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Buy Instagram Likes and Followers Online
Published on September 3, 2016


Buy Instagram Likes and Followers Online

You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy Instagram likes and followers, as Buzzoid is the industry pioneer, launching back in 2011 and successfully delivering well over one million orders to customers located all over the world. We service regular people that want to jump start their Instagram profile, as well as world famous celebrities and major brands that use our services to help increase their profile engagement and following.

Instagram is already one of the most popular social media platforms, and now with the introduction of “Stories,” which is a direct copy of Snapchat’s “Stories,” it will only become more popular. Now that users can do essentially the same thing on Instagram that they were using Snapchat for, it’s going to cause many of them to use Instagram more as there is no need to close the app and open Snapchat now.

As Instagram use per day increases across the board, more people are going to start focusing on building up their profile, which means an increased number of users that will want to buy Instagram likes and followers in order to make their Instagram presence look strong.

There is a lot you need to know about the pros and cons about buying followers and likes, as well as what you need to look for in a provider. Continue reading below for a quick Instagram educational crash course.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Likes and Followers

The main reason people buy Instagram likes and followers is so make their profiles look popular. In today’s world, social media status tells people how popular you are. Times have changed, and we often turn to digital footprints to get a sense of what someone is like, completely ignoring real life interaction.

So, if someone looks at your Instagram account and they see you only have 98 followers they will immediately judge you as unpopular. Is that fair? No, but in the digital world we live in today, it’s the norm. When you buy Instagram likes and followers it gives off the impression that you are popular and it gives potential followers the confidence to click that “follow” button.

The same concept applies to businesses that are marketing on Instagram. If they have just a handful of followers they will be perceived as unpopular, where as a company profile with hundreds of thousands of followers will give off the impression that they are a popular brand. Consumers make this assumption without even taking in the quality of the service or products offered. It’s amazing how influential a large social following alone can be.

Potential Problems When You Buy Instagram Likes and Followers

The only problems that will arise when you buy Instagram likes and followers is when you purchase them from a poor quality supplier. Follows and likes that come from profiles that look fake can hurt your efforts and label your account as a spammy profile. You need to make sure the accounts have realistic names, profile pictures, bios, and posts of their own.

What if you looked at one of your followers and saw that the account didn’t have a profile and didn’t have any pictures posted, but they followed 200,000 people. How bad would that look? It would have a negative impact on your social media presence. Sadly, many experience this because they buy from a seller that isn’t experienced or simply doesn’t care about the quality of his or her service.

Buzzoid takes a great deal of price in what we deliver, so order with confidence knowing you will receive the highest quality Instagram followers and likes at an affordable price.


Best Strategy to Use When You Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

If you are starting fresh, buy Instagram likes and followers to make your profile look popular from the start. It’s a great building block that many people have successfully used to create a very popular Instagram page. If you have an existing account, buy Instagram likes and followers to help spark more organic growth. When people see your numbers increase they become more active.

When you are buying Instagram followers from a reputable seller like us, you don’t have to worry about people identifying your profile as one that uses purchased followers. They look real, and will only help your popularity soar.

Why Buzzoid is Your #1 Source for Instagram Followers and Likes


While our delivery times are the fastest in the industry, turn around time alone isn’t going to benefit your Instagram account. The quality of our followers is what makes us the top choice among those looking to buy Instagram likes and followers. Our customers understand the importance of buying followers and likes from accounts that look real. That’s why over one million orders have trusted us to handle their Instagram growth needs.

Our process has been fine tuned since our inception back in 2011, allowing us to provide the highest quality followers available for purchase. Aside from real followers, we offer the next best thing, which is designed to help you grow your Instagram account quickly. If you have any questions, please contact our support department, which is available 24/7 to assist you.


When you buy Instagram likes and followers it can really help your account grab the attention of other users, attracting real followers and engagement. Use our services as a foundation to build a strong Instagram profile from, and then continue to mix them in with your organic growth to ensure that your profile is always improving.
You can click here to see everything we offer, with prices and quantities to fit every budget and need. Place your order now and all of the Instagram followers and likes you purchase will be delivered within the hour. We never take longer than 60 minutes to complete an order, and most are delivered almost instantly. You won’t find a higher quality service with lightning fast delivery, so order now and watch your Instagram profile transform into a popular account, attracting new followers and engagement.

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How to Buy Instagram Followers Online
Published on August 30, 2016


How to Buy Instagram Followers Online

Many people search Google daily, wanting to know how to buy Instagram followers in an effort to increase their account following and make it appear to be popular and one that others should be following as well.

This leads them to an almost endless supply of websites that are offering Instagram followers for a wide range of prices, along with drastically varying claims. There are some websites that claim to be able to add real followers to your account as long as you provide them with your account password. This is a huge red flag.

First off, it is impossible to deliver real active followers. Real looking, yes, but actual followers that will comment on your posts and like them would be impossible. So, if you see a website offering genuine real followers you can be certain that it’s a scam and the only guarantee is you losing your hard earned money.

Then, you will also come across websites that are hosted on free template websites, like Blogger and Wix. Again, this is a major red flag. If a company can’t afford a proper website and paid hosting how legitimate do you think they are? When it comes time to learn how to buy Instagram followers, there is only one choice you should consider: Buzzoid.

Here are just a few reasons why you should trust us with your Instagram followers, likes, and views:

  • We have been in this industry since the beginning and have withstood the test of time. Try to find another provider that has been around longer than us; you can’t. We are the pioneers and have developed systems to ensure we always outperform the competition.
  • Throughout the years we have processed more than one million orders, delivering each one to a satisfied customer. We are the largest volume Instagram service provider in existence.
  • Our turnaround time can’t be matched. Every single order that is placed through our website is completed in full within the hour. So, no matter what you purchase, you can be certain that in less than 60 minutes it will be completed.
  • We want to make sure everyone looking to discover how to buy Instagram followers online has all of their questions answered. This is why we offer 24/7 support, a feature that others simply do not. We care about all of our customers and make ourselves available for pre-purchase and post-purchase questions.

Are you looking to buy? Here is how you can do it in minutes!

How to Buy Instagram Followers Online with Buzzoid

Our ordering process is very simple. Honestly, we couldn’t make it any easier if we tried. Simply select the number of Instagram followers you would like to buy, enter in your Instagram username and your email address, complete the payment, and then sit back and wait for your high quality Instagram followers to be delivered quickly.

There isn’t an easier way to buy Instagram followers online; it’s a process that we have perfected since we started, back in 2011. Over the years we have streamlined our checkout experience, to ask for the least amount of information, and deliver the fastest results and highest quality Instagram followers available.


3 Reasons You Should Buy Instagram Followers

1. Instant Credibility: You might have a great account and post amazing content, but if your follower count is low you aren’t going to attract many more followers. Building an Instagram following is a lot like rolling a snowball up a mountain. In the beginning it is very difficult. It’s a slow growth process that requires a lot of work. But, as you keep going, it starts to build up, and then once you are at the top of the mountain the ride down is easy and it builds even faster.

A brand new account with 67 followers isn’t going to command any attention, while an account with 110K followers will catch the eye and at least get people to take a deeper look. Curiosity alone will get people to look through your content. So, not only is an impressive follower count important, but you must also have interesting content that triggers the individual to hi the “follow” button. Follower count is important, but it will only get views to your profile. The actual content is what triggers the organic follower.

2. Gain Traction Immediately: If you buy Instagram followers you skip the growing pains stage, and instantly look popular, which helps you attract real follower much sooner than you would if you tried to grow naturally. This benefits both personal accounts and those that represent a business. Friends and consumers alike want to be associated only with things that are perceived as being popular and trendy.

3. Mix in with Organic Growth: You should consider buying Instagram followers even when you are experiencing strong natural organic growth. A surge in followers will spark an even larger organic growth rate. It’s a good practice to add our followers in on a regular basis. With more than one million orders placed, it’s no secret that many celebrities and companies continue to use our followers to compliment their organic growth. Because of the high quality followers we provide, they are able to attract more real fans, which creates priceless engagement everyone craves.

Final Thoughts

Buying Instagram followers will help make your page look popular, but as mentioned previously, your content must be engaging. You might buy 100K followers, but without attracting real followers, your page engagement will be little to nothing. You don’t want to have thousands of followers and no likes and comments. So, spend the extra time to attract real Instagram followers by posting great content and using hashtags, clever captions and geo-location tagging. Make it a point to attract new real followers daily.

Well, you wanted to know how to buy Instagram followers, and now you know. When you are ready to instantly increase your follower count, click here and select one of our many options. Your order will be delivered in its entirety within minutes. Feel free to contact our support department 24/7 if you have any questions.

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Buy Instagram Followers. Review Our Track Record.
Published on August 26, 2016


Buy Instagram Followers. Review Our Track Record.

There are many options when you search for a service that allows you to buy Instagram followers. Review the company’s history before placing an order, because ordering from the wrong service provider can result in low quality, spammy looking accounts following you, which can have a negative impact on your Instagram’s growth. Not only this, but there are many fraudulent companies that spring up daily that have no intention of delivering what you order. They will collect your money and then disappear, only to open up shop under a new name to repeat their scam.

While you can’t always be protected 100% from unscrupulous companies, there are things you can do to best protect yourself and your account when you buy Instagram followers. Review the online reputation of the company and look into their guarantee, for starters. Below, we will give you some tips that will help you understand what you should be looking for in a company.

When You Buy Instagram Followers, Review The Companies Guarantee

There is nothing worse than placing an order for Instagram followers, only to wait almost a week for them to start appearing, and even worse, having your order not fully delivered. Sadly, many companies don’t take what they do seriously, resulting in poor delivery times and incomplete orders.

It’s always a good idea to look into the company before you order, and thanks to Google, this process will only take a couple of minutes. When you have identified a place to buy Instagram followers, review them online. Running the company name and website address through a search will pull up the information you need in order to make an educated decision.

After that, read through the website and see what kind of guarantee they offer. If they don’t have a visible guarantee that is a major red flag. For example, here at Buzzoid our guarantee reads:

We want to leave a lasting impression on our clients. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality or delivery of your order, tell us. We’ll refund any order that isn’t fulfilled.”

We are so confident in the quality and speed of our service that we back every order with this satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which has helped us become the leading provider in this industry. We care about every customer, regardless of the order size. When you buy Instagram followers from us, you can do so with complete confidence.


When You Buy Instagram Followers, Review The Delivery Time

Delivery time is something that not many people even consider when ordering Instagram services. If you don’t pay attention to this detail, you could be waiting forever to receive your followers, likes, or views. A lot of the providers are re-sellers, meaning they are ordering from another company and acting as a third party middleman broker. This means that they have zero control over delivery, and even more importantly, quality.

We are in control of every order, and own all of the Instagram accounts used to follow, like, and view accounts and posts. Because of this, we are able to deliver these services almost instantly, every single time. We don’t have to rely on any other companies, giving us full control. Every order is delivered, in its entirety, in less than an hour. Yes, that’s right. In less than 60 minutes your complete order will be fulfilled, with the highest quality Instagram followers or engagement, including likes and views.

Why is delivery time important?

If you are just starting your Instagram account then you are buying Instagram followers to make your account appear popular, which is a strategy that will allow you to attract real followers almost immediately. The last thing you want is for these “starter” followers to take forever to show up. Sometimes you have a popular post that you want to boost even faster, so ordering likes and views will help, but time is of the essence. Buzzoid ensures that whatever you order will be delivered in under an hour. You other Instagram follower service can match our speed.

When You Buy Instagram Followers, Review The Companies Track Record

When you are looking to buy Instagram followers, you aren’t going to come across a company that will tell you that they have unhappy customers. That would be suicide marketing. The trouble is there are far too many new companies popping up that offer these services that have no business doing so. They have their own practices that lack quality or they re-sell from someone else, which prevents them from having any quality control system in place.

We have serviced well over one million orders since we launched several years ago. Common sense tells you that if a company is still around and dominating the industry and has more than one million orders delivered, they clearly have a strong track record.

Saying that you cannot buy Instagram followers from another provider with the same confidence you can when doing business with Buzzoid isn’t self boasting. In terms of quality and sheer volume, nobody comes close to us. This is something that is clear as day after checking out the competition. So, if you are ready to elevate your Instagram presence, read below and place your order with confidence, knowing you are working with the top provider of Instagram followers, likes, and views.

Instead of rolling the dice on another company, trust Buzzoid for your Instagram needs.

You aren’t going to find a more trustworthy or professional Instagram services provider. Here at Buzzoid, we take great pride in every customer and every order, which is why we have more than 1 MILLION satisfied orders. In this industry, providers come and go, almost overnight. We have been here from the beginning, and continue to be the leading provider of Instagram followers, likes, and views. If you are ready to experience the highest quality and the fastest delivery, check out our available packages and place your order today. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

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Where to Buy Active Instagram Followers
Published on August 22, 2016


Where to Buy Active Instagram Followers

Everyone would love to buy active Instagram followers and see instant engagement on their posts. It would be nice if you could buy thousands of Instagram followers and see your likes and comments increase right away. While it sounds nice, this isn’t how it works unfortunately.

Buying Instagram followers is like laying the foundation for a house you are going to build. You need a solid base to start with, and then build up form there. When you purchase Instagram followers it will make your profile appear to be popular, which will make real followers comfortable about following you. Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from buying Instagram followers:

  • Businesses: Your customers want to connect with brands that are popular. If you take a look at an Instagram account for a local mom and pop shop, they might have 100 followers, but then a big national brand might have several hundred thousand followers.

The national brand will continue to attract real followers because they see other people are following them. Nobody wants to be left out in the dark. Sadly, the mom and pop shop will stay at 100 followers because their account doesn’t appear to be popular. Now, if they purchased Instagram followers and made their account look popular, more of their actual customers will follow them. Buying followers helps you attract what you really want: more real Instagram followers.

  • Individuals: If you are a business personality or you want to promote your company through your personal account, you need to look popular. Heck, some people only use Instagram for fun, but they still want to be perceived as being popular. In reality, life is a popularity contest, and our Instagram followers can help anyone be the most popular person within his or her Instagram circle. Your friends and their friends are all going to want to follow you, the same way everyone wants to follow Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Popularity attracts!


Find Out What Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Followers!

Followers You Buy Aren’t Going to Be Active

People search to buy active Instagram followers every day, but it’s important to know that what you buy is just for looks. While it serves a purpose, attracting real followers, you must know that the followers you buy will not be active. They will not comment on your content, nor will they like anything. Buying Instagram followers needs to be looked at as a tool to attract organic growth.

There are some providers that will lie to your face and tell you that they are selling you active Instagram followers, when in reality they are fake accounts. There is no doubt that the Instagram followers we deliver are the realest looking available, and they will fool everyone. But, with that being said you have to understand that they are there for show and to attract real people.

Even though the followers won’t be engaging, there are still several reasons why you should buy Instagram followers to kick start your account growth:

  • Instant Popularity: We deliver all Instagram followers within an hour, meaning you can be instantly popular almost right away. Impress your friends and attract interest overnight. Also, if your account is experiencing a growth stall, add some followers and watch it get back on track, attracting plenty of new real followers.
  • No “Waiting” Game: One of the advantages of buying Instagram followers is eliminating the waiting game one would typically experience with a brand new account. Since people tend to only follow popular accounts, it could take you a long time to build up momentum. Gaining your first 100 followers is harder than going from 100,000 to 200,000 followers. You can add followers to your profile instantly, and skip the growing pains of a 100% natural account.
  • Real Looking: Many people are skeptical about buying Instagram followers because they don’t want it to be obvious. Yes, if you buy low quality followers that don’t have posts or followers of their own they will look real fake. You can be assured that every follower we deliver will look 100% real, from the profile image and bio, to the follower/following ratio and content posted. When someone looks at your profile they will assume your entire following is genuine.

Attract Active Instagram Followers After Buying Followers

While you can’t technically buy active Instagram followers, you can use your newly acquired following to attract real followers that will provide you with the engagement you are after. The last thing you want to do is have a massive following and then post content that receives no comments or likes. That will raise a major red flag and act as repellant, keeping real people from following your account. You don’t want to appear to be a spam account.

Buy Instagram followers when the account is new, so you have instant popularity, but then focus on attracting natural growth so you start to generate authentic post engagement. Once you have some real followers, use these strategies to attract more:

Ask for Tags: When you post content, ask your followers to tag a certain number of their friends that they think would find it useful. This is a great way to easily get more people to view your profile, and hopefully start to follow you. For example, if you posted a motivational quote, ask your followers to tag three friends that could use the motivation. Do this consistently and watch your real followers increase quickly.

Use Hashtags: Many users search hashtags to find content. Make your posts easily found by including a few relevant hashtags. You don’t want to go overboard, but three to five per post won’t look spammy.

Use Location Tags: Use popular location tags when applicable. If you are out to eat at a popular restaurant, tag them in the location, as many people will search locations to see what else was posted from there. It’s an easy way to attract real users to your profile.

Ready to experience explosive Instagram growth? Click here to explore the many packages we offer, delivering the highest quality Instagram followers, likes, and views available.

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Buy Instagram Followers Without Providing Login Access
Published on August 18, 2016


Buy Instagram Followers Without Providing Login Access

If you are looking to buy Instagram followers it’s important that you only work with providers that can deliver quality followers without requiring your login details. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there that are designed to steal Instagram accounts. It happens more often than it should, and it’s because people get lured by offers that are too good to be true.

When you buy Instagram followers it’s important that you understand what you are getting and what the benefit of purchased followers is. The majority of people that are buying Instagram followers are doing so because they want their personal or business account to appear popular from the start.

Let’s face it, if you come across an Instagram account with 4 followers you aren’t going to be impressed, right? You automatically assume the person is boring and won’t have anything interesting to share or if it’s a business account you assume they aren’t going to provide anything of value.

Buying followers for your Instagram account allows you to start with a respectable amount of followers, which will allow you to naturally attract new, legitimate followers, by practicing some basic strategies.

You could be posting amazing and interesting pictures and using the correct hashtags, but if your follower count is low very few people will want to engage with your content. A lot of our customers will buy Instagram followers on a regular basis and mix them in with their natural organic real followers. This is a great strategy that many people, including celebrities and major brands, have used to grow their accounts into huge successes.

Yes. Famous celebrities also buy followers, but only from quality sources!

Do You Get Real Followers When You Buy Instagram Followers?

There are a lot of providers that advertise “real” followers, but it’s important to know how real followers are truly gained, as opposed to authentic looking followers. If you are a famous celebrity fans are going to seek out your Instagram and follow you. Someone like Kim Kardashian constantly has new followers seeking to add her. If you aren’t a celebrity, you can do buy shout outs and hope that the people advertising your profile have enough influence to convince some of their followers to also follow your account.

Shout outs are expensive and not that effective, especially if you have a low follower count to start. Buying Instagram followers allows you to add accounts that look real from the outside looking in. A quick glance will have someone think that you have a large authentic following and that will give them enough confidence in your profile to also follow you. While buying followers won’t generate any real engagement, it will help you attract real followers that will like your pictures. You should look at buying Instagram followers as a marketing tool to help you attract real followers that add value.


Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

There are several reasons why you should buy Instagram followers to kick start your social media marketing and personal brand building, including:

  • You can appear to have a decent sized following as soon as you create your account. This will give you a jump start because it will help you attract real followers quickly right from the beginning. If you build up an account naturally it can take forever to build momentum because people are apprehensive about following accounts with very few followers, unless we are taking about your close friends and family members. Outside of them it will be hard to attract genuine followers.
  • You can mix in purchased followers as your account naturally grows, causing an even more rapid growth rate. For example, if you are attracting 2,000 real followers every month, buy an additional 2,000 followers a month and your account will appear twice as popular, while still receiving natural engagement from your real organic followers.
  • It’s instant. If you had the goal of attracting 10,000 followers it could take you years to do it starting off with zero, but if you want, you can buy Instagram followers and have 10,000 within hours. Fast and dependable delivery is just a click away. If you want to buy Instagram followers, click here to view our available plans.

How to Prevent Being Scammed

You never want to give anyone your password when buying Instagram followers. It’s a major red flag if you are asked for that information. Never give out your password, because you then make it easy for someone to change the email address linked to your account and reset all account recovery options. They will then change your password and you will loose your Instagram account forever.

Here are some tips to avoid being scammed when you buy Instagram followers:

  • Never give out your password to anyone that asks for it. We never require your sensitive login details, only your account username, to deliver quality Instagram followers almost instantly.
  • Don’t fall for offers that sound too good to be true. While our followers all appear to be real, you aren’t going to experience any video views or picture likes from these followers. They are to be used to help you jump start your account or help build it, along with a strategy to attract real followers. If someone says they can add real followers that will engage with your content, but they need your password to do it, run far away and fast. They are only trying to steal your account.
  • Always pay with a credit card or PayPal so you are protected as a buyer. There are a lot of providers that can’t deliver or they are relying on other vendors to handle the orders. This causes problems and if you pay with an unsecure method you have nothing to fall back on in the event that you need to dispute the purchase because you didn’t receive what you ordered.

So, if you are looking to buy Instagram followers and want to be assured that you receive nothing buy quality authentic looking followers, delivered at lightning fast speed, click here to place your order now.

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Where to Buy Cheap Instagram Followers Online
Published on August 14, 2016


Where to Buy Cheap Instagram Followers Online

Are you looking to buy cheap Instagram followers to make your profile appear to be popular? If so, you have come to the right place. We are the industry leaders, providing the highest quality Instagram followers available, delivered almost instantly after the order is placed.

There is a secret to famous Instagram accounts – they all buy high quality followers!

Why You Should Buy Cheap Instagram Followers

There is often a big debate surrounding the topic of purchased followers. Some will say that they weren’t earned naturally, due to posting interesting content, but then there are others that understand that it’s a strategy designed to help accounts get off the ground and pick up momentum.

Answer this question: Would you follow an account that you came across if they just had 10 followers? No, you wouldn’t, because there is no indication that the Instagram profile is popular. They could have posted a very meaningful motivational quote or a funny meme, but without a strong following it will appear to be unpopular, no matter how great the content is.

We live in a society that wants to be connected to things that are popular. When a post or picture goes viral, everyone rushes to share it because they want to appear to be “in the know” and up on current trends. The same psychology applies to social media accounts. Think of how many people follow popular celebrities on social media. They aren’t even friends with them in real life, but they want to be connected to them in order to feel connected to what is popular in the world.

This is the same reason many accounts want to buy cheap Instagram followers; they want to make their profile look popular, which will naturally attract more real followers. Did you know that many of the celebrity Instagram accounts have purchased followers, as well? They do this to inflate their accounts even more, which has a snowball effect, attracting even more real followers. They leverage the power of cheap Instagram followers to attract real ones that will engage with their profile. Over time, this results in having a major impact on their comments and likes.


How to Buy Cheap Instagram Followers

We make buying cheap Instagram followers a very simple process here at Buzzoid. You simply select the number of followers you would like to add to your Instagram account, place your order, and then sit back and watch them follow you. Every single order that we deliver, regardless of how big or small, is completed fully within one hour of it being placed. There is no delay and no waiting a week for your followers to arrive. The quality of our followers are so good that nobody will know you purchased followers to increase your popularity.

A large number of providers will deliver followers that have incomplete profiles that don’t even feature a profile image or any posts. Those set off a red flag and make your account look suspicious.

We have delivered over one million orders, with many repeat buyers, because of the quality service we provide. Whether you want to buy Instagram followers to jump start a brand new account, or sprinkle in some followers here and there as you organically grow your account, we have you covered.

If you are ready to buy cheap Instagram followers and don’t want to finish reading this blog post, simply click here and you can have your new high quality followers in less than one hour. How is that for delivery time?

Dangers of Buying Cheap Instagram Followers from Other Providers

It’s important that you only buy Instagram followers from reputable providers with a long history of delivering nothing buy quality. We are the industry leader, with more than one million orders completed. Some of the dangers of buying from other websites include:

  • Spammy Looking Followers: The point of buying cheap Instagram followers is to make your profile look popular, so the quality of the followers you purchase play a big role in that goal. If they look fake, you will actually push away real people from following you. The last thing you want to do is have thousands of followers with incomplete profiles and profile names that look fake, created from name generator software. When you order from us, be assured that none of the accounts will look spammy. We know the importance of keeping the fact that you bought followers a secret. Ours look so real that your audience will never know.
  • Incomplete Orders: If you order 10,000 followers, that is what you expect to receive. Not 9,800 and you surely don’t want to have thousands of your followers disappear because Instagram deletes the profiles. They are constantly on the lookout for fake profiles that are used for following. The fact that our followers are of the highest quality and look real keeps them live and active. You will always receive the exact number of Instagram followers you order, every time.
  • Long Delivery Time: You don’t want to wait a week to receive your followers, right? Well, a large majority of companies that sell Instagram followers don’t control and own the accounts. They are re-selling and because of this they don’t have full control over the order. This will usually create delays and problems. We control everything, which enables us to complete all order is less than an hour.
  • Password Access: You NEVER want to give someone your password when you buy cheap Instagram followers. If someone asks you for your password, they could easily steal your account. We never ask for any sensitive information. The only thing we need is your Instagram username and we can deliver your followers. Your account is always 100% safe and in your full control when you order from us.

Make your Instagram profile appear to be popular, which will attract new real engagement, by ordering Instagram followers here. If you have any questions, either before or after your purchase, please contact our support team. We have representatives available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. We can’t wait for you to experience the quality of our Instagram followers!

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Buy Instagram Followers Instantly Online
Published on August 10, 2016



Buy Instagram Followers Instantly Online

If you want to buy Instagram followers instantly, then you have come to the right place. We have been providing the highest quality Instagram followers since 2001, delivering more than one million orders to satisfied customers all over the world.

When you buy Instagram followers, you want them delivered as quickly as possible, right? Of course you do! Everyone craves instant popularity, whether it’s to impress friends and random strangers, or attract people to your business. We live in a society that demands instant results, and when you order from Buzzoid you can rest assured that your order will be delivered in less than 60 minutes, often times within just a few minutes.

Find out why buying quality Instagram followers is what winners do!

Buy Instagram Followers Instantly with Confidence

There are a lot of bad companies in this industry, and sometimes it can be hard for the average consumer to differentiate the bad providers from the good ones. Don’t risk wasting your time and money with a company that could potentially deliver low quality followers, or even just disappear without sending you any Instagram followers.

Go with a trusted source that has been around since Instagram launched, Buzzoid. We are no strangers to this game, and as the pioneer of Instagram followers, likes and views, there isn’t a more reliable option available. Buy Instagram followers instantly from Buzzoid and get the fastest delivery and the highest quality followers, helping to elevate your account to a higher level, which you need to attract real followers.

High Quality Instagram Followers

Quality is so important when you buy Instagram followers instantly, because the wrong kind of followers can have an instant negative impact on your account and create a mess that’s impossible to fix. You see, some follower providers will mass create accounts with software, with zero regard for the profile name, bio or account image. If you looked at someone’s followers and saw nothing but strange names and no profile pictures what would you thing? You would know they bought all of their Instagram followers!

We create all of our Instagram accounts to the highest standard, ensuring that you will never be accused of buying Instagram followers. If someone is interested in your account and happens to click on your followers, they will see what appears to be 100% real and genuine Instagram followers. Nothing will draw attention to your followers, like a name that doesn’t make sense or a blank profile. When you order our high quality Instagram followers the only people that will know is you and us; your secret is safe.

Instant Instagram Followers Help Grow Your Profile

Our ability to deliver instant Instagram followers can benefit your account growth and promotion two ways:

Attract Real Instagram Followers to Brand New Accounts: If you start a new account there is a steep growth curve, because nobody wants to follow a brand new account. If you fill your profile up with a lot of content and then buy Instagram followers instantly, you are able to look like a seasoned popular account within an hour. When you order Instagram followers from us, they are delivered within an hour, so your biggest task will be filling your profile with great content. We see a lot of people make the mistake of posting worthless “fill” but that won’t help. You need great content that people can look through. Then, when they see stuff they connect with that leads to likes, comments, and then tagging friends.

Add Instagram Followers to Compliment Organic Growth: Everyone wants to attract real Instagram followers that will like and comment, making their account look very popular. This naturally attracts more followers, and the more attention you receive the easier it is to grow your account. While you are working on organic growth, continue to add our followers, which will create consistent growth. It’s a strategy that’s used by major companies and worldwide celebrities.

Only Buy Instant High Quality Instagram Followers

The two main reasons why people buy Instagram followers instantly is the perfect reason why you must only buy high quality followers. You don’t want to risk having your real followers discover that you are using purchased followers. It could have a devastating effect on your account, but don’t worry: all of the Instagram followers that we provide are of the highest quality and look entirely genuine.

Numbers don’t lie, and with more than one million successfully completed orders, there isn’t a more experienced or trusted Instagram provider for followers. We have packages that start at 100 Instagram follower, up to 10,000 followers, so feel free to place a small test order so you can experience the quality of our service before placing a large order. We are confident that you will find them to be the highest quality Instagram followers you can buy.


Why Trust Buzzoid to Buy Instagram Followers Instantly

Aside from the quality of our Instagram followers, our customers come back to us because they know they will receive exactly what they purchased every single time and it will be delivered within minutes. Our followers are of the highest quality, meaning they won’t fall off. This is because Instagram doesn’t flag our accounts for being spam, like they do most other providers. The extra effort we put into our account creation pays off long term, because our followers always stick.

Some providers will deliver an order and then within days, half of your new followers are gone because Instagram swept all of the ghost accounts. If Instagram can’t find our accounts, that means your followers definitely won’t be able to tell you bought them! Give us a try and experience the highest quality Instagram followers you can buy.

If you are ready to buy Instagram followers instantly, visit our product page and select the number of Instagram followers you want to add to your account, and within minutes of placing your order you will see them begin to follow you. Our speedy delivery will add all of your followers within an hour. Feel free to contact our support team 24/7 with any questions prior to ordering.

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Quickly Buy Instagram Followers and Likes
Published on August 5, 2016


Quickly Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

When you are looking to buy Instagram followers and likes you want not only the highest quality service, but you also want it delivered as quickly as possible, right? Nobody wants to place an order and wait days for the order to trickle in piece by piece. Sadly, that is how most Instagram service providers operate. They get your money and then not only give you low quality followers and likes, but do so over a long period of time, keeping you waiting.

Our delivery is the most efficient in the industry, with all orders being fully delivered within an hour of ordering. Some other companies might mention delivery within an hour, and while they might start your order right away, they sometimes take several days to finish. They often usually fail to deliver the entire quantity that you ordered as well.

Read through the below, you’ll then be well educated when you buy Instagram followers and likes..


The Fastest Instagram Followers and Likes Delivery

We are fast. In fact, you won’t find another website that has the pricing, quality, and speed that we offer. There is a reason we are the top Instagram service provider and have over 1,000,000 satisfied orders completed. Yes, you read that right; we have delivered over one million orders, making us the leader in this industry.

An hour or less, that is all the time we need to successfully fulfill your complete order. Smaller orders are delivered almost instantly, and the larger orders will take a little longer. Regardless, you can be sure that your entire order will be completed and delivered to your Instagram account in less than an hour. There isn’t a more efficient option available for those looking to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Give us a try, and you will see just how fast we deliver.


Buy Instagram Followers and Likes in Less Than an Hour

A lot of our customers will purchase followers and likes to make their authentic engagement appear to be more than it really is. This strategy will actually help you increase your real followers and likes because when people see a particular photo receiving a lot of likes they will take notice. They might like the image themselves, but more importantly they might follow you because they are now suddenly interested in what you are posting.

When you use this strategy you want to hit your photos with likes fast, and add followers to your account without your real audience taking note. Some people might be turned off if they see you blatantly adding followers and likes, so it’s always a good idea to do it as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to do is have these being delivered over a week. When you buy Instagram followers and likes from us, you know that you are going to receive what you ordered in under an hour. 60 minutes or less is all we need to get your order completed.



less than an hour



How to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

As one of the leading providers that businesses and individuals turn to when it comes time to buy Instagram followers and likes, we have a very strong presence in Google, which is probably how you landed on this blog post. We have used a combination of organic search exposure, content marketing, and referrals to help build the Buzzoid name into what it is today.

More than ONE MILLION satisfied orders can’t be wrong, right? We aren’t one of the many “new guys” on the block that are trying to get into this industry. We are one of the oldest, most successful Instagram service providers. So, if you are ready to experience the best, follow our simple steps.

1. Click here to browse the many different packages we offer. You can select from Instagram followers, likes, or views. We have quantities for those just starting out, and large packages for those individuals and brands that really want to make a statement.

2. Enter your order details. We will need your contact information and your Instagram profile handle for followers, as well as the posts you want likes and views for, if you select that service. We never ask you for your password or other sensitive information.

3. Sit back and wait for us to complete your order. Please note that all orders are fully delivered and completed within an hour. There isn’t a faster way to buy Instagram followers and likes available. We are FAST!


Fastest Delivery Time for Quality Instagram Followers and Likes

Not only do we deliver the fastest Instagram followers, likes, and views, but we also provide the highest quality. When you are using this type of service to make your Instagram account appear more popular and active, it’s important that the quality is of the highest level. If someone looks into your followers and sees accounts without a profile image or posts interacting, they assume it is all bot/fake engagement.

All of the services we deliver look 100% natural and real. This is so important, and something that not many people think about when orders Instagram followers, likes, and views. If you purchase a low quality service it can potentially hurt you more than help you, so make sure you only use the services from a reputable company that has been around since the beginning. Our time in this industry in unparalleled, and our guarantee ensures that you are completely satisfied with every purchase. Trust Buzzoid, the Instagram professionals, with your next order.

When you are ready to buy Instagram followers and likes, click here to select from one of our many options. Once your order has been submitted, you can expect to receive it, in its entirety, in less than one hour. How is that for speedy delivery? You will not find a provider with a faster delivery, and you surely will not find a provider with higher quality accounts. Increase your Instagram popularity within the hour and attract even more followers, likes, and views per post. When your audience perceives you as popular, your growth will explode naturally.

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Instagram Infographic: Eye-Opening Stats
Published on July 21, 2016

Instagram’s popularity is growing at an alarming rate. The number of users on the social network continues to increase daily, as does engagement. When Instagram was first released many marketers weren’t sure how to use it to their advantage. Now that Instagram offers a self-serve ad platform, more businesses are taking note.

We decided to create an infographic that highlights all of the reasons you should be active on Instagram.

Buzzoid infographic

Share Our Infographic

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How do I get more Instagram followers?
Published on June 3, 2016


The internet is filled with all kinds of social medias these days, and we all get sucked into them sooner or later. The currently fastest growing one has to be Instagram. If you don’t believe me, you can look at the numbers yourself – it’s insane.

So you’ve created your Instagram, filled it with all your favorite photos, but end up staring at that black 0 number on your follower count. You see no likes on your photos. You get demotivated, because the pictures you shared was some of your best, and you’d love to see them appreciated by the world.

Let me break it to you: there is way more to it than just that. Keep on reading, and I will answer most of your question you didn’t even know you had.

The thing about Instagram is, that there are a lot of users. To be exact, about 300 million active monthly users as we speak. To put it in simpel terms for you: in order for you to grow your audience, you need to stand out. This applies to anything in life actually, and Instagram is no different. Posting the same stuff a million different users post, or god forbid, reposting others images, won’t really cut it. You have to have original content, and it needs to be quality.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is: make sure you know what target audience you want to target. If you don’t know this yourself, then others won’t know either. You can’t just go around and post all kinds of different images of totally unrelated subjects. If you want to create an account about dogs, you can’t suddenly start posting pictures of snakes. This will confuse your followers, and maybe drive them into unfollowing you at some point.

I have made this very simple check-list you should consider applying into your Instagram strategy. Here is how you can get more Instagram followers:

  • Make sure your posts attract your target audience
  • Keep your posts consistent – consistency is key
  • Use questions to keep your followers active in the comments (e.g “what are you doing this weekend guys?”)
  • Give incentive to your followers to tag friends (e.g “tag a friend that also does this!”)
  • Take advantage of double taps (e.g “double tap to see what it spells out”)
  • Run competitions sometimes
  • You can appeal to your followers’ emotions
  • Use the #hashtags in your comments, not the sacred image description area
  • Add branding to your original creations

The list goes on and on, but you if want to know more about how you can get more Instagram followers, I suggest you head over to this article created by Stuart McKeown that goes way more in-depth on how to achieve this Instagram success. He shows how he personally was able to gather 110,000 followers in just 5 months, and reports on his experience, and all the different methods he use. It’s a really good read for all your Instagrammers out there that are trying to get your followers counts up. What are you waiting for?

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