media followers reflected on your platform while you publish your first bit of copywriting and visual stimulation already contributes to that brand build.

Many of the world’s leading companies have been using this strategy for years, long before Instagram became the genie out of the bottle that it is today. This instantaneousness – of getting a message out almost immediately, and reflecting a following in about the same amount of time – lets you connect with a new audience in far less time than it would had you chosen to go the route of door to door knocking, figuratively speaking.

Your commercial interests are paramount. By buying followers – just note that it is still only one effective technique to employ, there are others that you will need to work on – you will be able to achieve an early conversion of sales, and at a higher rate than previously expected. Having covered this instantaneity in the short time and space available, perhaps now would also be a good time to round off this post with a motivation on putting a bit more spit and polish into your social media marketing campaign.

While you will have the full support and convenience that Instagram and its collaborators’ technologies bring you, you are also required to keep your end of the bargain. Fortunately, the work gets easier for you. Instagram and the service providers that sell you your followers continue to give good advice on how to compose relevant error-free messages and how to produce truly stunning photographs and videos that get all new real folks quickly reaching out for the like button. And that is another thing. You can buy Instagram likes as well.

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To Buy Is A Positive Affirmation
Published on August 27, 2018

Historically, since capitalism becomes a well-practised ideal, stock market exchanges have always experienced their ups and downs. Fortunately, the major shocks were few and far between the escalating climbs. Could it be that a majority of stock pickers believed always in the positive affirmation to buy? Of course, it could not happen all of the time to all practical intents and purposes. One good time to buy is when the markets plunge. When this happens, panic spreads and a herd mentality takes hold.

Everyone across the board is simply just selling their shares and running for the hills. But then there are those who continue to calmly buck the trend. They just keep on buying. What goes down must surely go up again. And taking the long-term view into account, there is more value to be had at the end of the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow is where your pot of gold awaits you. Sure enough, gold is still regarded as a safe haven during times of panic, but you get the point. You’ll appreciate the point, even more, when you buy followers on Instagram.

That is to say that you are using this great platform to indulge yourself with personal needs or launch your small business to the next level and promote it to a medium-sized status. And as it is on the stock exchanges, the more you buy, the more you are set to gain. You’ve got more followers and likes than you could ever imagine. And that is another thing, you can buy your likes too. But in the social media context, while buying is a good philosophy to live by, so too is selling. That’s what you’ll be doing via your social media platform.

That’s assuming that you’re using it for the purposes of selling your business forward. Going forward. What a positive statement to be making if ever there was one. The purpose of buying followers, particularly during the early stages of your business development are well known. Established business practitioners adopt the line that this is a development that ties them over when there’s a downward trend in sales in their particular niche. Sometimes things happen through no fault of your own, and you would have been forgiven in feeling powerless in not being able to do anything about it.

The sage advice was always to just patiently wait it out until the storm passes as surely as it will. But in this hectic day and age, who has got the time. You’re usually using your social media platform to push the issue for new sales but if you’re going to adopt that fine lesson in procrastination, you can kiss those sales goodbye. While you were waiting, or rather, while you were sleeping, your would-be followers went and bought the goods from another online entrepreneur. The very same goods! Nicked right from under your nose! And in the nick of time too.

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Help
Published on August 23, 2018

I am a nice guy. I am a reasonably well-liked guy. I have a hearty circle of friends and a large family.

I have a respectable number of Instagram followers.

I’m also a writer. As a writer publishing through small publishing houses, and independent presses, I do most of my marketing myself.  I count on my social media accounts to help get my name out there, generate interest in my work, and yes, I count on them to sell my books.

I have a decent number of Instagram followers.

So, let’s review: I’m a nice guy with good family and friend support. I’m a writer who relies on his Instagram profile to make his publishing dreams a reality.  For me, Instagram followers literally mean potential readers, possible fans, and hopefully, money in the bank.

For my dreams to come true as a writer, I need Instagram followers. I need huge numbers of Instagram followers.

When singers and athletes have Instagram followers numbering in the millions, and in some elite cases, with numbers entering the hundred-million-plus Instagram follower range, a guy like me—nice and as reasonably liked as I am—needs help. Let’s face it. I need major help.

I am deeply thankful for companies who offer to help me gain Instagram followers. I have now decided to proudly patronize those companies who will help me increase the number of my Instagram followers.

Their prices are reasonable. Their service is invaluable. What they offer is honourable, and positive. These companies give everyday people, average joes like me a chance to compete in a world dominated by mega-celebrities and entertainment giants.

Do I believe in my writing? Yes! Do I believe in myself? Affirmative!

I believe that the words that I write, and the value of the artistry of my work are worth being shared, purchased, and shared some more, among a wider and wider circle of people. Gaining Instagram followers is one integral way I can get my work purchased and shared.

Purchasing Instagram followers is an honest, savvy way for me to boost my social media footprint. The companies that sell Instagram followers are entrepreneurs who are willing to help a fellow dreamer achieve a voice that can be heard over the cacophony of shouts in the crowded public square we share today. These companies offer a service that will help me find and maintain a vital presence in the frenetic marketplace of ideas and products.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms aren’t just for teenagers taking selfies with their besties, or parents posing with their children on the beach. Social media also exists to promote art, culture, and consumerism. The world of social media is just as competitive as the real world. In our world today, the world of social media is the real world.  It’s a competitive world. It’s all about surviving long enough to enjoy the thriving. In this world, I need help. I’m grateful to get it.

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Like Me, Please
Published on August 22, 2018

A large amount of focus is being given these days on the number of followers a person, company, or group has on social media. I understand this focus, completely. In the social media world, the more followers you have, the more relevant you are. The more followers you have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other platforms, the deeper your imprint, and the louder your digital voice.

All this focus on the number of followers might be missing the point, though. What if I have thousands of followers, but very few likes on Instagram?

What could be more damaging to a brand, be it a personal brand or a corporate brand: many followers with few likes, or fewer followers with many likes? What about a healthy ratio of followers to likes?

Far be it from me to argue that the number of followers on Instagram isn’t important. I can’t make that argument. Your number of followers on Instagram is key to your success on Instagram or any social media site.  I do argue though, that likes on Instagram are perhaps as important as the number of followers.

Of course, the more followers you have, the more likely you are to generate tons of likes on Instagram. It is possible, however, to have followers, but for your posts to not really capture the imaginations or the hearts of those followers.

There are services that help you buy Instagram followers. There is nothing wrong with this widely-used practice. These companies offer real followers, at very reasonable prices. These followers will engage your social media content, so both critical needs are taken care of: your follower count goes up, and your posts gain likes.

Real Instagram followers equal real human hearts; these hearts that can be touched, and engage with your posts. Those heartfelt engagements are likes. A like on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter shows an investment of time and feelings. A like is a virtual wink or a hug.

How does one get hugged by their Instagram followers? How do we receive the love of our fellow social media users, the love which comes from those precious likes?

From one human being to another, let me tell you what I like on Instagram. From one social media user to another, let me tell you what makes me give out positive, affirming likes on Instagram.

I like very human posts, posts that are vulnerable but not exhibitionist; posts that are heartfelt but not sappy. I like posts with children and dogs.  I like posts where parents and dog owners express wonder, praise, and love for their children and furries. I don’t like posts where those parents and owners make grandiose claims about the beauty or talent of her human or canine kids. I like the love, presented authentically, and somehow humbly.

I like the posts that express support for a team or a cause that don’t make me feel less than if the team or the cause isn’t my own.

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4 Ways to Attract More Faces to Your Social Media Accounts
Published on August 21, 2018

Social media makes business marketing so much easier than it was at one time. Nowadays, a simple post instantly reaches every customer who follows you on social media and logs into their account. No matter the industry, business size, or length of time in business, social network marketing is a technique you simply cannot miss if you want to expand your business name and horizons.

Creating a profile/page is easy, no matter which of the networking sites you wish to be a part of. Most business owners participate in a few different sites since each has so many unique attributes to offer. For example, Instagram is a popular site for companies who want to reach millennials. Most of the users are under 30. Facebook has a broad spectrum of people of all backgrounds. Entertainers seem to fare well-sharing videos on YouTube. Once you decide which of the sites you want to use, you must take every step possible to attract new faces and fans your way.

Whether you want to let the world know that you exist, share important information, or advertise a sale or promotion, it is easy to do with a few clicks of the mouse. But, do not spontaneously post on your pages or you risk boring your fans. Instead, wisely choose the best photos and content to offer to those who follow you.

The more fans and followers that are with you on social media, the larger your audience and the bigger the possibilities. The question is how to get followers. The answer to how to get Instagram followers fast is to buy them. A purchase of followers is inexpensive and will give your account the numbers it needs to attract the Insta-loving millennials that you want.

Once you have a base, you can get new fans by posting quality content, engaging on a regular basis, and providing information that others want. There are a few more ways to attract more faces to your account, including:

  1. Make it Fun: Whether you offer a silly meme or a fun game, keep things on your accounts fun and interesting for those who see your posts. Remember to post information tailored to your audience!
  2. Contests: Nothing attracts eyes your way faster than a contest. Offer a good prize and an easy social media entry and it is possible to build many new fans in the process.
  3. Unique Content: Give fans a reason to follow you on social media and provide them with unique content and offers and first looks at products that others do not get. They’ll appreciate this and it certainly keeps things interesting and exciting.
  4. Engage: No matter the site, the hour of the day, or the topic at hand, make sure that you engage with your audience regularly. Not only does this make a more exciting page, it shows fans that you’re interested in them and that is important to do if you want to capture loyal fans who follow your brand.
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