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Why is Instagram Not Working?

Published February 8, 2024

Opening Instagram to have a scrolling session only to find it’s not working is a total drag. The unfortunate reality of cloud-based applications is that there will be times that they aren’t working for various reasons. 

Before you panic, keep in mind that no matter what the issue, Instagram will work again. In fact, most of the reasons Instagram may not be working have very simple fixes. We’re going to go over the most common reasons Instagram may not be working and how to troubleshoot them. 

Your Internet Isn’t Working

When Instagram won’t load, the first thing you should check is your internet connection. If you’re on Wi-Fi, check your router to ensure that you have a stable connection. You might need to reboot your router if there are issues, or use your cellular data to get Instagram to work if you have a weak connection. 

Another issue could be the area you’re in. For example, if you’re on a road trip you might not have great cell service in the area you’re in. At the end of the day, this is a very easy fix. 

The Instagram App is Glitching 

If your Instagram app is loading but not working probably, it could be because of a glitch. Try to restart the Instagram app and reopen it. If the app continues to not work properly, try restarting your entire device. 

Your Instagram App is Out of Date

Setting up automatic app updates can help you prevent this one from happening. If you’re experiencing issues with Instagram, double check that you’re using the most up to date version of the app. If not, try updating it to see if this fixes the issue. 

The Cache is Full 

Clearing the Instagram app’s cache can potentially make your Instagram run properly. Try this if someone else’s Instagram is working, but yours isn’t. Keep in mind that you can only clear the cache on Android. iPhone users will need to delete the app and reinstall it. 

How to Clear the Instagram Cache on Android

  • Open up Settings on your phone
  • Click on Apps & Notifications 
  • Click Storage & Cache 
  • Click on Clear Cache 

You Are Following Too Many People on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram doesn’t allow users to follow more than 7,500 people? Their website states that this is to reduce the amount of spam. If you are following 7,500 people and attempt to follow more, you’ll get an error message. If this is the case, you’ll need to do some unfollowing.

How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram

  • Go to your Profile Page 
  • Click on your Followers
  • Scroll through and Unfollow Accounts you don’t interact with much 

Check to See if it’s Down

There’s a chance that it’s not just your account that isn’t working. It’s rare for the app to experience a network error, but it happens. You can check if Instagram is experiencing an outage on DownDetector. This will give you a quick answer to your question. 

Instagram Still Not Working? Report the Issue

When troubleshooting fails and Instagram still isn’t working, it’s time to report the issue. 

How to Report Instagram Not Working 

  • Navigate to Settings in the Instagram app 
  • Click on Help
  • Read through TroubleShooting Articles 
  • Report the Issue 

Sending a report to Instagram gives them a heads up that users are having issues with the app. If the app is glitching or having problems loading, take screenshots to send along with your report. 

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