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Tips and Tricks for Getting Instagram Music to Work Again

Published August 10, 2023

Audio, and especially music, gives depth to a social media post, a whole new dimension that draws the viewers in. Whether you add music to your posts or stories, you’re bound to get great engagement from your followers.

But as it often happens, features can glitch out. All of a sudden, you may not be able to add music to your content on Instagram. So, how do you fix this issue? Well, in this article, we will provide you with some of the most useful, legit methods of getting Instagram Music to work again.

Tip #1: Sign Out, Then Sign In Again

A lot of times, the cache files and the current app data on your phone may cause some sort of issue, like a glitch or a missing file. Now, if that particular issue makes the Add Music option unavailable, you’ll need to start a new session by logging off and then logging back on.

The procedure is simple enough. First, go to your profile, tap the three horizontal lines, and then Settings. Next, tap the Log Out option, followed by Log In. The Add Music option should appear with this new session.

Tip #2: Update the App

If the logoff/logon tip didn’t work, maybe the app is out of date. Have you updated it recently? In case you disabled automatic updates, you likely don’t have the latest version of Instagram.

In order to check for updates, you’ll have to go to your App Store (for iPhone users) or Play Store (for Android users). Once there, search for Instagram and see what pops up. If the app page has an Update prompt, click on it. On the other hand, if it’s up to date, it will only have the Open option.

Tip #3: Switch Account Types

There are three types of Instagram accounts: personal, business, and creator. Depending on which type of account you’re using, you might not even be able to use any music as background audio. To put it simply, business and creator accounts can’t add music from recording artists because of copyright.

So, if you want to add music to your posts or stories, switch the type of account you’re using. In the Settings section, scroll down until you find the Account section. Once there, tap on Switch to Personal Account. That should enable you to use music with your content while not risking a copyright breach. Alternatively, consider adding original music from other users. In order to find the song you want, simply search for the ones that have the terms ‘original audio’ or ‘original song’ in the title.

Tip #4: Reinstall Instagram

As we stated earlier, using Instagram often accumulates a lot of cached data, which can slow an app down. With that in mind, completely reinstalling it would be the best option.

The uninstalling process differs between iOS and Android, but it usually involves holding the app icon and then clicking on either the X or the Uninstall option. You can also uninstall it from the Settings section. If you’re an iPhone user, go to the Settings; once you’re there, tap General, then iPhone Storage, and scroll down until you find Instagram. The Delete App option will be there.

For Android users, go to your Settings and tap on General, then Usage. Once there, scroll down until you find the Instagram icon. Finally, tap on it and select Delete App.

Alternatively, you can remove the app from the Play Store page. This method actually may work best for you since the Install prompt will show as soon as you remove the app. Once it appears, tap it, and it will reinstall Instagram onto your device.

Tip #5: Use a VPN

VPNs have grown in popularity over the past decade, and you might consider getting one if Instagram Music doesn’t work for you. Namely, Instagram has made its Music feature unavailable in certain countries around the globe. Therefore, in order to circumvent that, you’ll need an app that can bypass censorship and change your IP address while you’re online.

Tip #6: Contact Instagram Support

When all else fails, your final option is to contact the support team for guidance. In order to do so, go to Settings and tap the Help option. Next, tap on the Report a Problem prompt; another prompt with the same title should appear. Tap on it and use the text box to describe your problem. Once you’re done, submit your report, and be patient, as it might take up to a week before they respond.

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