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Step-by-Step Guide on Using Instagram Stories Highlights in 2023

Published August 11, 2023

Unlike Instagram posts, which stay on your profile forever, showcasing your fondest memories and best photos, stories are brief updates that disappear after 24 hours. As a result, Instagram users tend to treat them more casually, with less planning and effort.

Still, some of your stories can turn out as good as your regular posts. So, you might wish to save them and let your followers view them whenever they want.

And Instagram allows you to do just that, thanks to Story Highlights. Not sure how to use this feature? Read our quick guide for all the tips you need.

What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Have you ever opened someone’s Instagram profile only to see various bubbles featured between their bio and feed? Those bubbles are Instagram Story Highlights, collections of users’ favorite stories that can be viewed at any time, well past the 24-hour limit.

Considering their prominent place on the profile, Instagram Story Highlights give your followers a preview of your account and its content. That’s why brands and influencers frequently use this feature — what better way to generate an audience’s interest, after all?

But regular Instagram users love Story Highlights too. The feature provides an excellent way to save and categorize stories from events, travels, birthdays, and other exciting moments. Essentially, it’s like your very own Instagram album.

How to Create Instagram Highlights

There are two simple ways to create Instagram Story Highlights — using an active story or choosing one from the story archive. We will explain both methods below, so keep reading.

1. Add an Active Story to Highlights

Your story remains active on your profile for 24 hours since posting. During that time, you can easily add it to your Highlights.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Open the Instagram app;
  • Tap the Your story icon in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • In the bottom sidebar, you will see several options. Tap the Highlight icon;
  • Select the + icon to create a new Highlight;
  • Name the Highlight and tap Add.

To add more active stories to the same Highlight, repeat the process outlined above, but select the already existing Highlight instead of tapping on the + icon. Keep in mind that one Highlight can hold up to 100 stories. If you go over the limit, the oldest story will be removed.

2. Add a Story from Your Archive to Highlights

After 24 hours have passed since posting, your story will disappear from the timeline. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. If your Stories archive is enabled, you’ll be able to access all the stories you’ve posted in the past.

To turn on the automatic archiving of your stories, take the following steps:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile;
  • Tap the three lines icon in the top right corner, then select Settings from the drop-down menu;
  • If you are using an Apple device, select Privacy and Security. On an Android device, choose Privacy;
  • Next, select Story Controls on Apple or Story on Android to open a new menu;
  • At the bottom, you will find the Save to Archive option you can toggle on and off;
  • If it’s turned on, your stories will be saved to the archive automatically from that point onwards.

Now, if you want to view your archived stories, select the three lines icon again and then find the Archive option on the pop-up list. Then, tap the story of your choice, and you’ll see the option to add it to Highlights in the bottom right corner.

If you want to add multiple stories to your Highlights, there is a simpler way:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and look for Story Highlights, displaying a circle with a plus;
  • Tap on the New icon, and your archived stories will appear;
  • Select the stories you want to feature in your Highlight;
  • Add a name and edit the cover;
  • Press Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Your new Highlight will now appear on your profile for all your followers to see!

How to Edit Instagram Stories Highlights

Now that you’ve mastered creating Instagram Story Highlights, you can begin adding them to your profile. But what if you come up with a better name or cover photo for your Highlights after you’ve already saved them? Is it possible to still change them?

Of course, it is — you can edit your Stories Highlights anytime. Here is what you have to do:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile;
  • Tap and hold the Story Highlight you want to edit until a new menu appears. Alternatively, you can open the Highlight and press the More option in the bottom right corner;
  • In either case, select Edit Highlight;
  • In the following menu, change the title, remove stories from the Selected tab, or add new ones in the Stories tab;
  • Tap Edit Cover to view other options for the Story Highlight cover photo or select a new picture from the gallery;
  • Once you finish editing, press Done to go back to your profile.

You can edit your Story Highlight as many times as you need to until you achieve the right aesthetic for your profile. And when you want to delete a Highlight, tap and hold it, then select the Delete Highlight option from the menu.

Step Up Your Instagram Game With Highlights

There’s hardly a better way to introduce your audience to your profile than through Instagram Story Highlights. So, if you’re hoping to grow your follower count, promote your business, or simply drive more engagement to your account, you shouldn’t neglect this feature.

Create a different Highlight for each event you participate in, the product you promote, or the trip you take. And don’t forget to be creative with your content. That’s the only way to get your audience to come back for more Highlights!

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