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Instagram Deleted My Account: What Can I Do?

Published August 10, 2023

What happens when your account on your favorite platform suddenly disappears? For instance, you wake up one day only to find that your Instagram profile is gone along with all your content. It’s a frustrating and overwhelming experience — one that can leave you feeling helpless and lost.

But don’t worry; you’re not alone in this situation. Many have faced it and still managed to recover their accounts. For this reason, we’ll take a deep dive into why Instagram may delete your account, what you can do about it, and how long it will be before you can use it again. So, whether you’re a blogger, influencer, or just an everyday user, this post will help you recover what you’ve lost.

8 Potential Reasons Your Account Is Gone

There are several reasons why Instagram may delete your account. Some result directly from your past online behavior, while others have nothing to do with you. Take a look at the most common reasons your account can get removed.

1. Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use

Breaching the Terms can include posting content that is considered offensive or promoting illegal activities. In other words, if you are repeatedly harassing or threatening someone, spreading hate speech, or posting nudity, the app will delete your account.

2. Spamming

Instagram doesn’t like it when you spam other users with unwanted messages or comments. Such spammy behavior can result in account deletion. Furthermore, sending numerous direct messages and having too many likes or follows in one day can result in a session block that can later turn into an action block if the activity on the account doesn’t change. In other words, even if you are not promoting anything, but you leave more than 80 comments daily, you are risking a ban lasting 24–48 hours.

3. Community Guidelines Violations

Instagram has specific guidelines to ensure that its platform remains a safe and positive space for all users. Violating these guidelines, such as posting content that advocates for or promotes violence, self-harm, or suicide, canhave consequences like canceling your account.

Instagram takes copyright infringement very seriously. Hence, if you post someone else’s content without their permission, your account may be deleted.

5. Using Fake Accounts or Bots

Creating fake accounts or using bots to inflate your follower count or engagement artificially is also forbidden. Therefore, if Instagram suspects you’ve manipulated the number of followers or comments on your posts using third-party services or tools, your account will be suspended.

6. Account Inactivity

The platform automatically removes any account that hasn’t been active for two years. However, that doesn’t mean you have to post something to avoid deletion. It’s enough just to log in, like, or leave a comment from time to time.

7. Hackers or Someone Else Deleted Your Account on Purpose

You might not be able to log in or change your password because someone else has seized control of your account. To check if that is the case, go through your inbox and look for a message from Instagram claiming that your account details have changed. If you find it, you have definitely been hacked.

Please note that if someone deleted your account manually (using your password), there’s no way to restore it. However, you can make another account using the same email address. That said, you will need to create a new username, too.

8. There’s Been a Mistake

It’s also worth noting that sometimes, accounts may be deleted by mistake. That can happen if Instagram’s algorithm flags your account for suspicious activity, even if you’re not breaking any rules. For instance, a group of bots started spamming the hashtag #Kansas with sexual material a few years ago. As a result, all content with the same hashtag was temporarily banned, including the accounts posting it.

What to Do If Your Account Is Deleted

You won’t get much information from Instagram about why your account is gone other than a generic popup when you try to log in. That only increases the frustration, mainly because you have to figure out the reason for this action yourself. But the good news is that you can take a few steps to regain your account as soon as possible.

1. Contact Instagram

Log in with your username and password. On the popup notifying you about the deletion, tap Learn More. An additional window will open. Tap the option Let Us Know.

2. Fill Out the Form

Fill out the request to have your account reviewed. Make sure to provide as many details as possible in your request, including your account username and why you believe Instagram deleted your account in error.

It’s also important to supply evidence to support your case, including screenshots of mistakenly flagged posts or any other relevant information, provided you saved it before your account went down. That can help Instagram support to understand why it should restore your account.

3. Indicate the Type of Account You Use

Instagram will ask you whether or not you use the account for business purposes. Answer “Yes” or “No”. If you use a personal account, you will have to enter personal information. On the other hand, if you have a business account, you’ll need to provide business documentation that proves your identity. Instagram won’t reactivate a business account unless at least one document has been submitted.

4. Send Your Request

After you have provided all the information, tap Send.

What Happens If Instagram Approves Your Request?

In case your appeal gets accepted, you will receive a reactivation code via email. The platform typically requests that users reply to their message with a JPEG image of them holding a piece of paper with a hand-written code on it.

Follow the instructions outlined in the email. However, make sure the image is of excellent quality and that the numbers are clearly visible. If you send an identity photo that is grainy or blurry, Instagram may reject your request.

Once the procedure is finished, you will likely be able to use your account within a few days. That said, you might have to wait up to several weeks. In any case, you will receive a second email from the platform informing you that your account has been reinstated.

Please keep in mind that getting your account restored is not guaranteed, and in some cases, Instagram may not give your account back even if you appeal their decision. However, following these steps and providing as much information as possible increases the chances of your account being restored.

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